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    Error 0 occurred while receiving the document 2024

    Many users, myself included, have encountered this error. On this platform, most responses suggest it's related to space availability, but in my case, space wasn't the issue. Today, after three months, I attempted to access my Proxmox server from a completely different network and computer...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Cannot boot 8.1 iso : EFI not found

    Hi, Just tried to boot the last PVE iso 8.1.1, but it gets stuck directly, displaying: grub error file /EFI/ not found iso 8.0.2 boots fine...
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    Proxmax ve installer iso build tool.

    Hi, Can I know which tool is used for to built an proxmax-ve-installer.iso Regards, skmdab
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    [SOLVED] NFS Share added in storage but ISO are not visible

    Hi all, I added an NFS storage as it appears in the picture but ISO are not visible. root@proxmox00:~# cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg dir: local path /var/lib/vz content backup,iso,vztmpl lvmthin: local-lvm thinpool data vgname pve content rootdir,images...
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    Remounted NFS Share. Where are my ISOs?

    I changed the IP address of my NFS server hosting ISO content and upon remounting same share and content type (ISO Image), PVE does not display ISO files. The graph shows the consumed space. I have browsed the export and confirmed the files are present. Is there a method to import the ISOs...
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    PVE Disk partitioning/allocation for ISO and Backup

    Hi All, I'm very new to Proxmox VE. We have a RAID-5 local disk size of roughly 240GB. My manager asked me to install PVE. Allocate disk space with the following: - ISO set to 10GB - Backup set to 50GB - The rest of the space for datastore, i assumed it for local-lvm. How could i achieve his...
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    I cannot see the ISO images when trying to create a VM

    Hello, reading on the web, I thought that the ISO library was in /var/lib/vz/template/iso, but when I try to create a VM, I cannot find anything under the ISO dropbox... I have downloaded ubuntu ISO here: wget and I have cerified...
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    ISO.gz download needs proper support

    Many ISO's come in *.iso.gz form. Right now, a workaround is required in the GUI to accomplish this: * Set up the download * In the filename section, remove the ".gz" or it will complain that it's a bad filename * After the download, in the shell mv xyz.iso xyz.iso.gz gunzip xyz.iso.gz rm...
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    ISO storage folder structure

    Hi all, We currently have a ESXi setup, a few machines with a central storage that we use for lab and testing. We are looking into moving to Proxmox and I installed proxmox on one of the servers to try it out. We have a large number if ISO files from different vendors on a NAS. These are in a...
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    ISO Storage on ZFS??? Possible?

    Hi all, I have a new Proxmox installation that I have setup. I have 2x 128GB Supermicro SATA DOM's that I used for the installation. My plan was to partition them each with a 60GB and 50GB partition. Install Proxmox on two 60GB partitions as a mirror for redundancy. Then with the two 50GB...
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    Storage mounten und direkter Zugriff auf Daten

    Hallo, ich habe das "Problem" wenn ich ein Storage über NFS oder SMB mounten möchte legt Proxmox seine eigenen Ordner woe "templates" oder "iso" an. Ich habe aber schon vorhandene Daten auf meienr NAS die ich dirket in Proxmox nutzen kann. Wenn ich z.B. eine VM oder LXC anlegen möchte und dann...
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    Create a PROXMOX iso on Debian

    Hi, I want to create a PROXMOX iso (on Debian 10.3.0) with a number of features (I mean I don't want certain abilities and I want to add my own stuff), which after created it I can install it on a new computer like regular PROXMOX iso that you can download. I searched on the internet and found...
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    Local Shared Storage: Question about behavior

    Hello all, So I have a 3-node cluster which each server loaded with local hard drives. I want to share the local hard drives across all the systems in the cluster, so I did the following: Used parted to initialize with GPT and create a partition Used mkfs.ext4 to create a filesystem on each...
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    Uploading ISO Images via the web front end

    Hi, I'm trying out Proxmox as an alternative to VMWare ESXi, and I can't see how to upload an ISO image via the web front-end. Is this possible? When I create a new VM it seems to expect the ISO to already be there. Many thanks
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    Proxmox v 6.0.1 creates ISO too lage to burn to CD

    I just downloaded the Proxmox v 6.0.1 ISO image and tried to burn it to a CD-R blank CD and it came back with "Image too large", saying I was trying to put 702mB onto a 700mB storage device. I tried this with 2 separate ISO images downloaded and checked with SHA1 I tried this in Windows 7...


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