1. U

    Feature Idea: Show Rule Disposition on Toggle Spam Info in Quarantine

    I want to explore whether this is a worthy idea before submitting a feature request. When working in the Spam Quarantine interface, one of the goals of an admin is to adjust rules so that entries which should have been allowed or blocked are handled better the next time they arrive. One part of...
  2. R

    Whitelisted mails still get quarantined

    Hello. We're running Proxmox Mail Gateway 8.0.7 and it works well, except that we don't seem to be able to whitelist false positive spam. The "whitelist" button or link on quarantined mail does not prevent future quarantines. A typical example is mail from notifications@github.com to...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Forwarding messages from quarantine to the final recipient without changes field FROM

    Hi Sometimes important emails that shouldn't be recognized as spam are mistakenly quarantined. If I forward a blocked message from the quarantine, the recipient receives an email from postmaster@hostname. It is impossible to continue correspondence with the sender of this letter, since the...
  4. U

    [SOLVED] Removing "SPAM" Modified Subject on Delivery?

    Some email addresses are lists that eventually go to a number of people. Legitimate email sometimes ends up in quarantine and needs to have the "Deliver" button clicked in the quarantine management interface. Since the resulting email is then delivered to people who may not have been the person...
  5. U

    [SOLVED] Which "From" Do Whitelists Operate On?

    Using the "Whitelist" button in the Quarantine area adds the "From" address shown on that page to the user's whitelist. Adding that same email address to the global whitelist should allow the same, but for all users on the mail gateway. However, I have noticed that some email is still being...
  6. U

    [SOLVED] Automatically Quarantine Specific Addresses

    How can I automatically quarantine all email sent to a particular email address? There are a set of specific email addresses that technically exist on the mail server, but are system accounts. The mail server responds with a bounce that delivery is not allowed to the address. Any email that is...
  7. P

    Detect preferred language via browser or force default language for quarantine users

    Hello, Is it possible to detect preferred language via browser or force default language for quarantine users? I spend a lot of time making sure to translate proxmox mail gateway to our native language to make sure the quarantine usage is going to be as easy to use as possible for our users...
  8. A

    Quarantine: How to include node name in notification?

    Hi! When an attachment gets quarantined, the user already receives a notification. As we are using two mail gateways in cluster configuration and mail gets load balanced via HA proxy, the user never knows on which of both nodes the attachment got quarantined. I did not find a macro...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Adding whitelisted entries before all others

    Hi all, Is there any way that I can have any objects that users themselves have whitelisted or the global whitelist over ride and be delivered. I have some domains that are getting flagged and even though that they have added the emails to their own whitelist, and I've added both the domain and...
  10. L

    Feature request (Quarantine): Whitelist AND Send (in 1x click) option?

    Hi there, The filtering system we moved to PMG from had the option to Whitelist and Send in a single click when in the per-mailbox Quarantine web viewer. Would it be possible for Proxmox to consider adding this into the Quarantine web GUI? It would avoid quite a few 2nd requests to the web...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] Additional domains not listed in quarantine

    Hello, PMG is configured to allow quarantine access via LDAP users. The LDAP connection to our Active Directory is working and I have configured "mail proxyAddresses" as "EMail attribute names". The list below also shows the additional domains when I double click on a user. Login with an user...
  12. hoffmn01

    Quarantine mail and portal - default language / user defined language

    Hello, we are using the quarantine solution and we stumbled across the issue that users are not able to define the language for their quarantine messages or the quarantine portal when logging in via ticket-url from the mail. Is there any solution that is update proof to have user defined...
  13. K

    [SOLVED] Reject high spamscore

    If messages exceed a score of 20, we want to reject them instead of putting them in quarantine. It seems like there is a setting somewhere, but I cannot find it. Would some kind soul tell me where to look?
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Spam Quarantine master and slave didn't match

    Hello everybody, I've been checking on my cluster hardisk consumption and found that there is a significant different on Master and all slave server. Further check, I found that there is a different stored file inside /var/spool/pmg/cluster on Master and slave server. Here is from slave...
  15. L

    Erweiterung API Endpunkt /quarantine/spam

    Hi, der REST API Endpunkt /quarantine/spam gibt aktuell folgende Felder zurück: Parameter Beispiel Wert spamlevel 0 receiver test@test.de envelope_sender test@test.de subject Test E-Mail mit einem Spam Score von -13 id C2R2453T141259902 from test@test.de time 1596179005 bytes...
  16. T

    Spam Quarantine all users

    I installed Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.0-4 free as an antispam server for a mail server. It works fine, but except one thing. In the Proxmox Mail Gateway has an option Spam Quarantine. It is empty. I do not see there the spam letters. If I open the link https://server:8006/quarantine and login as...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Quarantine mail preview auto-loads linked images, how to stop this?

    I've just set up PMG for a family email server, as well as getting familiar with it in order to see if it is suitable to use at work later on. I have encountered this little surprise when checking out the message quarantine (as the administrator / root user): When going to Administration >...
  18. 3

    Viewing Quarantined attachments?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking into implementing PMG for our business, currently in the testing stages. I have a quick question that I've not been able to find an answer too. Is there a way to view/download quarantined email attachments so they can be investigated further? This would be really...
  19. P


    Hello, is it possible to switch view in quarantine? I have a lot of emails which doesn't belong to any user (mail enbaled public folders, distribution lists, etc.) and it is really impossible to manage quarantine per every single email address (or alias).
  20. S

    Spam Quarantine - releasing by sender

    Greetings, Imagine that user@gmail.com sends a message to 20 users. Message gets high SA score and is moved to spam quarantine. You are the admin and needs to release it. First, you need to track the message, write down all the receivers, go to spam quarantine and use that drop down E-mail...


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