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    About the disk storage space exception in ProxmoxVE7.1-7 version

    Regarding the problem that the actual disk space used by ProxmoxVE7.1-7 version VM exceeds the upper limit of the mounted disk My ProxmoxVE Disks use the Directory method to mount storage. The hard disk used by my VM is in qcow2 format, and the allocated size is 1T. However, I checked in the...
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    [SOLVED] Ceph tmp folders filling up /tmp on local storage

    Hi community, I noticed that in the last few months, ceph is filling the /tmp partition on storage "local" more and more. Currently, there is more than 1,1T of data in there, all with ceph.XXXXXX folders containing cephfs_data subfolders. This hasn't been so "bad" before. Is that a problem with...
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    Local-LVM Full

    Hi. I install Windows 11 as VM in Proxmox which i allocate 100 MB. However, the next day, the local-LVM space suddenly full. Previously have 4 G space left. This windows 11 are meant for developer to save their stuff in it. Kindly advice what can i do to fix this rather than allocate more...
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    Shared Drive from Cluster causing one host to fill local disk space

    Good morning all! I have a Proxmox cluster running with two hosts, with the following versions: Both running PVE 8.1.3 Host 2 (newest) - Kernel 6.5.11-5-pve (community edition w/o subscription Just added subscription w/enterprise repo). Last updated last night ~10pm US EST Host 1 (the 'OG') -...
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    Diskrepanz von freien Platz auf zpool

    Hallo, wie kann das denn sein: ~ zfs list -o space NAME AVAIL USED USEDSNAP USEDDS USEDREFRESERV USEDCHILD store 5.86T 21.8T 0B 166K 0B 21.8T store/proxmox 5.86T 21.8T...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox VM Migration zu ESXi: wie 1,5TB Windows-Fileserver migrieren

    Moin zusammen, ich habe aktuell unter Proxmox 7.1-12 folgendes Problem: Ich möchte VMs von Proxmox zu ESXi migrieren. Dazu habe ich bisher als Test die Festplatte einer Test-Windows10-VM mit dem Befehl qemu-img convert -f raw vm-107-disk-0 -O vmdk migration-test-eins.vmdk direkt in dem Pfad...
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    Sort of archiving log files to delete with out affecting the PMG operation

    Hello good afternoon Somebody could advise me about the kind of archiving log files that are secure to delete with out brook de harmonic PMG operation? Which of the following could be the best candidates? root@sagw:~# ls -l /var/log/ total 26325128 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root...
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    Größe der PVE Disk?

    Auf einem Server mit Hardware-RAID (2 x 1TB) habe ich proxmox pve installiert. PVE habe ich rd 100 GB zugeordnet. Derzeit laufen zwei Windows VM, ein FileServer und eine BookStack-Instanz als LXC. Unklar ist mir, ob das so richtig war der obersten Ebene PVE im sog. Rechenzentrum nur 100 GB...
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    [SOLVED] Resize Ubuntu VM disk

    Hi Guys, I would like to increase the size of my VM 20go more to achieve the total of 52go ,how can i deal with it ? , there's my configs screens : Thank you in advance .
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    Ceph: actual used space?

    Hi, I'm running a Proxmox 7.2-7 cluster with Ceph 16.2.9 "Pacific". I can't tell the difference between Ceph > Usage and Ceph > Pools > Used (see screenshots). Can someone please explain what's the actual space used in my Ceph storage? Do you think that 90% used pool is potentially dangerous...
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    Forcefully delete a virtual disk in a full thin lvm pool

    Hello, I've recently tried restoring a backup after accidentally deleting a VM, and the pool seems to be malfunctioning. A restart didn't fix, googled some bit. Tried lvconvert --repair /dev/pve/data and that gives me Volume group "YUGEv3" has insufficient free space (30 extents): 2385 required...
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    Backups Real Size

    Hi, is there a way to know how much real space is a backup occupying on a datastore? Right now i can see only the full disk size of the VM for each backup which in contrast are incremental and, thanks to your nice job, not taking as much space as a full backup would... but without knowing how...
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    Host Disk full - no access to GUI - How to safely cleanup /var/tmp and other affected folders

    Hello Everyone, I've searched through forums here for a bit and have determined I am having a space issue on my proxmos host drive. This is not an inodes issue as far as I've determined. These drives are 2x 256 SSDs running in a ZFS pool - ever since I upgraded to a recent proxmox version to...
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    [SOLVED] Real size of diskspace used in backups

    Is there a way to get the real value of how much disk space is used per server backup? Currently I have 7 nightly rolling snapshot backups for my VMs and CTs but each one of them shows a very similar file size in PBS (understandably), generally growing slightly each night as more data is added...
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    Windows VM shows MUCH less space used than ZFS pool its on

    I created a Windows Server 2019 VM with a 120GB C: drive. After the VM was created I added a 60TB drive and formatted it with NTFS. This 60TB drive is a raw file on a ZFS pool. The issue I'm having is that even though in Windows the D: drive is showing 11TB used and 49TB free when I look at the...
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    Probleme bei der Konfiguration

    Hi zusammen, seit heute habe ich nach Empfehlung einiger Personen Proxmox auf meinem kleinen Heimserver laufen. Es handelt sich um einen Intel NUC 8 mit Core i5, 16GB RAM und einer 1TB WD Black M.2 SSD. Bisher habe ich immer Linux direkt darauf installiert und alle Dienste auf demselben...
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    No space

    Good night, I use the Proxmox VE in a laboratory for studies. I have 2 discs: * 1 SATA 6GBps 7200RPM 1TB HD * 1 6GB SATA 480GB SSD - HD is used only for software and files - The SSD I use only for the VM's systems The HD is 100% busy and that's correct because I have allocated it all to a...
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    [SOLVED] NFS Storage Cleanup?

    Hello Everybody, I have setup a NFS Storage on a Snyology RS816 unit to be used with my Proxmox setup. I've setup daily nightly backups to that location. However, it looks like the storage place is getting full and doesn't free up space when I delete the vzdumps there. Is there something...
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    Backup task error no space left

    Hello, I have Proxmox VE 5.2-1 installed clean on: CPU(s) 24 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5650 @ 2.67GHz (2 Sockets) 24 GB RAM ECC 2 x 900 GB HDD SAS 10k HP SmartArray Raid 1+0 My installation is: 1 VM with WIN 10 PRO multi-user (180 GB) LOCAL (pve) - (100 GB) LOCAL LVM (703.71) Backup its set...
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    Move Proxmox host to new disk - running out of space

    Hello, At the moment I have 3 hdds on a hardware raid card as raid 5. This gives me about 260gb of storage available to Proxmox. 60gb of this is used for ISOs etc. the rest is for the VM LXC storage. I am running out of room. The Proxmox host has some customisation so I can pass a gpu through...


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