1. D

    add backup disk in other proxmox

    how can i add my backup disk that has iso images in another proxmox, cause when i put this disk, normally proxmox ask for delete the disk content and inicialize GPT, but i need restore the iso, what are the steps to perform this task and mount the volume.
  2. M

    [SOLVED] ZFS Raid1 auflösen und eine Platte an anderer Stelle mounten.

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe zwei große 12TB HDD Platten in meinem Proxmox eingebunden mit ZFS und RAID1 am Mountpunkt /zfs/vm. Das "vm" ist ein Directory, "Datacenter" - "Storage" - "Directory". Ich möchte jetzt gerne eine Platte ausbauen und woanders verwenden. Eine Platte reicht mir aktuell da es...
  3. D

    LXC Container Diskfehler?

    Hallo zusammen, Ich bin ziemlich neu in der Server-Szene und bräuchte daher eure Unterstützung. Ich versuche Nextcloud in einem LXC auf Proxmox 8.1.3 aufzusetzen. Die Platte wird von einem Hardware RAID-Controller bereit gestellt. Die Disk wird zwar gemountet, aber der Zugriff wird verweigert...
  4. W

    [Solved] Directory drive migration

    Hello, I am planning on reinstalling VE into raid1, however only thing left that is not backed up is a 4TB HDD, that is formatted as "directory disk", with data on it. The question is, however, how do I add/mount it into the new installation, without reformatting? I have backed up storage.conf...
  5. B

    Newbie questions

    I want to use Proxmox to host a home file server and a few other things, and I'm new to Proxmox. One of my early thoughts was to simply create a directory on the host and for the [Linux] clients to mount it directly from there, either using SSHFS or installing Samba on the host. I got the...
  6. C

    USB Device disconnects frequently and doesnt re-connect

    Hi all, having an issue with my proxmox storage, i have a 8TB sata HDD in an external caddy connected via USB 3.1 to my server. this drive is used for the storage for my file server and seems to disconnect randomly (with a tendancy to do so when there are high reads/writes to it) i have done...
  7. P

    Proxmox UI DiskSpace wrong info

    Hi Everyone, My sys had 2 disks 1 SSD 256 GB, and 1 HDD 1 TB, I have installed proxmox on SSD, and mounted HDD(proxmox/Disks/Directory) Even though my HDD have more space Proxmox UI shows this I followed this -> How to Add a Storage Drive to Proxmox (works with Proxmox 7)...
  8. B

    Cant Download Container Templates or Upload ISO's to ZFS?

    Hey all. Bit of a snag. So I want to preface this with: I'm still getting into Proxmox a bit, and have made the jump from Hardware Raid through a PERC to just HBA mode and doing ZFS to leverage some of the benifits that it offers with the new server I've picked up recently. However, trying to...
  9. U

    Not understanding disks and storage types...

    Hey all, new to Proxmox, just wanting to make sure I'm setting up my drive the "right" way... I'm sure this is easier than I'm making it out to be, but I'm stuck :/ I have a second disk in my server that i want to use for all my VMs/containers/ISOs, etc... basically everything but the...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] How to recuperate the VM files after a Proxmox reinstallation

    I had to reinstall Proxmox because for some reason it stopped booting. The VM files were installed in a dedicated nvme drive mounted on a directory called VM_Repository. The nvme containing the VMs was not destroyed, just Proxmos was reinstalled. I can see the nvme drive in Disks. However I am...
  11. A

    Changing storage type from directory to NFS and vice versa

    Hello guys, We have several hosts with directory type storage. Anyone tried to change it from directory to NFS? My idea is to start the NFS server on the node, configure the same directory to exports file and change the storage type from the GUI. (and by change I mean remove the existing and...
  12. B

    Setup data directory in a single HD/SSD environment

    Hi, I am currently switching to a new personal home server, using Proxmox VE, v7, with several VMs/CTs in the future. Hardware: Barebone, 16GB RAM, and one 2TB SSD (and no other drives). This is how the disk looks like: root@pve:~# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] is it ok to store VM in directory?

    When I run vmware that is not so many option like that is in proxmox. That is so much to pick that I'm not sure I do it right and have not find any good tutorial. That I have done now is on a HP server I have create a hardware RAID 5 for 4 SSD harddrive. I did try first to use LVM of the RAID 5...
  14. Nefariousparity

    Error Adding Datastore, HWraid, 5.2 TiB

    ProxMox Backup server is a thing of my dreams, I recently built this exact system to test with much smaller 240GB drives (Under 1TB) and did some testing adding to my clusters and it worked amazingly. I have since completely rebuilt the system as well as reinstalled PBS with the newer 4x 1.92TB...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] SSD No Longer Mounted

    Unfortunately, this was a mistake made by another tech, I'm just left to pick up the pieces, he had an SSD installed in a system, the SSD was run through a RAID card in RAID0, the SSD was then moved to a different raid card where the array was upgraded, then it was put onto an HBA, to no...
  16. G

    Best Practise: 'VM's running in ZFS file system or 'Directory'

    HI, I'm fairly new to Proxmox and ZFS. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have set up 2x pools named 'storage' and 'vm'. In each pool, I have set up files systems with different configs for each filesystem. In Proxmox my place to store backups is set up just as a directory under the...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Accidentally removed directories, still appearing in Server View list

    I recently accidentally deleted some directories in my PVE while attempting to cleanup storage and disks. I've solved the issue of the VMs in my list (thanks, community!!!!), but now, my issue is that the directories are still listed in both my Server View pane and under...
  18. ThinkAgain

    Wrong approach to ZFS dataset for VM image storage?

    I have an nvme pool that I want to use for a) storing VMs b) storing mails (by a mail server run in one of the VMs) For this purpose, I have created, via command line, a ZFS pool with two datasets, "VMs" and "mail". (mail is obviously shared via nfs with a VM). I have then, in Proxmox GUI...
  19. C

    Directory created with less space of the partition mounted

    Hi everyone I have split 1 GB drive in two one for Disk Images,Container and one for backups and everything. The partition is 500G but PVE only sees 50 something GBs just as much as the other partition that was created with the installation on the system disk. PVE version is 5.4-13 Here is the...
  20. E

    Remove unused directory from gui

    Hi. After testing some new disk with ext and xfs, i end up with a Server/Disks/Directory with "/mnt/pve/test-disk /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxx ext4 defaults" This disk in now gone/formatted and replaced with xfs manually. But this line in gui i cant find out how to remove. (its not in...


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