Local Shared Storage: Question about behavior


Nov 19, 2019
Hello all,

So I have a 3-node cluster which each server loaded with local hard drives. I want to share the local hard drives across all the systems in the cluster, so I did the following:

  1. Used parted to initialize with GPT and create a partition
  2. Used mkfs.ext4 to create a filesystem on each disk
  3. Created a mount point in the root of each server
  4. Mounted each new EXT4 partition (tested, works)
  5. Edited /etc/fstab to auto-mount the partition at boot (tested, works)
  6. Gave each one of the drives/partitions a unique ID through the Proxmox GUI and pointed to the appropriate mount point
  7. Used the Proxmox GUI to configure each system as a "Directory" and marked the appropriate content types (specifically 'disk image', 'ISO Image', and 'Container')
  8. Marked each one of them as "Shared" and set no restrictions on the nodes (Nodes set to 'All (No Restrictions)')
  9. Made sure they are all enabled
  10. Clicked 'OK'
So having done all that, I am unfortunately still having problems:

  • What I am noticing is that each node can only see content (i.e., an ISO or VM) that was created or uploaded by that node itself. I am trying to host ISO files on one of those shared local storage disks that all nodes can access, but right not the only one that can see the ISO files in "Content" is the node that I uploaded the ISO's through.

    Is there a way to make content uploaded on one node visible to all other nodes (as well as disk usage)?

  • The 'main' node (first one I set up, one I used to set up the cluster) has 3 local disks that are showing up under the other two, but two disks that are showing enabled and shared on another node are not showing up on any of the other nodes.
Any advice for me?
'shared' means that the storage IS shared (= available on all nodes with the same content, such as NFS/CIFS or some distributed storage like Ceph), not that PVE does the sharing. there is no such thing as a 'local shared' storage, a storage is either 'local', or 'shared'.
Thanks for the reply - why am I not seeing the same content across all the nodes then since they are marked shared? I only the drives listed under the nodes.
Thanks for the reply - why am I not seeing the same content across all the nodes then since they are marked shared? I only the drives listed under the nodes.

you are still not understanding what I meant. your storage IS local, not shared. ticking the 'shared' box does not change that fact, it just tells PVE that it is shared while it is in fact local, leading to all sorts of confusion and problems. you are only supposed to tick that box when your storage IS shared, for example because it represents an NFS share, or some distributed storage like Ceph.


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