1. X

    fstab Configuration for volumes

    Hey guys I need some help with configuring automounted drives in proxmox. Backstory: I've lately been having some troubles with configuring my storage. Initially I had some mount points at mnt/ and some at mnt/pve/. So I decided to move them all to mnt/pve/. I did this, mounted them and i...
  2. W

    Volume eines Containers importieren

    Hallo, aus verschiedenen Gründen habe ich von einem Container nur noch die Volumes. Ich müsste diese jetzt wieder benutzen. Ich habe 2 Dateien: vm-106-disk-0.qcow2 vm-106-disk-0.raw Ich habe leider keine Anleitung gefunden wie ich anhand dieser volumes wieder einen container erstellen kann...
  3. M

    Ceph LXC Volume Migration in anderen Pool

    Hallo, ich habe einen Linux Container mit einem großen Ceph RBD Volume das ich in einen anderen Pool verschieben soll. Aus der GUI ist das aber nur mit heruntergefahrenem Container möglich. Das Kopieren würde ca. 2 Tage dauern, daher habe ich mich nach Alternativen umgesehen und bin auf den...
  4. K

    Proxmox / GlusterFS - Volume configuration

    Hello everybody, First of all, a big thank you to the Proxmox developer community. I have been using Proxmox for several years now with GlusterFS and it works perfectly.Exactly, I'm using a Proxmox cluster of 3 Proxmox servers with a GlusterFS cluster for identical storage on each Proxmox...
  5. P

    backup drives

    I have a system where we came up short some space. Proxmox 7.0-8 I have 6x 800GB drives RAID Mirror which the VM has pretty much filled up but is ok for the VM just causes Proxmox issues. I would like to add 2x 1TB drives to allow proxmox to have space for updates and gives me a place to create...
  6. N

    Restoring CT backup deletes&recreates non-backuped storage subvolume

    Hi, I tried to restore a CT from a local backup, but while restoration of the CT itself worked fine, my data storage volume (mp1) was deleted in the process. Additionally the 1T storage was recreated on `local` with 1T, but it was obviously empty. My data storage is not in the backup. At the...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu VM wont resize LVM

    Hi There, I have a Ubuntu VM that is running on my Proxmox, I started the VM with 20 GB however it has grown well beyond that, I have resized the disk to 96 GiB however I can't get the VM to resize. ➜ / lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT loop0...
  8. G

    Understand LXC container's storage size

    Hi, I have an LXC container that has a big storage defined in the web UI ("900G") but the filesystem seems not to have taken the last resizes commands into account. Here is the current state of the storage: On the container: #df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted...
  9. E

    Add additional storage volume to proxmox.

    I'm kind of new to Proxmox so excuse my beginner's question. I have configured a proxmox machine. On the proxmox host I created a special volume that I want to use as a data storage volume (based on Intel RST RAID 1 and LVM) for all my media etc. Eventually, multiple systems will read and write...
  10. O

    Volume das für die Proxmox-Installation vorgesehen ist wir nicht erkannt

    Hallo zusammen, danke für den Beitritt. Mein Problem: Wir haben 3 identische Server die im Cluster-Verbund installiert und konfiguriert werden sollen: ProLiant DL380 Gen10 und je eine Shelf über Direct Access verbunden. Jeder Server hat zwei lokale SSD-Platten und weitere Platten in den...
  11. R

    Shrink / Reduce a volume with an LVM-XFS partition

    I need to shrink a Proxmox-KVM raw volume with LVM and XFS. Now, XFS doesn't support shrinking as such. It's possible to hack around this with xfsdump and xfsrestore, but this would require 250G data to be copied offline, and that's more downtime than I like. Whats the alternative? I was...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] Adding a new volume for existing VM

    Hi. I have created a VM which uses thin LVM. Now I want to start a fresh VM with the same id and back up old data. For that, I have renamed my disk (i.e vm-101-disk-0) to vm-101-disk-0-old and. Now I want to create a new volume. The thing is I have a template which I create my Vms from, and I...
  13. P

    Dell Compellent Live Volume product with Proxmox cluster

    Hello, We use Dell Compellent as storage for our Proxmox cluster. We plan to implement Dell Compellent Live Volume product on the Compellent. Have anyone ever used this product with a Proxmox cluster? Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you, Sincerely,
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Expanding Volume Passed to VM

    I have an Areca raid controller that I was going to pass to the VM, but I'm having issues with it the VM not being able to reboot because it isn't "releasing" the card. I am going to look into blacklisting it on the host to see if that makes a difference, but I thought, maybe I'd just pass the...
  15. S

    Understanding LVM-thin volume attributes

    Running Proxmox 5.2 with lvm-thin local storage for my VM raw disks. Looking for clarification on the output of the lvs command and the meaning of the Data% column. The lvs man page doesn't seem to explain data percent anywhere. The confusion arises since several raw disks have a Data% of nearly...
  16. mir

    Stratis: New storage management solution for Linux

    Hi all, Maybe Stratis could be a future storage solution for Proxmox. The solution combines the best parts from ZFS and BTRFS but doing it using existing kernel tools. DM and XFS. Article series: 1) overview: https://opensource.com/article/18/4/stratis-easy-use-local-storage-management-linux...
  17. S

    See contents of zfs-volumes of virtual machines

    Hi all, I googled this but could not get it to work and currently I am not sure if this is even possible. The setup is proxmox 5.1-41 with local zfs storage. I created a few virtual machines and now I want to find a possibility to access all files inside a zfs-volume (for example...
  18. E

    DRBD9 Synchronisation funktioniert nach Ausfall nicht

    Hallo Community, ich habe ein paar Fragen bezüglich meiner DRBD9-Konfiguration. Ich benutze die aktuelle Proxmox und DRBD9 Version. Konfiguriert wurde nach der DRBD9 Anleitung von Proxmox. Es gibt 3 nodes, von denen aber nur 2 ein DRBD-Storage besitzen. Die andere node wurde für Quorum...
  19. R

    Shrink LXC Container

    Hi Everyone, My LXC Container have 1000 GB but I only need 150 GB. How can I shrink the storage? I used this pct resize 101 rootfs 150 unable to shrink disk size Can anyone explain me how can I shrink the LXC Container to only 150 GB. Best regards and thanks for help, Oliver


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