1. A

    last missing enterprise feature (on shared block storage / SAN)

    Hi, I know that there is already "LVM over iSCSI/FC" for shared block storage (SAN) which carves out LV from a shared VG/LUN for individual VM disks - but with no snapshot and thin provisioning support my question is why is there no (extended) storage plugin which provides 1.) "QCOW2 over/on...
  2. A

    Snapshots: how to exclude external mounts?

    I have a VM with a NFS share mounted that will be about a couple of TB, how can I exclude it from snapshots? If I will create a Proxmox HA (I still haven't had a look at it, so I don't know how it works), will it transfer the NFS share mounted with all the data? Thanks!
  3. H

    New install - working with directory storage

    I am decently new with Proxmox so forgive a potentially obvious question. I am looking to ensure my VMs are able to take advantage of snapshots. I understand that this is only possible on 'directory' storage. I have a 1TB SSD I am looking to use as both the boot volume for Proxmox and storage...
  4. C

    Snapshot Not Working. Out of space.

    I have set up my volume to be thin-provisioned. I am trying to snapshot a VM to run updates but when I do, proxmox says I am out of space. TASK ERROR: zfs error: cannot create snapshot 'VMStorage/vm-101-disk-2@Test': out of space Here is the output of zfs list: NAME...
  5. C

    ZFS Sync Fehler

    Hey ich bin ein riesen Proxmox fan geworden und habe aktuell 2 Server bei denen einer Master und einer slave ist, diese sind nicht als HA Verbund konfiguriert. Sie laufen beide unabhängig voneinande, jedoch sichert der Haupserver einmal in der Nacht die VMs und LXCs via ZFS Sync auf den slave...
  6. V

    What is the method to utilize efficient ZFS daily snapshots to keep a backup of containers and vms?

    I would like to keep ZFS-based backups / snapshots in daily (1 month weekly), weekly (5 weeks), and monthly (6 months) intervals on servers so as to be able to readily rollback if need arises. How is this accomplished in an automated fashion so as to both accomplish this and purge older...
  7. C

    Issues with VZDump on LXC containers

    Hey Everyone. First I hope whoever sees this has a good day :) We're having an issue with our PVE cluster (v8.1.2) and backing up LXC containers that are run on a ceph pool It seems that sporadically and without cause, the snapshot stage of our backup job just fails, leaving the container...
  8. C

    How to put a Virtual Machine in custom backup state

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a method to put a virtual machine into a backup state on Proxmox, allowing me to safely copy its files without interrupting its operation. I prefer to avoid using the default dump tool or backup utility, as I intend to create my own backup solution. If anyone has...
  9. E

    [SOLVED] Snapshots get stucked like this

    Hi there snapshots stucked like this on 1 VM, never ends
  10. T


    When I create a snapshot of a VM: a) is that a backup? b) will it back up all my virtual disks? E.g., If I have a virtualized storage server will it back up the vdi that I set up for bulk storage along with the boot vdi? Thanks.
  11. S

    Unwanted snapshots marked with "@--head--"

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and new to using Proxmox, I have a problem that from time to time automatic backups are made with the "@--head--" mark (what is that? :) ), they take up space and I can only delete them from the terminal, but after some time they appear again. Could someone tell me...
  12. B

    Snapshot Crash VMs

    Scenario: 2x Clustered Servers, with StorageZFS replicating between them. Problem: When performing the Snapshot of VM 108, several VMs crashed, and I had to reset to go back. Error log: Jun 19 09:24:25 pve02 kernel: [10160562.899184] debugfs: Directory 'zd112' with parent 'block' already...
  13. K

    VM backup without downtime?

    Coming from this thread: I'm looking for a way to do backups of running VMs without downtime. The idea is to have a full backup, that can be moved to other parts of a cluster, or different proxmox...
  14. K

    Understanding storage requirements for snapshots

    Reading these articles: and Basically tells me "snapshots is something you can do" but nothing more. Recently I tried doing a snapshot and got this as output: If I check with lvs I do see it in the output: On...
  15. S

    Unable to take snapshots on CTs once the disk was moved to a shared NFS storage

    Hi all, I've encountered an issue when I try to take a snapshot of a VM or CT where the disk as moved to a shared NFS storage. In the Snapshot section there is a warnings: The current guest configuration does not support taking new snapshots A screenshot below: This is the root disk...
  16. A

    Is there an easy way to safely "move" a snapshot?

    Let's say I have a VM that's a clean version of the OS, snapshot with the name "clean". I then patch it with the latest patches. I now want to "move" the "clean" snapshot to point to the patched state. At the moment the only safe way to do that is to snapshot the patched state with a new name...
  17. C

    Snapshots failed for every VM "dataset already exists"

    Hi since 2 weeks i cant create any snapshots for any VM i created on my proxmox server. I dont know what to do because running the snapshot in GUI or CLI results in zfs error: cannot create snapshot 'SSD_ZFS/vm-<ANY_ID_HERE>-disk-0@<CHOOSE_ANY_SNAPSHOTNAME_HERE>': dataset already exists Even...
  18. C

    Unable to create snapshots of a VM on a ZFS drive

    Hi all, I've been trying to follow online tutorials of taking snapshots of VMs and to do this it requires the disk to be a file level storage (except lvm-thin(according to documentation). So whenever I use ZFS as the disk and then create a VM, it still doesn't allow me to change the format...
  19. D

    Ceph Snapshots?

    Hi, we have a Proxmox cluster with CEPH. Can we somehow enable automatic snapshots like with ZFS? If yes, how does it work?
  20. A

    [SOLVED] The current guest configuration does not support taking new snapshots

    Hi all, I've had a look through the threads for users who have experienced the same issues with being unable to take snapshots on VM's, however, my VM's are using the qcow2 virtual disk format. It weirdly seems limited to just the Windows Servers, however, Windows 10 Pro and Linux servers seem...


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