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    External storage for pbr

    Hello. Although I have a remote pve, with pbr-vm running and storage is there - it is becoming problematic as the pbr storage, is another zfs partition on the pve machine. I need to change this am interested what others have done for 'storage' only. I can build/buy another box and dedicate it...
  2. W

    [SOLVED] Backup Probleme

    Guten Tag, Ich habe seit mehreren Wochen das Problem das manche meiner VMs nicht komplett gebackupt werden. Proxmox VE Fehler Meldung: INFO: Starting Backup of VM 103 (qemu) INFO: Backup started at 2024-05-18 19:44:46 INFO: status = running INFO: VM Name: Win-Server-2025 INFO: include disk...
  3. M

    Backup to TrueNAS SMB Share stopped working

    Hi all, New User here. I've been backing up all my VM's and containers to a TrueNAS Scale SMB share for a few months and recently updated Proxmox to 8.2.2 Since then my backups have stopped working although I've changed nothing on either one (Proxmox or Truenas). This is the output I'm getting...
  4. R

    [feature request] Notification Only on Multiple Failures

    Extra drop down option in the backup notification menu. Currently there's: Always Notify or On failure only. I'd love an On Multiple Failure only. So you are only notified in the case where under Advanced when "Repeat missed" is checked, and the repeat fails THEN you get a notification. I've...
  5. N

    Proxmox & deduplication?

    Right now my backups are not encrypted. I would assume deduplication works between different vm/containers? So if you have a file on multiple containers/vms it would only be stored once? Which leads to my question....i'm thinking on encrypting my backups. If i use the same encryption key for...
  6. A

    Full backup after moving VM ?

    I am new to Proxmox, so this might be an known issue. But if I move a VM to a new host, the backups see this as a new VM, and so do a full backup (rather than the incremental backup scheduled). Is this by design ? can this behaviour be altered ?? Andy
  7. V

    Wake on LAN + Mount + Unmount + Shutdown hook script.

    I thought I'd share this and hopefully receive feedback or... maybe others exploring the same will find this thread. You can set the backup hook script in the vzdump config. Consult the documentation on same. For testing you can swap the comments for the variables: SHUTDOWN_COMMAND and...
  8. L

    RAW Container Image eingefügt - Backup geht nicht

    Guten Tag, ich nutze seit ende letzten Jahres ein Container auf meinem Proxmox Server ich habe damals den raw speicher des containers also die local disk gebackupt vor ca 2 Monaten habe ich meinen Node neuinstalliert danach habe ich so einen Container erstellt und die raw datei die ca 100GB Groß...
  9. R

    Getting an error on 1 vm when backing up

    I get this error when backing up a vm, it gets to 25% and fails "job failed with err -61 - No data available" I can't find anything on it in the forums. Thank you in advance for the assist.
  10. M

    Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.

    Hello. New to the forum. Never had a PVE problem before. I'm hoping this thread can be educational to some. Test your backups! Last week while i was away one of my Proxmox servers "died". When i got back i examined. Cables between my HPE 420i raid controller and my drives had come disconnected...
  11. J

    Variety of disk errors, can't delete VM "unable to open file" "Input/output error" & "Broken pipe"

    1.) I can't currently delete a VM which was created, setup, shut down and left off - it's not important at all. That file doesn't exist? I've rebooted so I'd expect any "locks" to files to be cleared? The VM was only used for a few hours shut down and left off. NOTE: this VM has never even...
  12. M

    Understanding data/space retribution in PBS

    Hi all, After having decommissioned a PVE node, I've manually removed each VMs backup within that specific PBS PVE name space used for that PVE host. After what I've delete the name space and ran a garbage collection. It's been a good week now and I cannot see my datastore shrink its usage in...
  13. W

    Tiered storage for PMBackup pools?

    I was thinking. I'd like to have two different backup pools for proxmox storage. Basically an SSD pool, and a HDD pool. The reason for this would be there may be times when something happens and it's an OH SHIT! We need to restore as fast as possible! Say if we lost a pool in our ZFS VM storage...
  14. N

    Receiving "pipelined request failed: update atime failed for chunk/file" when backing up to backup proxmox server?

    Hi there, one of my vms im hosting with proxmox its receiving this error when running a backup to my backup proxmox server over the network. Not Sure why this is happening since my other vms are backing up regularly like scheduled and are not having any issues.
  15. S

    Error when backing up and entering the VNC console

    Hello everyone, I hope you are very well and can help me, I happen to have a version of PVE 6.0-4 and recently I have experienced strange behavior on my VMs. I noticed this in the backup task, because it began to throw an error "got timeout", this only happened with a couple of VMs, but over...
  16. M

    Backup of VM failed: unable to connect to qmeventd socket

    Hi, Proxmox 7.2.11 INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 100 --compress zstd --mode snapshot --mailnotification always --notes-template '{{guestname}}' --quiet 1 --storage backups --prune-backups 'keep-last=1' INFO: Starting Backup of VM 100 (qemu) INFO: Backup started at 2022-11-13 22:30:04...
  17. B

    PVE Disk partitioning/allocation for ISO and Backup

    Hi All, I'm very new to Proxmox VE. We have a RAID-5 local disk size of roughly 240GB. My manager asked me to install PVE. Allocate disk space with the following: - ISO set to 10GB - Backup set to 50GB - The rest of the space for datastore, i assumed it for local-lvm. How could i achieve his...
  18. V

    Summary Graphics breaks during backup of VMs

    Greetings friends of the proxmox community I have a question. I have a nightly backup task of my virtual machines, but I realized that the graph of cpu, ram memory and network usage. They all kind of break. Do you know what it means? Attach an image of the server
  19. K

    New user, observations, suggestions...

    Good day, I just started using PBS 2.2. It's on a dedicated server which also contains my in-house file archive and home directories. I plan to bring in a tape library at a later date. The tape features, as near as I can tell, will work just fine. The immediate issue I'm running into is there...
  20. S

    Are the backups "windows active directory aware" ?

    Hi guys, So the question is: are the incremental backups "windows active directory aware" - customer had asked us this question today because apparently there's an old issue with AD, that caused USN rollback errors when a virtual active directory server was restored from an image and we are...


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