bind mount

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    PCT without bind size in config and backups

    Hi there, Here is my scenario maybe you can suggest a better method or solution. First, I use multiple LXCs, and each has a bind mount to a single volume so that they can share data. this was done by adding mp0: btank:subvol-115-disk-0,mp=/tank to each container's config. One issue is that the...
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    Proxmox hangs after transmitting large amount of data over sshfs

    I have an LXC container that has a bind mount to a host folder. That host folder is a mount itself to a folder on a raspi over an sshfs connection. I am running a backup script every night that writes data to the mounted folder in the container so that it is written to the Pi. This worked...
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    Help needed with UID remapping for bind mounts

    After remapping UID, my container errors out during reboot. I got the following error message: lxc_map_ids: 3701 newuidmap failed to write mapping "newuidmap: uid range [0-3002) -> [100000-103002) not allowed": newuidmap 1395810 0 100000 3002 3002 3002 1 3003 103003 62533 lxc_spawn: 1788 Failed...
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    yet another lxc bind mount dump question

    Hi friends hope you're doing well. After reading this very usefull (not enough for my dumb person) explanation on bind mounts for unprivileged containers on proxmox ( + this ) i got this silly question. i always need a real life example. Hope some cool person will kindly give me a hint. I...
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    rbind-ing a zfs mountpoint for LXC containers not working as expected

    Greetings folks, I've been trying to get a Samba share set up through an unprivileged Alpine LXC container. I have a ZFS storage pool that I would like to share with this (and other) containers. Thing is I want to do this with a recursive bindmount so that I can have other containers use the...
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    [SOLVED] Filesystem type for disk bind-mounted on PBS LXC

    Hi, I have a test PVE environment at home (built on Intel NUC) where I've installed PBS in an LXC container (I don't have performance problems so I've decided to go this way instead of installing PBS packages on PVE host) that is backing up PVE VMs on an external NFS mount. Now I've got a 2TB...
  7. A

    Help needed regarding bind mount/NFS permissions.

    I recently switched to using Proxmox as my OS of choice and installed OMV inside a VM. I passed through my already existing 4TB drive and everything is good so far. Now I learned that in Proxmox if I use unprivilged LXC container, I need to mount either NFS or SMB share to Proxmox and then bind...
  8. V

    Pass hard disk to container - startup problem

    Hello, I'm trying to pass two mounted hard disks to container (103) when I start it I get:lxc_map_ids: 3672 newuidmap failed to write mapping "newuidmap: uid range [1000-1001) -> [1000-1001) not allowed": newuidmap 458165 0 100000 1000 1000 1000 1 1001 101001 64530 lxc_spawn: 1791 Failed to set...
  9. I

    How do I mount network share AFTER TrueNAS VM starts?

    I'm using a TrueNAS VM for network shares and some of my containers use network folders in that VM. So I mount the shares in Proxmox and bind mount & remap uid/gid's in my unprivileged containers. This works fine unless I reboot. Proxmox fails to mount these folders since the VM hasn't started...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] safe_mount: 1200 Invalid argument

    Running proxmox 7.1-8, Last night all my containers were working fine, this morning I rebooted the server and got this on all of them: safe_mount: 1200 Invalid argument - Failed to mount "/media/hdd" onto "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc/rootfs/media/hdd" mount_entry: 2406 Invalid argument -...
  11. L

    Yet Another mounting a USB3 hard drive for guest use question.

    I am having conceptual trouble with mounting a usb hard drive for use with an LXC guest. Version is: ~$ pveversion pve-manager/7.1-8/5b267f33 (running kernel: 5.13.19-2-pve) The main references I'm using are:
  12. C

    Moving Served Files From Host to Container

    Hey guys, I just updated the BIOS and Proxmox to the latest version for each, and wanted to tackle one more issue. I've been hosting a couple network drives on my Proxmox host, basically just a network directory for music and one for torrents. I play music SOMETIMES from this directory, but...
  13. K

    Priv. LXC's bind mount file permissions differ from host...

    (I know I must be missing something fundemental here, but my google-fu is failing me, so sorry in advance) I have been using a simple bind mount without problems for a long time, but since I restored this LXC I have all kinds of permission problems. It's the same for other LXC's too. Storage...
  14. V

    Understanding lxc.idmap, /etc/sub{u,g}id, cannot login as root, root lost permissions?

    Hi, I'm a proxmox-noob, been messing around with lxc.idmap, /etc/sub{u,g}id etc and I finally got something working but I cannot login as root and when I "cheat" using "pct enter 101" it's like the root user lost his root permissions so this is really weird and I've been googling around, trying...
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    cannot clone "unable to clone mountpint 'mp3' (type bind) (500)"

    only solution i found so far is to delete the binds (nfs mount) clone and then remake them any other solutions ? example for bind that fails: mp3: /mnt/pve/docs,mp=/mnt/docs,backup=0,shared=1,replicate=0
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    Proxmox ZFS RAW Storage

    Hallo, ich bin neu hier und auch neu in der Proxmox welt. Ich frage mich ob und wie es funktioniert einen Lokalen ZFS Pool der in Proxmox erstellt und verwaltet wird so an eine VM weiterzureichen das Daten in RAW in diesen Pool geschrieben werden können, also nicht auf Block Ebene oder in eine...
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    Mount hosts directory to KVM

    Not having "bind type" mount points from hots to VM has always been one of our main pullbacks from using KVM more extensively. I am trying to avoid NFS, sftp or SAMBA as an option and have just been reading about VirtFS - 9p virtio drivers ( I've found...
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    [SOLVED] LXC Container bind mount: map all uid/gid to a single uid/gid on the host

    Hello, I have trouble to access a bind mount from inside the container and Im unsure, how to solve it. The container is created unprivileged and contains a Ubuntu 18.04. Each file that is created inside the container, should have uid=1197 and gid=1000 on the host. I created two bind mounts...
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    ZFS parent/child datasets & bind mounts

    Hello, This is a bit of a ZFS noob question so I may just need the right docs link. I'm setting up a ZFS pool & datasets to use for Plex which would consist of a parent "media" directory and subdirectories for "movies" and "tv shows". I've set them all up with zfs create pretty easily on the...
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    Convert to template not working if with bind mounts?

    Hi. I was trying to test the possibilities of converting a container to template. Also wanted to test the possibilities of "linked clones" but I've discovered that as I understand no template or cloning possible if bind mounts are included on the container. unable to clone mountpint 'mp3' (type...


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