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  1. T

    VM keeps turning off by itself

    Running PVE 7.2-7. An Ubuntu Server VM keeps turning off by itself. Node and VM have been running O.K. for a few hundred days. No update to PVE or the VM could've caused this, as I haven't updated any of then. Where can I find any shutdown logs as to what initiated the shutdown? One indication...
  2. C

    proxmox vm is not accessible via the web browser

    hey guys, i have only been using proxmox for a short time and would like to know what my problem is... when i run a webserver nginx/httpd on the vm, i can't access the website via. static priv address. If I use a lxc container instead of a vm it works, what do I have to change so that I can use...
  3. S

    Sharing Storage Between LXCs and VMs Issue

    Hello! I'm currently running Proxmox 8.1 and originally had a Ubuntu Server VM set up for months, which I've loaded data on my hard drive in path /mnt/WD14-1 through two separate virtual disks (/dev/sdb1 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb1/, /dev/sdb2 mounted to /mnt/WD14-1/sdb2/). I just created a few...
  4. A

    Share persistent host-directory to VM

    Hi all! I'm new to Proxmox and I try to add a directory from the host (e. g. a directory on the system drive) as shared directory to the (Debian) VM. I want to use this as persistens config directory for Docker containers running inside the VM. If the VM crashes or I need to relaunch a new one...
  5. G

    Any way to just show VM names?

    Hello, newbie here. Excited to learn more about Proxmox. So! Hey, I get it, you guys are xNIX guys and you love to number things and "that's just the way it is." I get it, I do. But... My company is about to dump VMware due to all Broadcom's changes, but I'm sorry guys, there's no way in hell...
  6. G

    LXC Pass devices

    Hi Is it possible to pass a LXC container devices? A have a tv tuner card I would like to pass I saw something like this online lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 226:0 rwm lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 226:128 rwm Am I going down the wrong route? I wanted a container to save resources, however I...
  7. O

    Seagate tools (Seatools) bootable install

    Hello, my question is rearding installing seatools bootable in a vm and let it access/see HDD's. I have 2 zfs mirror pools where my vm's are installed, and one for the backups . i want to install seatools bootable but the problem is that it will only see the partition size i specify during the...
  8. ismokemysocks

    Creating VMs and CTs brings down LAN and Internet connectivity

    Hello, all. I am experiencing some issues with getting Proxmox to behave. First, some key points: I use a Unifi Dream Machine SE. The network is segmented into different VLANs. My desktop PC and my home server reside on the same subnet/VLAN ( My home server has only one network...
  9. ismokemysocks

    Creating VMs and LXC containers makes the host lose Internet connection

    As the title states. I don't know why, but the PVE host loses connection to LAN and Internet... I have to physically go down to my home server, manually log in, kill the process and either wait a couple of minutes or reboot it (the latter one is not a must). I've followed some of the steps...
  10. O

    Changed hdd size but Ubuntu vm not reporting proper sizes

    Hello everyone, and im so happy to join such a great community. i created an ubuntu vm and assigned it a LVM disk for storage. on the initial setup i made a mistake and only assigned 850 gb, i copied all my files and then i found out i only have 30 gb left of storage. So i wanted to increase the...
  11. K

    Ubuntu 20.04 vm - no DNS entry

    Sorry for this noob question. I have a small proxmox dc with two hosts. I've deployed a new ubuntu 20.04 server based vm on one of the hosts. From that vm I'm able to ping *any* lxc-container and/or vm with their host and fqdn name - no problem here. These lxc:s and vm:s are also available...
  12. M

    Proxmox dies when i try to install win11

    Guys, please help me. When I try to install windows11 on my proxmox which is on virtualbox, I wait couple minutes when it says installing some components and when the installation is done my vm freezes and server crash. I tried bunch of different iso images but none of them work correctly. Does...
  13. E

    VMID Assignment

    Curious... Am I the only one who assigns their LXC/VMs to coincide with their IP. For example, I have, so I have a service LXC that's set as 2005. Or is this my OCD? :D
  14. H

    Minor request on qm --memory setting

    In my attempts to write a shell script to create VMs quickly I've got oneliners working fine i.e. # qm create 9999 --name vmtest --bios ovmf --efidisk0 data:0,efitype=4m,pre-enrolled-keys=1 --boot "order=net0;scsi0" --cores 1 --sockets 1 --cpu host --memory 2048 --net0 model=virtio,bridge=vmbr0...
  15. M

    ASAP please, how can i downgrade proxmox 8 to 7

    Hello can you guys please help me? When I start vm(debian) and try to install it, my cpu suddenly goes to 105% and my server crash. I am quite new to the proxmox and i don't understand it fully but i tried some things and none of it worked. last thing i wanted to try is to downgrade proxmox 8 to...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Move VM from a dead node to a second node

    New to proxmox, I was trying to rename the initial node pve1; however, it disabled the initial node and created a new one, vm-dev. The VM (TrueNas) is still located on the dead node; I can’t seem to find any working tutorial that would help me. Any help would be appreciated! Also, I need a...
  17. M

    [TUTORIAL] Windows 11 VM for gaming setup guide

    I just finished migrating my Windows 11 gaming VM from Unraid to Proxmox. Along the way I encountered some obstacles. To hopefully save other people some time I'm writing a detailed guide here on how I set up my system. Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on this stuff. It is entirely...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] strange ping times

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Proxmox and don't know what to do. I would really appreciate some help. Problem 1: basically doesn't matter, I'm just listing it in case the problems (could) cause each other: When I want to shut down Proxmox, it shuts down the VMs and is no longer...
  19. T

    Moving HDD from VM to container

    I have a HDD mounted to a VM (Plex server). I would like to re-create my Plex server as a container. When I set up a bind mount, rather than seeing my two folders - media_library and MetaData, I see: dump images lost+found private snippets template. The HDD is a directory in ext4. Here is...
  20. S

    Container vs full-vm

    Hallo Zusammen, kann mir mal bitte jemand erklären, wie der Unterschied zwischen einem Container und einer VM mit voller Linux-Installation? oder anders herum gefragt: wann verwende ich einen Container und wann eine VM... ? Gruß


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