1. T

    [Cloud-Init] Can't find how to set UUID + Hostname with NoCloud + Template

    Disclamer: I never used Proxmox ever or QEMU / qm / cloud-init until about 1 weeks ago. There's probably things to do in a better way, feel free to send how you would have done the same (no ansible / terraform for this, I'm looking it aside that one) hello I'm trying to script the creation of...
  2. F

    Convert to template, where is the template stored?

    Hi There I stopped the container and converted it to a template. This worked because afterwards I could clone this template to a running container. However when I wanted to copy this template I noticed that I couldn't find it. I know that normally templates are in /var/lib/vz/ but it wasn't in...
  3. L

    CT Templates: Fedora 34 EOL and new Fedora 36?

    Hi Fedora 34 is going end-of-life this week and Fedora 36 has been released. Will Fedora 34 template be removed, and will 36 be added? I tried updating my templates and I'm still seeing 34 and 35. I converted to Fedora for v36 on the desktop and I absolutely love it so I'd like to try moving...
  4. E

    Proxmox Cloud-init template Windows

    Is there documentation on how to create a Proxmox Windows cloud-initiated template from scratch?
  5. K

    Proxmox LXC Container Template Configuration

    Hey guys, i've created a LXC container from a Debian 11 template, installed all needed packages and converted the container into a template. Now i wanted to update the template so I chrooted into the basevol and updated everything. My problem now is, that when I create a clone of this updated...
  6. B

    How to change template(windows) and update linked clones

    Hello, I created a virtual machine for Windows 10 and built template from it(after sysprep ...) . After that, I built 20 linked clone from the template. I added another hard drive to all 20 virtual machines and all the important files is stored on this second drive. Now I want to update Windows...
  7. powersupport

    Windows 2022 template

    Hi, I am trying to create a windows 2022 template for Proxmox, but there is an issue. the IP from cloud-init drive not getting into server. Already enabled qemu guest agent and Cloudbase init, but still IP not retrieving into the server. on the other hand, other templates(windows 2016 and 19)...
  8. R

    Ubuntu Template

    Hallo - ich wollte für die Installation von Nextcloud ein Installationsskript verwenden. Leider crasht das Skript im LXC Template von Ubuntu 20.04, weil im üblichen Verzeichnis /usr/bin einige Befehle fehlen, z.B. "echo". Gemäss meinen Recherchen sind diese Teil von core-utils. Das Paket ist...
  9. 3

    Jemand Cloud-Init Debian 11 auf pve 7.0/7.1 zum laufen gebracht?

    Hallo liebe Community, hat es schon mal jemand geschafft ein funktionierendes Debian 11 cloud-init template in PVE 7.1/7.0 zum laufen zu bekommen? Ich erstelle es ähnlich wie in der Anleitung und was man so auf Github findet so: wget...
  10. Z

    neuer Server und Probleme

    Hallo! Ich wollte meinen ersten Proxmox Server starten. Ich hab mir ein paar Youtube Videos angeschaut und wollte Docker installieren. Installation war ohne Probleme. Update hat auch ohne Probleme funktioniert. Jetzt wollte ich mit einem mit lxc Ubuntu Template einen Docker installieren Ja...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] ubuntu 20.04 liest die cloud-init meta-data nicht

    Hallo, ich habe ein Template von Ubuntu 20.04.3 durch Packer (1.7.3 apple m1) auf Proxmox (6.4-9 - ich weiß, es ist ein bisschen alt) erstellt, wo ich unter anderem auch cloud-init benutzt habe. In der Kernel Command Line gibt Packer das Folgende ein: initrd=/casper/initrd quiet...
  12. R

    cannot remove templates any longer after upgrade to pve 6.4

    This morning I upgraded my pve cluster (5 hosts) from 6.3 to PVE 6.4. Basically everything work fine except for one detail: I cannot delete VM templates. If I try I get an error message saying: TASK ERROR: rbd error: rbd: listing images failed: (2) No such file or directory My pve-version is...
  13. R

    was: cannot remove templates any longer after upgrade to pve 6.4

    Sorry selected the completely wrong forum. Reposted article in Proxmox Virtual Environment -> Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration . Sorry
  14. F

    Windows 10 clone : Sysprep not work

    Hello, I created a Windows 10 VM on which I did all the updates, installed all the drivers, made all my personnal configurations and now I would like to be able to duplicate this VM. So, I wanted to convert this VM as a template but before, that I saw that it was necessary to run the SYSPREP...
  15. S

    benefits of a VM linked to a template?

    Other than the fast creation of a new VM is there any other benefit of converting a VM to a template? I don't think there is any way to update a template once it has been created. If I want to update the template, it would require creating a new VM, updating it and then creating a new template...
  16. S

    How to stop creating a user on Cloud-init template?

    Virtualization: KVM Is there any way to stop creating a new default user on newly created VM using Cloud-init template? Right now on my centos cloud-init template created by me has this config # nano /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg system_info: default_user: name: centos lock_passwd: false...
  17. S

    Proxmox cloud-init kvm template creation for hostbill automation - need help

    Hello! I am trying to to create a CentOS 7 template for my proxmox setup which I want to use with Hostbill for automated creation of VMs I tried everything but nothing works.. VM creates and online but can't login Right now I can create VM and they are online sucessfully But I can't login using...
  18. G

    [TUTORIAL] HOWTO : Wrapper Script to Use Fedora CoreOS Ignition with Proxmox cloud-init system for Docker workloads

    Hi, we are a small compagny ( Geco-iT ) from France that strongly relies on Proxmox PVE every day and as we find proxmox more and more powerfull, we want to give back to the community by providing some of our tools for PVE. We made a tool to use Fedora CoreOS as VM with proxmox cloud-init...
  19. D

    Make difference between VMs and Template VM

    Hi, When I list all my VMs with qm list how could I see if my VM is a template VM or a VM ? Thanks
  20. F

    IP Address duplicates/conflicts when cloning from a template

    Hi all, One of the first things I did after setting up my PVE was creating a basic installation of Ubuntu Server, get it set up with all the basic bits, and then convert it to a template. I have cloned (full clone) this template a number of times and I did notice that each time I cloned it...


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