1. M

    Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.

    Hello. New to the forum. Never had a PVE problem before. I'm hoping this thread can be educational to some. Test your backups! Last week while i was away one of my Proxmox servers "died". When i got back i examined. Cables between my HPE 420i raid controller and my drives had come disconnected...
  2. S

    SAS Drives are not detected in Proxmox.

    Hi there, I just bought a Fujitsu Primergy RX300 S7 and 6 new SAS HDDs. Installed Proxmox and plugged the HDDs into their bays. Everything works fine in proxmox except it cannot detect my SAS drives, only the two SSDs I installed on SATA ports for running OS. The SAS drives do pop up when...
  3. D

    Can't login and loss of zpool after abnormal system shutdown and server being off for 2 weeks

    Hi there. About two weeks ago, a host bus adapter on my single node PVE server died. That seemed to throw things into chaos and my system become unresponsive - I could login or do anything even at a local console connected directly to the server. I ended up having to power down and up again, at...
  4. T

    Error creating zfs pool

    Hello, I'm trying to create a zfs zraid-2 with my 8 3TB SAS drives connected directly to my Supermicro X9DR3-LN4F+ Board. I get an Error: In sys log I see this: I can see the disks: but even if i try to init or wipe I get an error: Am I doing something wrong? on S.M.A.R.T. drives look ok...
  5. M

    I can't manipulate drives on specific sata ports in proxmox

    I attempting to make a new zfs pool with more storage everything worked, and the drives showed up but, when I went to do anything to the drives no changes occurred. Then i tried several other commands that didn't work and finally reinstalled proxmox. That didn't work then I swapped Sata...
  6. P

    What file format choose

    Hi! I'am new in proxmox. I'am building my home lab. I have 2xSSD 480GB Samsung + 2xHDD 2TB drives. I want to made 2T drives in RAID 1. (SSD probably also) I have PERC H730 raid controller. What files system should i choose? ext4? ZFS? lvm? lvm-thin? I want to have about 3-4 VMs, with system...
  7. M

    Emmergency Error / Harddrive

    Hello Guys i have a dedicated server with 2x 1TB SSD and 2x1TB HDD They are correctly mounted and added in proxmox. But now i have the problem if i create 1 vm on the HDDs it works fine, but after install the second or more vm i get the problem that (for example debian) i can install the os...
  8. J

    No Drives Detected at Initial Install (Dell R815/9211-8i)

    I am trying to install proxmox on one of my servers when I get to the install splash screen I get the message "no drives detected" My R815 originally had a different raid controller in it but I removed it and replaced it with a 9240-8i flashed with the 9211-8i firmware and IT mode. The server...
  9. D

    Expanding ZFS root file system

    Hi there. I have a Proxmox installation that I installed on a ZFS zpool. The zpool was configured with the Proxmox installation and consists of two mirrored 500 GB SSDs, like this: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM rpool ONLINE 0 0 0 mirror-0...
  10. J

    Multiple physical drives

    Hi All.. I have just started to use Proxmox in my lab, but I have an issue that I really hope someone can help me with.. For some testing of Windows Storage spaces I wanted to map 4 physical drives to one of my vm's, i have tried some diffrent methods of mapping the drives.. qm set 101...
  11. M

    How to configure Promox to use a SAN?

    Hi. We have 2 servers running in proxmox cluster. We also have 2 San Switches and 2 SAN's. We want to access the our san drives from Proxmox, to have our Virtual machines on the san. We are not sure how to configure it in proxmox? We have 3 lun's that on our san. Our setup is: 2 x hp proliant...


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