Help with changing IP address / reinstalling.

Aalian Khan

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Jun 25, 2019
I installed Proxmox on my old Sony VAIO laptop with a broken screen a few months ago to play with it and everything worked fine. I left it alone and started designing an enclosure so I can print it. in the meantime, I also got google wifi. with the old router, my IP address was 192.168.0.XX so when I was setting my Proxmox up I gave the IP address of for easy reference. but with the new one, the base IP address changed to 192.168.86.XX so with the new router I can't access the UI from my browser. Is it possible to set up a new IP address from the terminal/command line? I didn't find anything about changing the IP address so I went on reinstalling Proxmox by flashing a USB stick by etcher. last time I did it directly booted from the USB but this wasn't the case this time. since that didn't work I tried going to BIOS and pressing F2 to boot from USB but neither worked. then I tried installing by putting the ISO image in my USB and using the command line to install it but it kept saying no such directory. I used lsblk to find the USB which had the name sdb so I wrote /dev/sdb along with the other commands where I found I'm I doing something wrong? my model number for my laptop is PCG-71311L
You can manually change the IP address in /etc/network/interfaces and reboot or systemctl restart networking.
Open /etc/network/interfaces in text editor, replace network config with new one and reboot.
That didn't do it. I connected my computer to a monitor and logged in. The first command I wrote is cd /etc/network . Then I wrote nano interfaces
I edited the line that said address: . I changed the address to . CTRL X and saved. I restarted and it showed please use your browser to configure the server - connect to So nothing changed
in addition to editin '/etc/network/interfaces' you also need to make sure that the hostname resolves to the new ip-address - this is usually done by entering/changing the entry in '/etc/hosts'

hope this helps!
Hi there, I am having the same issue. I tried the solution outlined on here and updated the following:
1) /etc/network/interfaces - updated the 'address' and 'gateway' fields with my new IP Address
2) /etc/hosts - updated the hostname from the old IP address to the new IP Address.

Even though I have made these changes on the Root terminal of Proxmox, I am still having the same issue and not able to connect to the Proxmox server GUI. I'm getting

"This site can’t be reached"​

Could someone please help me with this?
Even though I have made these changes on the Root terminal of Proxmox, I am still having the same issue and not able to connect to the Proxmox server GUI. I'm getting
did you reboot the server - or reload the networking? (`ifreload -a`) - also please open a new thread instead of replying to one that is more than 2 years old - should help you in getting a reply faster (and spare the original posters of getting mails for a 2 year old problem they managed to solve)

I hope this helps!


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