1. florian-n

    [SOLVED] Cloud-init isn't applied after linked clone of template via API

    Hi, currently we're trying to create template based clones using Ansible's community.general.proxmox_kvm. To make the clones configurable we stick with cloud-init. We are building the template using a hand rolled Packer configuration which deploys fine (locally as well as in our production...
  2. H

    Verzeichnis von Proxmox an Container weitergeben

    Hallo an alle, ich bin neu mit dem Thema Proxmox beschäftigt und scheitere an einer vielleicht leichten Sache: Mein Proxmox-Server hat ein Hardware-Raid-System mit zwei Anschlüssen. An Anschluss 1 hängen drei SAS-HD mit Raid5 und an Anschluss 2 hängen 2 SATA-HD mit Raid1. Die Hardware stellt dem...
  3. J

    qm template: what does it _do_? what makes a template different from a (k)vm?

    `qm template`: what does it _do_? what makes a template different from a (k)vm? Details I see references to how running `qm template [vm_number]` creates a template that makes future (linked or full) cloning better, more-efficient. But... what does `qm template` do to the (k)vm? (A bit of...
  4. C

    How to automatically update vm templates

    Hi All! Is it possible to update templates automatically? I'm guessing I'd need to clone the vm, update the os, then create the template over the old one. I'd like to do it for both windows/linux templates too. My use case is, If all the vm needs to do is update, I can keep it on a MUCH more...
  5. J

    Snapshots, templates, clones, backups: how do they all compare?

    PVE newbie here. 1. How does the following wiki page apply to LXC Containers? https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/VM_Templates_and_Clones 2. There's no mention of "snapshots" in the above wiki page, even though PVE 6.2-11 seems to feature snapshot feature prominently over "template." Is this above...
  6. S

    Entfernung eines Templates wegen nicht gemounteten Festplatten nicht möglich

    Hallo :) Ich bin seit kurzem von ESXi auf Proxmox gewechselt und somit in dieser Welt noch sehr neu. Ich habe mir einen kleinen Cluster aus drei Baugleichen Rechnern gebaut und hatte versucht die jeweiligen Festplatten untereinander zu Verteilen, was mit dem Fehler von nicht gemounteten...
  7. M

    [TUTORIAL] How to create a template for LXC ubuntu desktop with sound

    i am just posting this how-to steps to help those like me that are just starting with proxmox and LXC. Hopfully, you can find it useful and contribute to fixing the remainig issue with audio in the container. i post this in Reddit too because i know when i am looking for help i look anywhere i...
  8. T

    VM / VM template local-lvm: Which disk is it using?

    I have created some VMs and VM templates on a PVE node for testing. The node has a SSD and 4 SAS drives. I installed PVE on the SSD drive and assumed when i selected local-lvm as the VM disks the VMs would all use the SSD for storage too. When I look under Node > Disks now I see that the usage...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Solved.

    Solved after read the manual carefully.
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Problem in creating template and cloning with an LVM VG

    Hi. I followed the instructions from this page to create a vm: wget https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/bionic/current/bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64.img qm create 9000 --memory 2048 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 qm importdisk 9000 bionic-server-cloudimg-amd64.img vms qm set 9000 --scsihw...
  11. C

    Cleanup image for template

    Hi, can you please provide instructions how to cleanup an image to be used as template? This wiki article documents some manual steps to be executed on the VM before converting to a template. Question: Is it sufficient to execute all steps documented here? This instruction is referenced in the...
  12. G

    German template rückgängig

    hallo ich bin noch recht neu in proxmox dachte template ist eine art von backup oder so... habe jedenfalls meine vm in ein template konventiert..... das hätte ich gerne rückgängig gemacht......
  13. S

    I can't login into centos 7 when I use official template.

    I use official container template to create a VM. And I set the password is 123456, but I can't login into system. It told me that Login incorrect. The template I used is : centos-7-default_20190926_amd64.tar.xz And another question, when I use images from...
  14. C

    Container Template anlegen | oder SSH Template

    Moin, Ich möchte gerne von einen LXC Container ein Template erstellen (SSH soll Root login erlauben) Problem ist das ich jedes mal diesen Fehler bekomme: "Warning: Directory storage 'local' does not support container templates! (500) " Es würde auch gehen wenn mir jemand templates schicken...
  15. I

    Create VM templates

    Hello, We having issues to create VM templates for PROXMOX VE. PROXMOX VE is installed and we added Moudules garden proxmox cloud module (modulesgarden dot com >>products>>whmcs>>proxmox-cloud) for linux distributions it requires cloud-init. for windows server OS is requires cloudbase-init...
  16. A

    Cluster: Best storage type for VM Templates

    Hello all, I need to know what's the best solution for creating an storage for Nodes of a Cluster to access a shared storage for cloning Templates to get less network transfers. My Scenario is that I have a cluster with 4 nodes. every nodes need a place for storage VM Templates to upon...
  17. S

    My custom LXC template is breaking start up services?

    Hi all, I hope someone can help with this, I am not really finding much on line. My issue is rabbitmq-server service will not automatically start in my LXC container. Other services seem to start fine for example, sshd. It will start fine with service rabbitmq-server start. It seems to be...
  18. J

    Debian 9.5 LXC NIC

    Hi, Network status is showing this error : Dec 05 07:33:00 test ifup[360]: ifup: failed to bring up eth0 Dec 05 07:33:00 test systemd[1]: networking.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE Dec 05 07:33:00 test systemd[1]: Failed to start Raise network interfaces. And...
  19. L

    VM template central repo?

    Hello, I'd like to maintain a set of KVM templates internally to our company and register these templates (either raw or qcow2 files) on any new Proxmox hosts. My question is, how can I register these VM templates in newly deployed hosts so I can spawn VMs from them? I see there's an upload...
  20. D

    Proxmox does not allow to create a lxc container template

    I have a virtual machine, the disk of which is in storage, which explicitly states that this storage supports all types of storage, templates, and so on, but when I stop the virtual machine and click to convert to a template, I get the following error: Directory storage 'local-custom' does not...


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