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    Container vs full-vm

    Hallo Zusammen, kann mir mal bitte jemand erklären, wie der Unterschied zwischen einem Container und einer VM mit voller Linux-Installation? oder anders herum gefragt: wann verwende ich einen Container und wann eine VM... ? Gruß
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    Moving virtual HDD only to another node?

    Hi everyone, I was adding another node to my cluster today (node 4), and during the process, node 1 decided to crash. This triggered the HA, and it began spinning the VM up on node 2. The HA migration failed, and the hard disk was never moved. On node 2, I see the VM and the config; and on node...
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    IOS VM in Proxmox

    Hallo Ist es möglich eine VM mit Apple ios zu erstellen den ich habe eine App die nur auf ios läuft. Ich habe auf dem Server schon mal MacOS installiert aber der Server ist dafür zu schwach. Bei nachfragen gerne Melden mfg Rubin
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    Proxmox Ubuntu VM Hangs at load screen

    I am re posting this as I hope to provide clarity to my issue. Randomly, my Ubuntu VM (Plex server) just hangs at the Ubuntu page. When I run smartctl -a on the drive with the VM, I get this. I am able to view the drive when I try to put a Ubuntu usb boot drive in and hit the "try" version. I...
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    Shutdown (Poweroff) VM via terminal session

    Hello everyone, our cluster is using HA however, I noticed that at the moment when the shutdown or reboot command is sent through the terminal, the HA starts to actively turn on the machine Please tell me how to get around this or how to increase the ON timeout to turn on the machine
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    Convert Ubuntu VM from SeaBIOS to OVMF

    I have an active Ubuntu server 22 VM that I want to pass through a GPU (p2000) for hardware acceleration. Now when I set up this VM a long time ago I used the default machine (i440fx) and boot type (SeaBIOS), but the docs don't recommend those options for passthrough. The machine type was...
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    [SOLVED] VM issues when running simultaneously with another VM

    New Proxmox user here. I have a TrueNAS Core 13.0-U5.2 VM. It is installed in a WD Blue SSD named VMs_CT_Main. I have passed through a Dell H310 HBA to it with 8 HDDs attached. Below is the config of the TrueNAS VM. kristian@pve:~$ sudo qm config 100 [sudo] password for kristian: agent: 1...
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    Running fsck on a Linux vm

    Is there a way to run fsck on a linux vm? As I understand it, the vm can't be running because the vm's system disk has to be unmounted before checking it with fsck. So I'm thinking I have to leave the vm shutdown. Can I fsck the vm's disk from the Proxmox console? Eric
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    ZFS Pool Seemingly Slow on Striped Mirror With Sata SSDs

    Hello, I have been running Proxmox for a month or so in a homelab type environment. I have it running on the W680 chipset with an I5-13500 and 64GB of RAM. There are two ZFS striped mirror pools, Tank and Tank2, where I store the VMs I'm running (4x500GB 870 Evo, 4x250GB MX500 respectively). I...
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    Moving Centos6 VM from Citrix XenServer to Proxmox issues

    Hi all, I tried moving a Centos 6 VM from Citrix XenServer v6.5 to Proxmox v7.1-10, but the VM is getting stuck after the GRUB menu. I regenerated initramfs, but the VM is still hanging. I also tried removing the "quiet" kernel options, but that didn't help (not pictured here). It boots fine...
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    Trouble using second GPU for PVE

    I'm currently trying to dedicate my AMD RX 580 8GB to an Arch VM for gaming and I'm trying to basically disable it's output on the host and force my secondary GPU(a GTX 1650) as the output for everything on the host. The RX 580 is in the main 16x slot on my motherboard as it needs the bandwidth...
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    [SOLVED] VM Harddrive passthrough: VM and host are not in sync

    it may be a bad title, but I don't know how else to describe it. So I have a Ubuntu Server VM on Proxmox and I want to passthrough some drives (as passing through a directory does nto work afaik). I used sudo qm set 105 -scsi2 /dev/sdb1 to do so. I then mounted it in the guest by putting...
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    Automatically Update VMs

    So I have a bit of a dilemma where my company needs to update a very large number of VMs on a regular basis as these connect to customer networks. Right now this is done by manually powering up, ssh and powering down the machines but that's pretty cumbersome as that's my responsibility and eats...
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    CPU Temperatur durchreichen

    Hallo, ich möchte für mich und meine Freundin einen Gaming PC machen. Dabei habe ich auch schon das meiste Erfolgreich gemeistert. Nun habe ich zwei Probleme. Und zwar habe ich für den PC zwei Wasserkühlungskreisläufe mit Pumpen von Corsair, einen für den Prozessor und einen für die...
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    [SOLVED] Help with single GPU Passthrough

    Hey there, I am new to Promxmox and I try to set up a Windows VM. It's just to experiment with it and nothing too serious so if I can't fix the problem, it's not that big of a deal. I currently only have one GPU in my PC and I want to pass it through to the VM. I know, that's not recommended...
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    io-error bei VMs

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe des Öfteren das Problem, dass bei meinen VMs der Fehler „io-error“ Auftritt. Der Fehler erscheint aus dem nichts, ohne das weder etwas an der Konfiguration im PVE noch an der Hardware geändert wurde. Mehrere monate ist nichts gewesen und jetzt Ist es innerhalb der...
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    [SOLVED] USB Tuner Problems

    I am having some trouble getting my USB tuner to work properly. I've been working on this for awhile, and I've tried a lot of solutions. Over the course of working on this, I've seen some symptoms I don't understand. I'll try to present what I've tried, and what problems I am running into as...
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    VM using too much RAM from NFS share (ZFS)

    Hi everyone, I am hurting for memory at the moment and I need a temporary fix until my Epyc parts arrive in December. I posted a question regarding ZFS memory usage and you guys pointed me to the right place to change how much memory the host system uses for ZFS. I have that ZFS volume shared to...
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    Proxmox VE created ZFS pool, passed through into VM online on both host and guest

    My current NAS setup has Proxmox VE running on bare metal and TrueNAS Scale running in a VM. I created a zfs pool "appspool" from the UI: Datacenter -> Storage -> Add -> ZFS I then created a TrueNAS scale VM and passed through the disk qm set 900 --scsi2...
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    [SOLVED] VM, Problem mit Speicherplatz

    Hallo, ich nutze Proxmox (7.2-11) sehr gerne und inzwischen schon zwei Jahre, ich bin absolut Begeistert. Ich hab zwei Fragen bzw. ein Problem und eine Frage. Ich hab eine VM welcher ich 50GB gegeben habe (auf dieser laufen nur Docker-Container) allerdings im System werden nur 24GB angezeigt...


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