1. O

    Missing .conf files from old installation

    Hello all, I've recently (as in 2 days ago) switched motherboards since my last one seems to have been destroying HDDs. I had a perfectly working Proxmox 7 installation with a desktop and everything. Now, that installation won't boot on my new motherboard (it gets stuck at "Loading initial...
  2. J

    Reinstalling a Proxmox 7.4 node using backed-up files vs deleting and adding it back

    Hey everyone! So I have a 7-node cluster of PVE 7.4 and I need to reinstall one of the nodes because I did not REDACTED when installing it. I would like to keep the same IP address and hostname. The node is already empty (i.e., all LXCs and VMs have already been migrated to another node) and HA...
  3. mattlach

    Best Practices for Backup and Reinstall of Working Environment?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 7.4-3 Proxmox standalone server I have been putting off updating, as I am about to get a new server, and when I do I intend to do a clean install anyway. I use a mix of KVM and LXC, and all of my datastores use ZFS. Are there any guides and/or best practices on how to...
  4. N

    Restore the VMs in ZFS storage after reinstalling the PVE system

    I'm doing a test Simulate a scenario The PVE system crashes without preparation But the data in the ZFS storage is intact I want to know How to Restore the VMs in ZFS storage after reinstalling the PVE system. I have done the following: 1.Reinstall the PVE system 2.Restore ZFS storage use “zpool...
  5. P

    Upgrading motherboard from 1 cpu to 2 cpus model, do I reinstall PVE?

    I currently have proxmox 7 installed on a Supermicro X9SCM-F single cpu motherboard, which uses the C204 chipset. I bought a new Supermicro X9DRH-7F dual cpu motherboard to replace/upgrade it. The new motherboard uses the C602 chipset. Would I have to reinstall proxmox? or could I simply swap...
  6. P

    Current proxmox drive failing, need to have my proxmox installation moved to a new drive.

    Hi, I would like some help moving my current proxmox installation to a new drive. All my VM's and data are currently stored on other drives either locally mounted or via NFS. I have backed up the configuration via script but im not sure if i should just: 1. Remove the HD with proxmox...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] How to recuperate the VM files after a Proxmox reinstallation

    I had to reinstall Proxmox because for some reason it stopped booting. The VM files were installed in a dedicated nvme drive mounted on a directory called VM_Repository. The nvme containing the VMs was not destroyed, just Proxmos was reinstalled. I can see the nvme drive in Disks. However I am...
  8. S

    Reinstalled proxmox but "pve-old" created and I cannot recover existing VMs

    Hi everyone, I recently tried to get into my Proxmox Server but had too many problems booting so I decided to reinstall Proxmox on a new NVME that I added to my motherboard along with my already existing NVME SSD that already contained my existing Proxmox server. Upon installing on the new SSD...
  9. U

    [SOLVED] Broken configuration

    Hello, After changing domain, lost all files in /etc/pve. I tried to purge proxmox, apt autoremove, install, but still nothing. Now when removing or installing, this happens: root@proxmox:~# apt remove proxmox-ve Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state...
  10. S

    PVE Single Host ReInstall

    Hallo alle zusammen, ich habe mir einen PVE Host aufgebaut zum Testen. Aus den Tests ist jetzt schon was produktives geworden. Ließ sich nicht vermeiden :) NUn habe ich aber ein Issue: Ich habe den PVE auf einem USB Stick installiert, dazu einen ZFS MIrror für iso, CT Templates, pct und VM's...
  11. L

    Can i install proxmox 6.2 and keep old zfs Pool (without losing data) setup from previous proxmox 5.4-15

    I have a current Server i am working on that will not upgrade to 6.2. Can i just install the proxmox 6.2 on a new drive and use (import) the existing proxmox 5.4-15 ZFSpool and not do a wipe or lose any of the data? i have googled this and clicked on just about every link without finding my answer.
  12. E

    How to repair Proxmox without touching the pve-data lv?

    I lost the pveproxy webUI when I tried to install docker based upon someone's instructions for ProxmoxVE 5.x on the web and then did a "apt update && apt full-upgrade". I tried to reinstall the proxmox-ve package as if I was installing proxmox on Debian as per the official description but only...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Destroyed my Proxmox installation by deleting folder, how to recover ?

    Hi, Long story short, I was in my /var/vz/lib/cache/template folder to check the content of a LXC template that I have unzipped in this folder. When I was over, I deleted the folder one by one using "rm-r /usr" etc etc, in this folder. This command seems to have deleted ALL the directories...
  14. P

    VM + data to big for new SSD

    Hi all I'm new to Proxmox since a few months for a home server. I started with a single HDD to get familiar with the system but now I would like to reinstall the system and reuse my VM's and containers already installed. In particular, there is 1 windows VM + data which I would like to keep...
  15. Toxik

    Install Proxmox on an existing ZFS rpool

    Hi, is it possible to install Proxmox on an existing ZFS rpool by just deleting the rpool/RPOOL/pve-1 dataset and recreating it? I'm just wondering if I can reinstall Proxmox without losing VMs that are stored on the rpool, too. Thanks!
  16. M

    2 node failed cluster - 1 Node operational

    Hi there, I tried setting up a cluster it worked for a while but then one of the servers failed. I now need to remove the cluster and reinstall the OS on the failed server. The operational sever is in Production and I want to avoid any misinterpretations. Could someone please advise me if the...
  17. A

    Help with changing IP address / reinstalling.

    I installed Proxmox on my old Sony VAIO laptop with a broken screen a few months ago to play with it and everything worked fine. I left it alone and started designing an enclosure so I can print it. in the meantime, I also got google wifi. with the old router, my IP address was 192.168.0.XX so...
  18. C

    How to Reinstall License

    I reinstall on new server and how i get the license file for upload? (I already buy it) Is it possible to using existing license with a new server ?? (The Old server was terminated.) I just change the hardware for a higher performance I didn't have a license file already, but when i logon...
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Reinstall Proxmox-Ceph Node after Crash

    Hi all, we had a major outage of our cluster consisting of 3 PVE Host which servers Containers and VMs. In addition there are 3 Proxmox based Ceph servers. I was in the preperation to switch from running 4.4 to 5.x. 1. ceph 3 didn't come up after reboot. It turned out that the HBA controller...
  20. J

    Best way to manage "Invalid Server ID" after reinstall?

    Hello, Is there some tip for reinstalling Proxmox that will not mess up the status of the Subscription Key? I've been waiting (so far) 12 hours for the "Invalid Server ID" status to clear (two support tickets with a third party license provider) so I can begin provisioning the server. Is there...


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