Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.


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Jul 17, 2023
Hello. New to the forum. Never had a PVE problem before.
I'm hoping this thread can be educational to some. Test your backups!

Last week while i was away one of my Proxmox servers "died". When i got back i examined.
Cables between my HPE 420i raid controller and my drives had come disconnected while proxmox was running.
I am running 4 drives in a Fault Tolerance RAID 1/RAID 1+0. To be exact 3 of the 4 drives disconnected while operational.
I did a re-seat for the cables and all drives are back online. Rebuild was fast.
When i opened my iLO console, Proxmox was frozen. So i restarted. While boot-up was commencing i saw a few errors:
(Dont mind the firmware bugs.) NB! After these errors all the required pve services also failed to start.
So a volume group containing 3 volumes called "pve". Has an issue with a volume group called "data". That's not good.
So my SQLite db had a duplicate. Backed it up and nuked it. Restarted. Services back online.
But "local-lvm" and my VMs are not showing up in the GUI.
I got lvdisplay to show "pve-data" as available by running "lvconvert --repair /dev/pve/data".
But this does not get me very far.

root@pve:/dev/mapper# thin_check /dev/mapper/pve-data
examining superblock
  superblock is corrupt
    bad checksum in superblock, wanted 3059633164
So okay. Follow a few guides and realize i have to fix the pve-data superblock.
Except one thing:
root@pve:/dev/mapper# dumpe2fs -h /dev/mapper/pve-data
dumpe2fs 1.46.5 (30-Dec-2021)
dumpe2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/mapper/pve-data
Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.

It seems i cannot get superblock backups from this LV.
I only need one critical Windows VM out of this instance.
I did have backups on a NFS share but as i did not check or test guys all know the story.
What are my options?
/dev/mapper/pve-data is probably not an ext2/3/4 filesystem but a Linux LVM. Maybe you can find some guides on the internet about data recovery from LVM. If the data is good, you might be able to just enabled the VG and loop mount the LVs with some offset. Best to make a full copy of /dev/mapper/pve-data as repairing can destroy data if the disk is failing.


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