lxc config

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    lxc container not connecting to internet with dhcp setting

    Hello, I am having issue connecting to internet with ubuntu container. Attached is the setup information. I am also using tailscale on the host. Please help me. How should I fix it?
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    [TUTORIAL] lxc mount zfs pool

    I want to share the results of me trying to mount multiple zvols in an lxc container to share them using smb/nfs/sftp The command outputs are trimmed to only include the relevant parts. Goal: Gounting ZFS-Pool into lxc Container. Prerequisites Proxmox VE 8.2.2 Container 102 (to mount to) A...
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    Pass a serial PORT (not usb) through to an LXC container

    I'm trying to pass through a serial port to an LXC container, not a USB serial port a hardware port (specifically on the back of an R320 with a ups connected to it going to a container with nut server installed) I can find plenty of guides for USB serial adapters for things like Zigbee and Z...
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    Unable to get static ipv6 working on LXC

    My ISP has assigned me a block of ipv6: 2001:19c0:1::1c00/120 I'm currently on Proxmox 7.4. After setting up a new Ubuntu 22 LXC, I've added network settings like so: Static IP: 2001:19c0:1::1c03/120 Gateway: 2001:19c0:1::1c01 I've also tried updating the bridge on the node to include an...
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    Help with WiFi configuration for a LXC

    For context: I purchased a WiFi nic for a pfSense VM or OpenWRT LXC and my idea was to use a pci passthrough, I made sure that my cpu was capable of IOMMU but I didn’t check my motherboard and now I know it’s not capable. The nic works perfectly there are no driver issues. I only want to know...
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    [SOLVED] LXC Container Issues (iGPU/tun passthrough and login delays)

    Hi everyone! As the title says, I am having two issues with my LXC containers. The server runs Proxmox 8.1.3, with the Linux 6.5.11-6-pve kernel. First issue - delay when logging into the containers. This impacts all of the LXC containers (Debian 12 standard template), and it causes a delay...
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    Privileged LXC group IDs different to host after restore

    Hi, I have just done a clean install of PVE 8.1.3 after changing some hardware in the host. I have restored my Plex LXC and some of the groups have different IDs in the container than the host which is breaking my GPU transcoding. The render group is ID 107 in the LXC but 104 on the host. On...
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    Create LXC container - nesting default value

    When I create a LXC container I always see "nesting = true". At pve-docs I see nesting default to be 0 ("nesting = false"). Is this a case to report?
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    [SOLVED] /etc/resolv.conf in lxc container used as dns server (pi-hole)

    Hello all , I use proxmox 7.4-3 under debian bullseye and run a bunch of lxc's One of them is my dns-server with pi-hole and unbound as resolving dns-server. It has as its fixed IP and It is referenced in my router ( as DNS server and the whole thing works but feels...
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    PCT without bind size in config and backups

    Hi there, Here is my scenario maybe you can suggest a better method or solution. First, I use multiple LXCs, and each has a bind mount to a single volume so that they can share data. this was done by adding mp0: btank:subvol-115-disk-0,mp=/tank to each container's config. One issue is that the...


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