1. H

    [TUTORIAL] lxc mount zfs pool

    I want to share the results of me trying to mount multiple zvols in an lxc container to share them using smb/nfs/sftp The command outputs are trimmed to only include the relevant parts. Goal: Gounting ZFS-Pool into lxc Container. Prerequisites Proxmox VE 8.2.2 Container 102 (to mount to) A...
  2. L

    LXC Container rebooting every 5-ish Minutes without any reason

    My qBittorrent LXC reboots around every 5 minutes and looking through the journal I can't figure out why. Any reason why this happens? The journal of the last 30 minutes is pasted here: https://pastebin.com/dVSsSHQU I don't know if I'm too stupid but I can't find any errors in the journal that...
  3. D

    Some volumesd do not support snapshots

    Hello guys, I have TrueNas as a VM and i added the storage as NFS to proxmox and i installed LXC on that storage. i had auto backup as snapshot everything worked fine but i wanted to redo it so i deleted the LXC and removed the truenas storage and remounted it and tried to make another LXC now i...
  4. W

    Ubuntu 24.04 - unsupported Ubuntu version '24.04'

    Hello Even tho Ubuntu 24.04 is in the proxmox repo we still get unsupported Ubuntu version '24.04' from what i can gather its not supported yet. (even tho its in the repo.) what we can do is add 24.04 as a known verson in this file /usr/share/perl5/PVE/LXC/Setup/Ubuntu.pm i will try and...
  5. J

    XFCE desktop in LXC container in proxmox 8.1.10 using integrated GPU

    I would like to get a XFCE desktop running inside a privileged container to display to the monitor of the host system I have followed this tutorial here: https://discuss.linuxcontainers.org/t/xserver-inside-lxc-container/5022/4 The only success I have had so far is getting the lightdm greeter...
  6. T

    Why I cannot assign CephFS mountpoint to the LXC, from GUI?

    I'm doing scale-out clustered Samba with CTDB on top and AD integerated, backed by CEPHFS storage. This works pretty well, but to achieve what I needed was to use cmdline, like this: pct set 100 -mp0 /mnt/pve/vnas,mp=/ceph,shared=1 For all Samba cluster member in LXC containers. Can we have...
  7. P

    No DNS with PHP in LXC

    I cannot make DNS queries with PHP in LXC containers, in VM's it works without problems. I have not changed anything in the Proxmox firewall settings, everything is set to default. Normal DNS queries with "ping" work fine with PHP but not, What could be the problem?
  8. N

    GPU Passthrough for Jellyfin LXC with NVIDIA 1070 Error - Can't communicate with driver

    Hello! I've been running into a wall with passing through a GPU to my unprivileged LXC container for Jellyfin. I've followed numerous guides, and most recently this great guide on Reddit: Proxmox GPU passthrough for Jellyfin LXC Per u/thenickdude's comments, I skipped everything IOMMU...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Docker container would not start after upgrading Proxmox VE 8.1 to 8.2 with "OCI runtime create failed"

    Hi everyone ! After upgrading Proxmox VE 8.1 to 8.2, some of my docker containers running on LXC failed to start. Here is the message I had when trying to `docker start` a container : docker start portainer_agent Error response from daemon: failed to create task for container: failed to...
  10. F

    Ubuntu 24.04 LXC containers fail to boot after upgrade

    As per title, Ubuntu 24.04 LXC containers fail to boot after upgrade. run_buffer: 571 Script exited with status 255 lxc_init: 845 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "106" __lxc_start: 2034 Failed to initialize container "106" TASK ERROR: startup for container '106' failed running...
  11. D

    Pass USB Device to unprivileged LXC

    I have a question very similar to this one: Pass USB Device to LXC I have my externel disk enclosure that is plugged in USB on host: root@pve:~# lsusb Bus 004 Device 006: ID 174c:55aa ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1051E SATA 6Gb/s bridge, ASM1053E SATA 6Gb/s bridge, ASM1153 SATA 3Gb/s bridge...
  12. S

    Sharing Storage Between LXCs and VMs Issue

    Hello! I'm currently running Proxmox 8.1 and originally had a Ubuntu Server VM set up for months, which I've loaded data on my hard drive in path /mnt/WD14-1 through two separate virtual disks (/dev/sdb1 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb1/, /dev/sdb2 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb2/). I just created a few...
  13. N

    /proc/sys/net/core in LXC priviledged container not populating everything from host

    Hello, I've run into an issue that I'm not sure how to fix and need some assistance. I've set up BPF on my proxmox host so that my LXC's can use it. So on the host, i can see the following files under /proc/sys/net/core: total 0 dr-xr-xr-x 1 root root 0 Apr 23 07:26 . dr-xr-xr-x 1 root root 0...
  14. F

    Webserver Offline Issue on Proxmox

    Hello, I have Proxmox in the latest version with numerous VMs and LXC containers. Recently, I set up another LXC container (Debian 12 Bookworm, static IP) running a small web server with NGINX (latest version) hosting a static website (only accessible in the home network). Now, I'm facing an...
  15. O

    [TUTORIAL] lxc config common hook script for start-host,do not work

    proxmox version 7.4.1 execute command: echo "lxc.hook.start-host = /usr/share/lxc/hooks/test" >/usr/share/lxc/config/common.conf.d/03-test.conf under /usr/share/lxc/hooks/ touch test test file content below : #!/bin/bash vmid=$1 output=$(lxc-info -n "$vmid" -iH ) echo "$output " echo "...
  16. G

    lxc /dev/kvm

    Irgendiwe schaffe ich es nicht die richtige konfiguration für den Container zu setzen dam er zugriff auf /dev/kvm hat. der grund dafür ist das dosemu2 /dev/kvm nutzt um einen ibm computer mit 4mhz zu simulieren .... bin gerade am setup eines BBS mit doorgames aber die kvm zugriff kriege ich...
  17. B

    IPv6AcceptRA = False default in LXC for IPv6 DHCP

    IPv6AcceptRA seems to be auto-set to False when setting LXC containers to DHCP on network settings for IPv6. Is there a setting I can adjust to change this to True?
  18. H

    LXC won't start

    Hello, Ran into a problem with my Proxmox VE. My LXC container, which is my go-to NAS, just won’t boot up after a reboot. Here’s the error it’s throwing at me: run_buffer: 322 Script exited with status 32 lxc_init: 844 Failed to run lxc.hook.pre-start for container "100" __lxc_start: 2027...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Access to samba/nfs or any webui of any lxc container always errors with "connection reset"

    Hello. I have read lots of posts in this forum and a lot more on the web in regards to my situation but they were not that similar, or when I did the solution to the issue it didn´t work. So I decided to post to get help from more seasoned people. Since last week I have been using lxc containers...
  20. N

    Wireguard VPN troubles routing to vmbr0

    Let's say I have a Wireguard server in LXC. I can successfully connect and route through to the internet. How can I add vmbr0 to the wireguard server so that I can access all my VMs through wireguard?


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