1. bfwdd

    [SOLVED] multiple Hosts in cluster locking up after latest update to kernel 6.8.4

    Hi, we are running proxmox+ceph since 2017, 15 hosts, amd AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6380 (2 Sockets) + AMD EPYC 7513. After the latest update on 8.Mai 2024 three opteron hosts are locked - red X and (no ping, no ssh, all vms with grey (?) mark) after reboot everything ok. After 6 hours two...
  2. H

    When I start my windows and linux vms at the same time I get corruption

    Hi!, I am not really sure it's data corruption but it just seems like it. So, I have 2 vms that have separate GPUs assigned to them. When I start both of them, the one vm freezes for a bit and then it starts working again, but after I turn off the pc and boot it up again I get fsck on the screen...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] CrateDB on Proxmox VE - ext4 corruption

    Hi! I noticed that Proxmox lists CrateDB under success stories so I decided to give it a try. Then I created a few very basic VM's for testing (maybe with suboptimal configuration but still): 10 CPU cores (1 x 10, no NUMA), 50 GB RAM (balloon = 0) 2 IDE disks where one is system disk and...
  4. M

    Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.

    Hello. New to the forum. Never had a PVE problem before. I'm hoping this thread can be educational to some. Test your backups! Last week while i was away one of my Proxmox servers "died". When i got back i examined. Cables between my HPE 420i raid controller and my drives had come disconnected...
  5. B

    Can't install some apps or unzip big files on Windows 11 VM

    Hello everyone! I would like to ask your help for a very strange behavior that I'm seeing. I have several Windows and Linux machines running on Proxmox. Every machine is working great, with the exception of one. Already tried to delete it and recreate a lot of times but the issue persists. Also...
  6. M

    Unable to backup restored vm

    Hello, My tale of woe begins with 1 of 6 240 GB SSDs used as my system disk failing since fragmentation in the zpool was 77% I decided to reinstall the system on the same disks to see if the problem recurred. I restored the backups of my VMs and have been happily working thinking everything is...
  7. F

    Shrinking filesystem causes corruption

    Hello, I have a VM with too much space allocated and am trying to shrink it's disk from 200G to 100G. Filesystem of VM is BTRFS and of Proxmox ZFS. Steps I've done: 1) Boot into gparted and resize the btrfs partition from almost 200G to 95G (used partition space does not exceed 100G) 2)...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Filesystem corruption after PCIe passthrough

    Hello, I have a weird issue since on proxmox 7.0-14+1 with pcie passthrough that I did not have with proxmox 6.4. Right now on proxmox 7.0-14+, I am able to pass through a Nvidia GPU without any issues, but when I pass a complete USB hub to the windows VM via pcie passthough I get data...
  9. E

    zpool errors: Permanent errors have been detected in the following files:

    Hi Everybody. I have been using proxmox for about 3 years. I have about 40 proxmox dedicated servers I've created about 400 virtual servers in these 40 servers and i had no problems. I started to see errors in some of the proxmox servers last week ZFS mirror 1 two SSD Disk. and i tried...
  10. T

    qcow2 corruption after snapshot or heavy disk I/O

    Hi, we were just facing this really odd trouble here, and wondered if anyone was experiencing the same or has any answers: - Virtual Environment 4.4-12/e71b7a74 on supermicro server hardware with LSI RAID Adapter. RAID1 with two 3 TB disks, no errors in Raid, no Errors in (ECC) RAM -...
  11. C

    Proxmox 3.4-11qcow2 Image is corrupt

    Hello to all, from few days ago i have encountered a problem with one of mine kvm machine, i cant start the machine beacause the disk-1.qcow2 is corrupt. If i run qemu-img check -r, all the free ram of the node (40 GB) will be consumed in just 3 seconds and affect all the virtual machine from...
  12. C

    I/O Errors - Possible Corruption

    I recently got ProxMox up and running after months of deliberation as to which HyperVisor I wanted to use. Last night I almost finished transfering my applications to containers and the system was almost fully configured and running. At this point I was happy with the progress made and decided...


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