1. L

    Router wia wifi connection

    Hello, I have the project to create HA with 3 hypervisors Proxmox. I want to install CEPH to dot that thing. i also want to install some paquets on my VM. I don't have access to internet via a switch, and my hypervisors doesn't have internal wifi card. I want to create a router on a Zorin VM...
  2. M

    Connection Issue: Doesn't receive API requests

    I am using NetComm router, where I have set NAT to pass HTTP and HTTPS requests (from 80 and 443 ports to 80 and 443 ports respectively) to the internal IP (as shown below) of Proxmox. This is the internal IP of my Proxmox which also I use to see the interface of Proxmox, like...
  3. L

    Can't connect externally to my minecraft server

    Hello, I'm trying to understand why my Minecraft server doesn't work when I attempt to connect using my public IP address. It's installed and functioning on the local network, but even with port forwarding configured, it fails to work when I try to connect through the public IP address. When I...
  4. W

    Port Forwarding Issue with pfSense VM on Proxmox (Dual WAN, DHCP ISP)

    Hello, I'm having trouble with port forwarding on a pfSense VM running on Proxmox. I have a dual WAN setup with one DHCP connection and one PPPoE connection. I have confirmed with DHCP ISP that they use 1:1 NAT on their end. My setup: Proxmox version: 8.1.4 pfSense version: 2.7.2 NIC...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Proxmox with router as a VM appliance - will it work?

    Hi, I have the following setup: ┌──────┐ ┌────────┤ AP │ xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx │ └──────┘ x xx xxxx │ xxxx xxx ┌─────┴┐...
  6. P

    Proxmox as a router?

    I have a N5105 motherboard with 4x2,5GbE. Now, I do have a PVE setup on a Xeon machine. I want to configure this as a mini/backup NAS with the router capability. So, the question is how do I use the additional ports on this motherboard for accessing the network? I don't want a very complex...
  7. O

    Best recommendation for a specific scenario

    Hello. I have a specific scenario.1 Proxmox Server with 1 NIC. This NIC has 2 Public IPs.Different isolated networks should be created for different servers (VM and CT)Each company has its specific domain.In principle, an NGINX server (reverse proxy) will be created which will redirect http and...
  8. O

    Proxmox as host, or TrueNas as Host?

    Hi all, I'm considering combining my home tech into a one-machine Router/NAS/Server, with the ability for the storage to be expandable. Do you have any suggestions or input on how I best do this? Here are my thoughts so far: Parts List: In short: 8-core...
  9. A

    Proxmox configuration -> devices won't communicate on lan

    Hello, I know there must be an easy fix to my problem but I have looked up for 6 months and no video, forum, or person could help me with this... I want to start a home server with and really old pc, mainly a NAS server and a plex one. Please keep in mind that I'm a noob with those things...
  10. B

    Why does proxmox have 2 ip address?

    This isn't really a problem (or at least I hope so), I just want to understand proxmox better, but I didn't know where to ask this, and I didn't find any answers on the forum. I was just messing with the router settings when I noticed, that whenever I turn on my proxmox machine, I have 2 more...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Proxmox VM Port Forwarding with Spectrum Router

    Good morning! I have a question that I've been scouring the internet for to no avail. I'm trying to port forward a minecraft server running on a VM on my Proxmox server in the Spectrum app. My physical Proxmox machine shows up in the Spectrum app as able to be port forwarded however there are a...
  12. N

    Force all traffic in a bridge through router VM

    I have already searched for similar questions but wasn't able to find a satisfying answer (or maybe I just overlooked it). I have a VM with OPNsense that acts as a central firewall and router, which is connected to vmbr0 (WAN) and vmbr1 (LAN). There are multiple other VMs connected to vmbr1. I...
  13. E

    Guidance for configuring NICs on Proxmox host, pass through WAN from modem to WiFi router with host as middleman.

    I am green as grass after a nice spring rain. I'd like to learn more about networking, and as the title suggests I'd like to create a system that ultimately has the WAN from my modem go through the Proxmox host (NIC 1) and out (NIC 2) to my WiFi router. I just need help being pointed in the...
  14. M

    Port Fowarding

    I am trying to port foward HTTP:80 to IP: I can access my website from since it on the internal network shown below, but when its time to access it from outside the private network I can't access it. (The unnamed router at the top is my home network with the subnet...
  15. P

    Proxmox IP and Idrac 7 IP

    Hello, the other day I changed the router, the configuration and all that, now my dell powerge R820 server does not let me access with the previously established IP, could you help me to fix it? PS: also when using the idrac dhcp from the front screen, the ip is left at
  16. T

    My proxmox server doesn't appear in my router so I can't open the port

    I don't know why but my proxmox server doesn't appear in my router with all the other device. I can connect to it and it can be pinged with my main pc. Does someone have a way to make it appear ?
  17. U

    Connect to Proxmox through my Switch

    100% Grade A Certified, Grass Fed Noob here, so please bear with me. Background I got a server, installed Proxmox, can access Proxmox with Nic #1on when I connect it direct to my PC. I then installed pfsense and assigned Wan on Nic#2 and Lan on Nic#3. Seems to work...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] have a firewall in proxmox

    I have now a proxmox on a Dell T1700 and it works very well. I have some VM connect but now I'm a little curious to maybe add a networks card with four ethernet and also use it as a firewall/router. What are the pros and cons of having a virtual router / firewall in Proxmox to handle internet...
  19. R

    Possible Network Router Preventing Updates

    Possible Network Router Preventing Updates I'm on a fresh install of Proxmox on baremetal. Able to log on and do some things and was tinkering in shell. Early on I noticed that I was getting things like "Temporary failure resolving '' or 'Failed to fetch http: ....etc" when...
  20. C

    No ping from PVE host to router (Fritzbox)

    Hello, I have configured bond+bridge+vlan on my PVE host. The relevant network configuration (in /etc/network/interfaces) is this: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface eno1 inet manual iface enp4s0f2 inet manual iface enp4s0f3 inet manual auto bond0 iface...


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