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    Shared Drive from Cluster causing one host to fill local disk space

    Good morning all! I have a Proxmox cluster running with two hosts, with the following versions: Both running PVE 8.1.3 Host 2 (newest) - Kernel 6.5.11-5-pve (community edition w/o subscription Just added subscription w/enterprise repo). Last updated last night ~10pm US EST Host 1 (the 'OG') -...
  2. I

    Proxmox cluster shared iscsi storage problem with directly connected hosts

    Hi, I have two proxmox 8.0 hosts in a cluster, conected (each) directly to iscsi storage (don't have SAN switch yet). I have multipath installed and configured, and successfuly see storage from both hosts if I create separate iscsi targets ( Cluster -> Storage -> Add -> iscsi) for both hosts...
  3. L

    Shared folder from proxmox host to VM and CT

    I'm new to proxmox, I created a ZFS drive which is accesible on Proxmox at /Storage I wanted to make it accesible do the VM while remain accesible to the host and other CTs, I managed once, but I had to remove the VM and start over since I can't figure out how... anyway I managed to do the same...
  4. G

    [TUTORIAL] MD3200SAS / Proxmox + OCFS2 (Not supported by the Proxmox Team)

    I have received an equipment that was decommissioned a few days ago and I wanted to test Proxmox. Equipment received: (4) R620 Dell Servers. (4) Broadcom / LSI SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 (1) MD3200 SAS (2 Controllers). The first thing I was to make the Proxmox detect the MD3200...
  5. O

    [SOLVED] Connecting storage from nodes over wan (no cluster,no HA)

    Hello, I've just set up my second Proxmox VE node at my home in my hometown. Since there are some files on Node 1 I'd like to transfer to Node 2, I want to somehow connect their fileservers (SMB) so that I don't have to use a VPN and a client computer/VM since the network is quite slow on Node...
  6. L

    problems with shared LVM on top of iSCSI after dropping multipath

    Hello. We have a cluster of 7 nodes. VMs and LXCs are stored on external storage, on a shared LVM, via iSCSI. We recently had to move from a 2 x 1Gbps iSCSI multipath connection to a 1 x 10 Gbps FO ethernet (single link iSCSI connection, no multiphating). The iSCSI storage has 4 ethernet ports...
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    how to add shared Storage to windows VMs

    Hello everyone, i have 1 Disk where proxmox is installed on and another Raid 1 mounted as /data on the host I'd like to give my 2 windows VMs read &write access to that raid / a folder on it. I'v read a few articles on sharing disks beween VMS, though it seems like there are various solutions...
  8. W

    Local Shared Storage: Question about behavior

    Hello all, So I have a 3-node cluster which each server loaded with local hard drives. I want to share the local hard drives across all the systems in the cluster, so I did the following: Used parted to initialize with GPT and create a partition Used mkfs.ext4 to create a filesystem on each...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] error while loading shared libraries - detected old qemu-kvm binary (unknown)

    Hi guys, we have a cluster of 3 nodes and today we had an electrical fault. When restarting the 3 nodes one of them is presenting this message when trying to start any of the VMs that are hosted in this one. root@thor:~# qm start 121 kvm: error while loading shared libraries...
  10. K

    Shared NFS mounts across cluster

    After configuring my 2 node cluster, I have a minor issue where node 2 does not show the full information in the storage summary tab for the nfsshare (please see screenshots), however node 1 is able to show this correctly. I can use the nfsshare on both nodes fine, but for some reason node 2...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] LXC showing shared memory from host

    Hello, It's seems the shared memory from an LXC container shows the shared memory from the host. Here's the host: total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 64414 62599 1815 1833 9329 31029 -/+ buffers/cache: 22241...
  12. Z

    Fibre Channel, shared storage, how?

    Hello, I'm looking into a new setup using Proxmox. I will have 4 x Proxmox Nodes, each with a FC HBA. These will be connected to another Server with FC HBA in target mode, running FreeBSD or Linux (not sure yet) with 2 zpools (we will have different storage for SSDs and HDDs). What is not...
  13. L

    LXC writeable shared storage - best practice

    How do you add writeable and shared storage to an unpriviled LXC Container? We want to start several (so called build) nodes (on different proxmox servers) that simply said will create the binaries for our open source projects ( These binaries need to be stored on a...
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    iSCSI and shared LVM

    Hello guys: I'm running Proxmox VE 4.2 with a Seagate NAS which supports iSCSI. I've setup a 2-node cluster and I've assigned a iSCSI LUN from my NAS to Proxmox like this: Storage -> Add -> iSCSI (Options: ID+Portal+Target+NO Use LUNs directly) Then I've configured a LVM group like this...
  15. J

    Shared VM Hosting?

    Hi all, I've been testing all kinds of open source virtualization solutions and now want to make a step forward with Proxmox. Using it in the lan is really very simple (congrats^^), but making VMs accesable from the web gives me some headache... I have an old vt capable machine with two nics...
  16. G

    Storage (san fibre channel) and load sharing

    Hi, does anybody have some experience using proxmox with san? I have a san storage, connected with fibre channel hba cards (dual, with multipath) to multiple pve servers sharing the same storage group / pvs for lvm storage. What bothers me is that one virtual machine or pve host can saturate...
  17. I

    Question: How to share storage from clustered servers

    I like to share storage from vm3 to vm1 for kvm #102 review attachment thank you for your help


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