PCT without bind size in config and backups

Aug 14, 2020
Hi there,
Here is my scenario maybe you can suggest a better method or solution.

First, I use multiple LXCs, and each has a bind mount to a single volume so that they can share data. this was done by adding mp0: btank:subvol-115-disk-0,mp=/tank to each container's config. One issue is that the container was originally owned by a container that I deleted so I'm unable to resize from the gui; I get this error: can't resize mount point owned by another container (115) at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/API2/LXC.pm line 1955. (500). Is there a way to make this subvol generic so it's not owned by a container?

Second, I Use PBS to backup each of these containers and I do not backup the shared volume but when I try to restore a copy of tone of the containers it fails with this error:
recovering backed-up configuration from 'pbs1:backup/ct/117/2023-08-31T05:14:01Z' TASK ERROR: unable to restore CT 117 - unable to detect disk size - please specify mp0 (size)
I'm not restoring that disk so why does it need the size? Can I enter a filler for the size, or do I need it to be accurate and accurate on each container?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Just got this problem with "can't resize mount point owned by another container" as I too had deleted the original LXC.

A related issue is I resized a mount point refquota and when I did the pct scan, proxmox also updated the unchanged root disk and assigned it a size=0T which is why I tried to fix it and got the error message above.

Any solutions for fixing this situation or the bug setting size=0T?

Edit: strangely, when I moved the lxc to another datastore (still zfs) it corrected the size and even renamed the root vol to match the lxc ID and placed the root volume under lxc instead of vm where it had been (ok, maybe I had a mess). So, while strange happening, proxmox once again worked well and even fixed itself. So, nevermind.
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