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Sep 3, 2023
Hello. I have a specific scenario.1 Proxmox Server with 1 NIC. This NIC has 2 Public IPs.Different isolated networks should be created for different servers (VM and CT)Each company has its specific domain.In principle, an NGINX server (reverse proxy) will be created which will redirect http and https traffic.For the other protocols, what is the best solution or could nginx also redirect the other protocols? 25,587, etc.Consider that we will have mail servers for each company.So far I have considered creating a VM with pfsenseCreate a bridge between the NIC with Internet access to the pfsense so that it handles all connections. From pfsense handle redirects. I have serious doubts about this approach.
Hi Orionpy,

I had some trouble getting through the wall of text.

Multiple IPs via a single NIC are not a problem, the rest was a bit difficult to read ;-) Did you play with the new SDN feature?
I will try to explain better.
I have a recently installed PV. A multi-company environment is being considered. I have 2 public ips for 1 eno1 port. A bridge to the vlan-enabled port vmbr0.
So far the only reasonable way I see to handle this would be, 1 VM with ClearOS (Router), 2 nics, 1 virtio to the vmbr0 bridge 1, another e1000 nic to the vmbr0 bridge but with vlan1. Create a CT with nginx that would handle the different requests from the different domains.
It is feasible to redirect all traffic to nginx with clearos so that nginx acts as a reverse proxy and redirects requests.
I know this is possible. I don't know if it's best way.
What I don't know if it is possible is to create a vlan for each company so that the VMs or CTs of each company are in that vlan.
In that case you would have to create 1nic with each vlan of each company. You would also have to create the same nics in nginx so that it can see the relevant servers.

I did not play whit the SDN feature.
I will try to explain better.
Thank you for taking the trouble :)

What I don't know if it is possible is to create a vlan for each company so that the VMs or CTs of each company are in that vlan.
Yes, you can run VLANs. I recall there being differences between the Linux bridge and the OVS bridge in that respect, but I think that the differences have been pushed to edge cases (here's a PDF with colourful graphics as one of the top search results).

My experience runs not as far as having a hard requirement for separate networks, I'll leave advice to other forum members.

One small point, with ClearOS being Linux-based, you could save some resources by running it as a container instead of as a VM.

Succes with your setup!


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