1. Solved: ZFS snapshot - Unable to automount

    Hi, I receive this warning Jul 27 20:56:35 backup kernel: [87320.997852] WARNING: Unable to automount /var/backup/.zfs/snapshot/2016-07-27-190000/rpool/fkdms/subvol-100-disk-1@2016-07-27-190000: 512 while trying to access a zfs snapshot inside an lxc container. The zfs dataset is bind mounted...
  2. Snapshots deleted but no space reclaimed

    Hi all, I have an instance of proxmox running on a local disk with 4TB in a RAID 10. I have a virtual windows server (2012r2) with a disk of 2TB The Virtual Image is located in /var/lib/vz/images/101/vm-101-disk-1.qcow2 In the past I've done snapshots before major updates to roll back in case...
  3. insufficient free space

    I can't create a snapshot. vgdisplay I have 97 GB free space. Why I can't create a snapshot with 5 GB?
  4. Snapshot taken. How to restore?

    Hello, Greeting from new member :) I'm running Proxmox 4.2 HA. I'm taking live snaphot from all of the running KVM from the GUI. The result is vzdump-qemu-kvmid*.vmz.lzo. I'm using qcow2. How to test or verify that the backup file is fine or not? I would like to test restore but this is a...
  5. Snapshot storage location

    Hello, I've noticed snapshots are typically stored in the same folder as the actual VM (/var/lib/vz/images/{vmid}) but not for my Windows snapshots. They are not to be found there. So where are they stored exactly?
  6. Local Backup using pve-zsync

    Hello, i have one server with Two Raid1: First Raid 1 on 2 SSD with my VPS Second Raid 1 on two sata HD for backup. I would like to use pve-zsync localy for incremental backup: is correct set this conjob ?: 30 06 * * * root pve-zsync sync --source 1000 --dest
  7. Can i Remove Backup Snapshot

    Hello, after a Kill -15 of the Backup process ( hang ) of an LXC vps, now i have a snapshot: pct listsnapshot 100 vzdump no-parent vzdump backup snapshot current no-parent no-description On web interface i see an icon with a "clock" vzdump no...
  8. Backup Stop / Snapshot Hybridification Question

    Does / can Proxmox on a suitable file system (ex. ZFS), when using the Stop method of backup, have the ability to STOP the vm, snapshot the disks, start the vm, and then backup the snapshot? If Proxmox doesn't, could it? Would there be any reasons against this? Reasons for - 100% data...
  9. Use PVE-zsync to have daily/weekley/montly backup

    Hello, can i use PVE-zsync to have daily, weekly and montly backup ? i have think to set this cron: ## Backup of Last 6 days 0 3 * * * pve-zsync sync --source 100 --dest --verbose --maxsnap 6 --name daily ## Backup of Last 3 weeks 30 2 * * 0 pve-zsync sync --source 100...
  10. Backup Error

    Hello, i have changed an HD failed where i store my backup. Now i have this error if i run new backup on the new HD: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 100 --mode snapshot --storage BACKUP_HD_EXT --node prx9 --remove 0 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 100 (lxc) INFO: status = running INFO: found...
  11. Snapshot

    How to do snapshot on proxmox ? Backup and restore


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