1. T

    [SOLVED] DELL Poweredge Compatibility

    Hi, I would like to know something. Is Proxmox compatible with the DELL Power Edge R250 or R450? I'm going to buy a new machine and would like to deploy some VMs. Has anyone had experience with these two products?
  2. L

    Proxmox Cluster / different version compatibility

    Hello, So the client have quite old Proxmox cluster with 18 servers in this cluster. These servers running "Virtual Environment 5.4-15". Yes. That old versions of Proxmox. I'm pushing customer to upgrade to the latest version, but it's a long story. Currently they buying a new server. My...
  3. L

    Can you mix Seagate Exos X24 and Seagate IronWolf Pro drives in the same ZFS pool?

    I have 4 18TB Seagate IronWolf Pro drives and I was wondering if I could used Exos drives of the same size together? They seem to be basically the same kind of drives but I just want to make sure. My use for this is running Virtual Machines. Thank you
  4. grin

    New version breaks old?

    Is it possible that 2.3.x server breaks 2.0.x client? The best indicator is that `proxmox-backup-client list` (2.0.14) waits forever then timeouts trying to reach 2.3.3 server, while a 2.3.1 client works well. No, it is not a question whether it would be optimal if everything would be up to...
  5. Z

    Proxmox version comparison for compatibility

    Hi, I need your opinion to understanding the compatibility between two proxmox machine versions, or how can I check for any possible compatibility issues. I have the following machines: pve-0: A proxmox originally installed with 6.0-4 ISO, then upgraded a few days ago to version 7.3-6...
  6. T

    Proxmox on Linux Desktop Distributions

    Hi there, didn't know where to ask this. But I am curious if it would be possible to make Proxmox features compatible on Desktop OSs. I am thinking of something like Docker, Virtualbox or Virt-Manager, which can run as a Hypervisor and on a Desktop. I think Developers would appreciate a Proxmox...
  7. M

    Suse Linux Enterprise Server as guest...any problem?

    Hello everyone, next week I will install a new vm with operating system "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1" on my production's Proxmox v.7.2-3 host. Those who commissioned the work to me expressed some doubts because proxmox is not indicated in the list of Suse Enterprise's compatible...
  8. B

    I/O Errors with 4x brand new NVME's WD SN530 256 GB proxmox 7.2.1

    Hello, Trying to figure out why the proxmox can see my new 4x disks in the GUI and once i click wipe out is start throwing errors and not been able to write or communicate with the drives. I also have another Crucial P1 1TB which works without any problems. I will appreciate your help just to...
  9. O

    Proxmox backup server 1.1/2.2 and proxmox 6.4/7.2 compatibility

    Hello we started the proxmox live upgrade from 6.4 to 7.2. During the migration we have proxmox 6.x and 7.x proxmox nodes inside the same proxmox cluster. Will pbs 2.2 back proxmox 6.4 hosts with pb client 1.1 up? Will pbs 1.1 back proxmox 7.2 hosts with pb client 2.2 up? Or should we have...
  10. N

    Windows Server 2019 Essentials compatibility

    Hi, I need to install 2 Windows Server 2019 Essentials VMs on ProxmoxVE. Are there any known issues with Windows licensing for compatibility? Or if there is a trick/detail that I should pay attention to? Host server CPU is Xeon 4210 (10 cores/20 threads) Thanks, Necati
  11. N

    Lenovo Flex x240

    Hello guys, anyone know if Lenovo Flex supports Proxmox VE? Maybe some particular driver compatibility or something else? Thanks
  12. W

    CT container template Kernel compatibily.

    Hello everyone, I have just tried to run wordpress container debian 11 in PVE 5, but the container crashs. I don't know if there is a guide line about Kernel Compatibility between template proxmox and PVE. Thanks!
  13. F

    [SOLVED] Processor compatibility mode

    Hello, I'm using proxmox 6.4.13 with Ubuntu 18.04 as VM, Tableau server is installed there. It all worked fine, but the latest upgrade of Tableau is not successful with message: Further explanation on Tableau support is saying: I don't find in proxmox documentation how to configure CPU...
  14. DynFi User

    PBS on AMD on an Intel PBS infra

    I just wanted to make sure that we could have an AMD based PBS in order to bckup an Intel PBS infra ? Thanks
  15. L

    Install on Mac Mini 2018? (Macmini8,1)

    I was wondering if anyone has ever had any luck installing ProxmoxVE on a 2018-era Mac Mini (Intel). I have a few of them with 32-64GB of RAM and 10GbE and wanted to turn them into virtualization hosts. ESXi 7 does support them but I would much rather play around with Proxmox than boring old...
  16. L

    RAID Controller Compatibility

    We want to install Proxmox Version 6 on an HP-Server with the following RAID-Controllers: Servers: HPE ProLiant ML110 G10 (Intel Xeon Silver 4210 2,20 GHz) HPE ProLiant DL360 G10 (Intel Xeon Silver 4208 2,10 GHz) HPE Smart Array P408i-a/2GB plus Smart Storage-Batterie HPE Smart Array P408i-p...
  17. K

    Istallation of Proxmox 6.3 on HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10

    Hello everyone! I am interested in purchasing HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10. I've tried to check the manufacturer's website for compatibility issues with Proxmox 6.3, however, I could not find any information about it there. I wanted to ask if any of you have this hardware and could share...
  18. T

    Environement and hardwaresetup

    Hey there, i am new to proxmox and also serverstuff and i like the idea to virtualize environments. Actually i try to build(program) a system with the ability to grow fast as hell. To do that i need a Hardwaresetup which is known kompatible ( also PCIe ) with Proxmox. My biggest wish would be...
  19. L

    It is possible to restore vm of proxmox 5.1 in proxmox 6.1

    Where can you read about it?
  20. A

    Hardware Compatibility

    QQ... new to proxmox and was wondering if there was any sort of HCL for motherboards and network cards... Want to make sure what i am building will work with proxmox.


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