1. L

    guest system network error with a unmanaged switch

    I have a pve 7.4-1 host and two win10 guest system, they both work well when the host is directly connected to my router. But when I add a unmanaged switch between the host and the router, all the guest system have network error while the host is still good to work. The guest system failed to...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Can't see VLAN IPs in the VMs from other devices connected to the same switch.

    I have a proxmox node configured with several VLANs on the same physical interface connected to an HP managed switch (HP-A5120). I was using VLANs 100 and 101, each with it's own LAN addresses, on several VMs with no problem. I added a new VLAN (4093) and two VMs within proxmox see each other...
  3. K

    Proxmox Pfsense in VLAN cannot access from external pc connected with managed switch

    i'm trying running pfsense/opnsense on proxmox in a single nic pc and a managed switch. I configured a single VLAN aware bridge to my physical port enp6s0. i added two network devices vtnet0 (tag=2) for LAN and vtnet1(tag=100) for WAN. i gave LAN static ipv4 . My physical managed...
  4. K

    Certain truncated clients on physical switch not accessible from PVE or VMs

    I'm having no luck connecting to certain devices connected to my physical switch from the PVE shell, and other Ubuntu VMs. Here's the whole picture: Modem -> Proxmox (running OpnSense & Ubuntu for an Omada Controller via Docker) <-> 2 Netgear switches Everything is working fine from the...
  5. E

    Guidance for configuring NICs on Proxmox host, pass through WAN from modem to WiFi router with host as middleman.

    I am green as grass after a nice spring rain. I'd like to learn more about networking, and as the title suggests I'd like to create a system that ultimately has the WAN from my modem go through the Proxmox host (NIC 1) and out (NIC 2) to my WiFi router. I just need help being pointed in the...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] LXC's on different linux bridges can still ping each other

    Here I am again, the issue is quite simple (and was probably there for a few months but I never realised). The promox I took over already had one linux bridge setup, VMBR0 (which I'm guessing is from the installation), I then created a second linux bridge to isolate my lxc's and vm's >> VMBR1...
  7. N

    Replacing switch responsible for cluster

    We need to replace a 10Gbe switch that is responsible for Link 0 in our cluster. The switch is failing lately with several unscheduled reboots. Every time the switch rebooted, our whole cluster went down and the individual nodes rebooted even though we have another two rings in the cluster...
  8. L

    Private vlans trunk mode for isolation Proxmox VE VM

    I tried to isolate the VM of PROXMOX VM 7.2 using VLANs. Every VM has its own VLAN. But for unite many VLAN to one ip subnet with real ip address I try to use Private VLAN with switch VDX-6720 NOS 4.1.3a. In private-vlan trunk host mode all works ok, on the server side it is seen as PRIMARY VLAN...
  9. U

    Connect to Proxmox through my Switch

    100% Grade A Certified, Grass Fed Noob here, so please bear with me. Background I got a server, installed Proxmox, can access Proxmox with Nic #1on when I connect it direct to my PC. I then installed pfsense and assigned Wan on Nic#2 and Lan on Nic#3. Seems to work...
  10. B

    [solved] problem with vlans and virtual switch

    Hi, I'm new to proxmox and I can't find how to do what I have in mind properly. I know how to do it in virtualbox but no way to do it in proxmox. Topology : My proxmox host is connected with one nic enp0s3 I have vmbr0 with enp0s3 vmbr0<>Pfsense<>vmbr3<>my vm I put one virtual nic of pfsense...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] Migrate CEPH public_network online

    Hi, we are in the following productive situation 5 x PVE CEPH Storage with 2x1GE NIC and 1 x dual 10GE NIC (LACP) for the CEPH public network 5 x PVE Compute Nodes with 2x1GE NIC and 2 x dual 10GE NIC (LACP), one is for the CEPH public network 2 x MLAG/LACP connected 10GE Switches (Lenovo, low...
  12. TwiX

    Upgrading switch stack - Ceph & HA

    Hi, I plan to upgrade a switch stack (2 switches) which means a downtime of 5 min (or more) I guess. 6 PVE Ceph nodes are connected to this stack, with nearly 80 KVM VMs in HA. Even with shutting down all VM for 10 min, I think that PVE nodes would reboot, and I don't what could be the...
  13. J

    How to pass a Cisco SPAN port/session to a Proxmox VM?

    I want to run suricata on a Proxmox VM (not a container). The Network admin setup a SPAN session on the switch which the Proxmox hypervisor is jacked into on eth1. I can run tcpdump on Proxmox and see all the subnet traffic going across eth1 (TCP,UDP,ICMP,etc). So far, so good. I then created a...
  14. J

    NIC passthrough with physical router vs virtual NIC

    I am relatively new to Proxmox. I have a proxmox server with 4 physical NICs (two are 10Gbe). On this server there are currently two VMs, one for Nextcloud and one for a Windows Desktop. I use the desktop VM for everyday work. Would it be better/faster to pass a NIC to every VM and connect...
  15. M

    Will the switch see the frame leaving the virtual machine with a properly assigned tag? and inter vlan-routing

    Hello All, I'm new in proxmox and i want pass all traffic from virtual Vm through external switch, not an internal switch. I have switch with .1q support (tp-link TLSG108E), so i want use that, there is some easy way to do that ?:). I have created a few vm and i want separate them from other...
  16. S

    Proxmox NIC should behave like a switch

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm currently setting up a industrial IoT Server right next to an experimental machine setup at a university. My Server runs Proxmox 6.2-11 and has 5 NICs. 1x Onboard NIC 1x Intel NIC with four interfaces. The onboard NIC is connected to the local network with many...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Network problem to external switch

    hey there, i have some problem with the new version PVE 5.4, after installing pve to server and giving an IP, i can't ping gateway, can't ping outside and inside.. it only happen when i connect it from server(port1, vmbr0) to switch(non managed, no vlan), although no ip conflict~ if i connect...
  18. O

    [SOLVED] Is there an equivalent of HyperV's internal switch?

    Hello! My apologies if this has been asked and answered; I have had a bit of a search but couldn't find a solution my sleep deprived brain could handle. Basically: I need to create a link between two VMs on the same host - nic in guest a connected to a virtual switch, nic in guest b also...
  19. D

    Not Tagging on OVS VLAN Ports

    Hi, I created a cluster with OVS networking stack and vlan to sperate networks. The configuration on each cluster node is the same as described in the wiki (https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Open_vSwitch#Example_2:_Bond_.2B_Bridge_.2B_Internal_Ports) except that i used 4 interfaces in the bond0...
  20. P

    Asking suggestions for network switch

    Hello, I am going to co-locate a 5 node cluster in a DC. I will use 3 separate networks interfaces as recommended: - 1 Gbps eth for Internet - 1 Gbps eth for Cluster corosync - 10 Gbps eth for Ceph hyper-converged The cluster may grow in the future or I can add another cluster to reach 15...


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