1. W

    ACME Order Fehler

    Hallo, Ich wollte bei mir heute ssl Zertifikate für alles einrichten, aber leider kommt bei mir dieser Fehler immer wenn ich per ACME ein Zertifikat ordern will. Hat Jemand eine idee was man noch probieren kann? 2024-03-31T10:34:35+02:00: Placing ACME order 2024-03-31T10:34:36+02:00: Order...
  2. M

    Access via web own domain + dyndns

    Hi, i have a domain name witch redirect to And it "works", except it does not.. What i mean is i can login and so, but my node does not show up for some reason. I get the this massage: Connection error - server offline? Console out puts this: Failed to load resource...
  3. C

    Domain name (FQDN) for local containers and VMs

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to set for each container and VM i got a full domain name (FQDN) to use it nicely in other services, without remembering the IP address. I tried different things by changing the host config, but I wanted to know if there is a tool or a more elegant way to organize all...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Internal web site VM:80 Not working from outside

    Hi Guys , i would like to get acces to local vm from outside exemple ==> proxmox-VM LOCAL-IP-3:80 , I made some config on my external apache proxy as you can see : EXTERNAL APACHE PROXY (Public IP -178.xx.xx.xx) : /etc/apache2/sites-available/...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] domain name for proxmox

    So I have purchases domain name from cloudflare and I wish to apply to my proxmox server. So I could access it with secure HTTPS (no not secure https error) and with the domain I purchased. The problem is is that I cant figure out how I could achieve this. I tried googling it and tried doing...
  6. T

    Hertzner Nginx Proxy Manager

    Hello everyone! I am new to proxmox having a problem with nginx proxy manager, I have a VM for DHCP as well as a VM with docker on it. My proxy manager sits on my Docker VM which I started with portainer, everything works as long as I use the IP. I'm trying to fix so I can get my domain names...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Searching for a specific address/domain/IP on the Who Objects/Whitelist page

    Hi There are a lot of addresses in my white list (imported from another system). Sometimes it becomes necessary to check if an address is on the white list. Search built into the browser does not work. Are there any workarounds to solve this problem?
  8. F

    [SOLVED] Can't access consoles when accessing from the web

    *** TL;DR BELOW *** Hi there, After quite a few weeks of thinking about it, I finally pulled the plug and bought a domainfor myself :D so that I could finally start implementing and understanding a more realistic use case for all my LXCs and VMs: shame on me for waiting too long. Now, using...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] DNS settings not working

    Hello, i cant connect to anything because my DNS settings are not working Search domain: proxmox.local DNS Server 1: DNS Server 2: /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost proxmox.local proxmox /etc/hostname proxmox ping From
  10. J

    Embed proxmox console into an iframe

    Hello. The following scenario is given: I have a page on domain A, and this page is being served with nginx to domain B. Proxmox is also available at domain B:8006 Embedding domain B:8006 /?console=lxc&vmid={vmid}&node={node}&resize=scale&xtermjs=1 to an iframe in domain A is the thing I'd like...
  11. A

    Point domain to Container

    Hi, is there a way to point domain to a given Container or VM inside pve IP address? Theoretically what I want to do: I have 1 external IP address of my PVE node. I've got 2 containers with some websites on them. I've got two different domains. I want to point domain A to container A and...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] RegEx Add Scores for TLD's doesn't contain specified domain's extensions

    Hello, I search to write "Who" rules for add scores when a domain doesn't finish with .com or .net (per example.) In documentation, I see regex patern for match expressions, eg for *.com : *@*\.com How i can combine two or more values in one expression please? And it's possible to inverse...
  13. M

    Domain zu Proxmox hinzufügen.

    Hallo, Ich bin ein totaler Anfänger in Thema virtualisierung und Proxmox. Ich habe mir eine Domain gekauft und nun möchte ich das mein Proxmox server über diese domain erreichbar ist, die ports sind freigegeben und ich kann aus dem Internet auf ihn zugreifen. Wie "füge" ich jetzt die Domain...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Block a domain name

    Hello Everyone. i tried to add 1 domain to blacklist, I also have a spam blocking rule in & out. but when i send mail from domain in blacklist it doesn't work. So hope someone can help me. Thanks & best regards !!!
  15. G

    Domain auf Proxmox Server?

    Hallo, Ich frag mal wieder was ^^ Also, ich habe einen Homeserver wo meine Freunde zugreifen sollen was aber leider nur per domain gehen würde da bei uns keine öffentliche ip vorhanden ist. Also wie kann ich Proxmox mit Domain statt ip nutzen? -MFG
  16. V

    Cant change DNS settings of LXC Debian containers

    Hello! I'm trying to create OMV container and connect it to AD, but I can't change DNS setting from GUI. In GUI everything is set right (domain name and server) but in LXC /etc/resofv.conf still shows localdomain and dhcp dns server. This problem persist on Debian 9 and 10 templates but if I use...
  17. A

    Joining Proxmox VE host to domain using realm join

    i have joined one of my proxmox cluster nodes to my active directory domain, with the intention of allowing a group of particular users in active directory to have sudo privileges in proxmox. was able to join the host to domain and can id users: root@prox01-node01:~# id pfaffmanadm...
  18. T

    Public Domain for VMs

    Hello, I have setup proxmox and 3 VMs in it (Debian, Ubuntu, windows). I have 2 public domain and need to forward them to linux servers and keep windows only locally available. I also have ddwrt router connected directly to network and physical home server. I want to know should I forward...
  19. N

    How to get remote access to Proxmox AND assigned DNS?

    Hello again Proxmox Community, I'm very new to Virtual Machine Management and Networking in general. So far I've successfully installed Proxmox on my server and spun up 2 VMs. My next goal is to: 1. Get remote access to Proxmox 2. Assign an HTTPS DNS address to Proxmox (i.e...
  20. C

    [SOLVED] Initial Setup - DNS Settings Not Working, Can't Connect Externally

    First time proxmox user here, so it's hopefully something simple, but I can't connect to anything externally because my DNS settings aren't working. I have a simple, conventional home network setup. No proxies or VPNs to account for. I confirmed entries in /etc/hosts as well as /etc/hostname. I...


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