[SOLVED] NFS Storage Cleanup?


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Aug 27, 2019
Hello Everybody,
I have setup a NFS Storage on a Snyology RS816 unit to be used with my Proxmox setup. I've setup daily nightly backups to that location. However, it looks like the storage place is getting full and doesn't free up space when I delete the vzdumps there.
Is there something missing that I need to do when I delete these backups? or have to clear out the recycle bin?
I would appreciate any assistance.
Fixed the issue. Found out there was a package Cloudstation that had stored a bunch of things or was waiting to sync but filled up all the disk space so that it seized up.
Good to hear you found out where the issue was :)

Could you please mark the Topic as 'Solved' ?

Thank you for reminding me. Kind of weird solving my own issue. Just in case it would be helpful to anybody else.

This is what I followed I followed this. https://www.synology.com/en-global/..._source=account page&utm_medium=create ticket

Used SSH to get into the unit and looked like Cloudstation was taking up some 1.3TB of storage so I uninstalled the application and it seemed to work. It looks like there was a syn initiated a while back and got stuck and used up all the disk space. Apparently I needed to clear up disk space before I could reconfigure Cloudstation as well so I just removed it since I wasn't using it presently.
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How do you confugure Proxmox backups to goto Synology ?

I setup NFS File Services on the Synology, made sure that my Proxmox node could connect to it. Go to Datacenter->Storage->Add->NFS.
Create an ID name for your storage, enter in the IP address of your Synology NAS unit and then there is a drop down menu under Export which should be your chosen NFS share from Synology. For myself, the content, I selected all of the different types and I send my vzdump backups to there. You can also choose the max backup versions there. You can edit this number in the future incase you hit a limit. I think the limit shows up when you try to make a manual backup.

You don't have to, but I select Backup which is Under the Storage Tab, and select which VMs I want to back up, and on what schedule. I chose to make a GZIP and mode Stop, which shuts down the VM and restarts it when backing up.

You can use this storage for other things as well, but it won't be as fast as local disks. it shows up whenever you need a storage space and you can select it as an option if it meets your content criteria.
I hope that helps.


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