1. Q

    Ubuntu Camera Passthrough

    Hi, Does anyone knows how to passthrough camera from my Windows through RDP to Ubuntu 22.04, I know that this is not that much related to the ProxMox, but my Ubuntu 22.04 is on the ProxMox 7.4-3, and I saw some comments online that people did it through USB being added to the Ubuntu in the...
  2. N

    Geforce GTX M4000 issue on VM Windows 10 (error 43)

    Hi all, I got this major problem that I really want to solve :) First of Hardware used in this scenarion ProxMox: Virtual Environment 7.4-3 32 x AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3955WX 16-Cores 1x NVIDIA Quadro K2000 - for primary graphics only. - PRIMARY (set in bios) 2x NVIDIA Quadro M4000 - for...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Not founding any I/O sound devices when connecting to o Windows10 VM via Remmina RDP

    Hello , when i connect to my windwos10 VM via RDP connection from another windows device i'm getting the sound working without any problems, but in Remmina RDP connection from an Ubuntu 20.04 computer i can't get any sound device running. as i read in another thread i have tried to use SPICE as...
  4. I

    Ubuntu lxc enable remote desktop

    is it possible with the Ubuntu 22.04 default builtin rdp ? without installing external packages?
  5. K

    Does adding a GPU to windows 10 VM decrease VNC / RDP frames-per-second lag?

    Since windows 10 home disabled RDP :'( i was wondering how else to get smooth gaming performance inside the windows VM. By adding a GPU to the VM, would that increase the FPS connection for smoother gaming? What other remote desktop protocols is best for gaming from a linux host to the windows...
  6. W

    Windows VM no RDP (public IP)

    Hello, for some reason i am not able to connect via RDP to my Virtual Machine that has a Public IP assigned. My machine is hosted by Hetzner and i followed their guide years ago when i setup Proxmox. For the VM itself i use a Win Server 2022. I ran Wireshark on the VM and i can not see the...
  7. G

    Is It Possible to redirect Linux Laptop Webcam for use inside a Windows VM Desktop?

    I am using Remmina on a Linux laptop to access a remote Windows VM via RDP. Would like to redirect my laptop webcam into the remote windows VM. Is this possible?
  8. B

    Public IP to Windows VM

    Hey all, Brand new to Proxmox. How does one go about assigning a public IP address to a Windows VM? How about if you have multiple public IP's and multiple VM's? Can public IP addresses be assigned using the Proxmox UI? I want to be able to RDP to my VM from the public Internet. Thanks a lot!
  9. M

    [TUTORIAL] How to create a template for LXC ubuntu desktop with sound

    i am just posting this how-to steps to help those like me that are just starting with proxmox and LXC. Hopfully, you can find it useful and contribute to fixing the remainig issue with audio in the container. i post this in Reddit too because i know when i am looking for help i look anywhere i...
  10. I

    RDP into VMs from external IP

    Hello. Situation is this, I've got a few Windows VMs setup that I would love to have RDP access to through, if possible, something like this: Connection url: rdp://[name].domain.tld -> Routing the RDP connection to VM1 Connection url: rdp://[anothername].domain.tld -> Routing the RDP...
  11. R

    Connection not working [Hetzner]

    I have a dedicated server from Hetzner with proxmox 4, my main server Ip is and I have an additional ip ( I want to use this additional ip on a windows VM, use this ip to connect to my windows VM through RDP etc My network device configuration is...
  12. L

    Mehrere Bildschirme bei RDP-Sitzung

    Hallo zusammen, habe auf unserem Proxmox(5.1-41) eine VM mit Windows 7 Professional aufgesetzt zu der ich mich via Remotedesktop verbinde. Nun würde ich gerne die Sitzung auf mehrere Bilschirme erweitern, jedoch kann ich dies in der Bildschirmauflösung der VM nicht ändern: "Die...
  13. Laurent Minne

    RDP performance

    Hello everyone, My testing Config : - AMD Ryzen 1600X - Asus Prime AB 350 Plus - 4 x 8Go Crucial 2400Mhz - 4 x MX500 Crucial 250Go in Raidz1 (/root & VM-Images only) - 2 x 4To in raidz1 (vzdump, backup & ISO storage) - Dual NIC 1Gbps No general performance problem on the side of the Proxmox...
  14. M

    Help for a small RDP server

    Hi, just kinda new to Proxmox , i only installed it one time for a office small local server and it works good. Now i need to dismiss the office server and move to an online server so that we can work from home. The goal is : - Rent a dedicated server with 5 IPs - Install Proxmox - Create 2...


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