1. W

    Unable to assign ISO for CDROM in VM via API

    First - I'm doing all with root API-key without limits. Previously doing with special limited key but not worked too. What I'm doing? I'm try to insert ISO in virtual CD-ROM. How I'm doing? See: ~: $ curl --insecure --silent -H "Authorization: PVEAPIToken=$PVEAPIToken" -X POST --data-urlencode...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] unable to create vm with qm

    So I'm unable to create a vm with qm or pvesh. I can create them with the webui no problem. The commands I use are bellow plus their output. root@proxmox:~# pvesm alloc VM-OS-Drives 106 vm-106-disk-0 1M --format raw successfully created 'VM-OS-Drives:vm-106-disk-0' root@proxmox:~# pvesm alloc...
  3. A

    API : Get all LV (disk and snap) to calculate the sum of all thin volume sizes

    Hello, I want to prevent this warning : I can list all LV with : lvs --units=g --nosuffix But, i want to get the list and calculate the sum from the API. I have try : pvesh get /nodes/<node>/scan/lvmthin --vg=<VGID> but the result is : However, the command behind this API endpoint is ...
  4. S

    proxmox 7.2-11 problem with 'pvesh' command speed response.

    Hello, I have problem with 'pvesh' command speed response. My cluster with 12x nodes with same kernel/proxmox version : CPU(s) 64 x AMD EPYC 7513 32-Core Processor (2 Sockets) Kernel Version Linux 5.19.7-2-pve #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC PVE 5.19.7-2 (Tue, 04 Oct 2022 17:18:40 + PVE Manager Version...
  5. T

    pvesh meldet Fehler in ZFS.pm

    Hi, seit gestern meldet unser Monitoring UNKNOWN Meldungen bei Proxmox Checks. Die Checks benutzen pvesh auf der Maschine. Wenn ich als root pvesh auf der Console aufrufen kommt der Fehler: "my" variable $node masks earlier declaration in same scope at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/API2/Disks/ZFS.pm...
  6. M

    How to wipe and initialise disks with pvesh?

    Initialising with GTP: The command needed seems to be pvesh create /nodes/{node}/disks/initgpt (pve-docs) ...but I don't know hot to implement it. What would be the command to initialise /dev/sdc? Same problem with pvesh set /nodes/{node}/disks/wipedisk ...
  7. S

    API how to use 'GET /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu --full' via HTTP/proxmoxer

    Hello, How can I use HTTP style of CLI : pvesh get /nodes/{node}/qemu --full GET /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu --full ? here is working example from proxmoxer wrapper but without "full" def vm_current_all(targetnode): x = proxmox.nodes(targetnode).qemu().get() return x
  8. S

    proxmox 6.4-14 + influxdb metricserver missing stats

    Hello, I am using proxmox : Kernel Version Linux 5.4.174-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.4.174-2 (Thu, 10 Mar 2022 15:58:44 +0100) PVE Manager Version pve-manager/6.4-14/15e2bf61 and Influx : ii influxdb 1.8.10-1 amd64 Distributed time-series database. At...
  9. M

    Time Out pvesh on create vnc proxy

    Hi when i runn this code pvesh create /nodes/Mahmoudi/lxc/106/vncproxy i got this error on shell Timeout while waiting for port '5900' to get ready! but my gui consoles on proxmox worksfine and i want use this command for api thanks
  10. J

    My `pct create` script: seeking feedback, have questions about `--storage`

    1. can anyone find problems or offer general feedback on the script below? (The IP addresses have been redacted. Said script seems to run fine in initial testing.) 2. I have questions about the --rootfs vs --storage options as noted in my post reply below. 3. Is there a collection of...
  11. S

    API Question.

    I am running pve-manager/6.2-10 and have a VM running an old Natware 3.12 server system. The contents of the VM do not respond to shutdown commands. The only way to stop the VM is to enter the console and manually 'down' the server, exit to DOS then issue a 'stop'. I have written a hookscript...
  12. C

    Add firewall rule to whole cluster via pvesh

    Hi everyone, I would like to add a firewall rule via pvesh API to the cluster. First, my proxmox version: root@tfg ~ # pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel: 4.19.0-8-amd64) pve-manager: 6.1-8 (running version: 6.1-8/806edfe1) pve-kernel-helper: 6.1-8 pve-kernel-5.3: 6.1-6...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] agent/exec-status and agent/file-read issue

    Aloha! Accoding to https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/api-viewer/ api methods "GET /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/exec-status" and "GET /api2/json/nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/file-read" are using request type GET, there no present request type POST for this commands. However, for...
  14. J

    Error regarding "uninitialized value" using PVESH to update Alias value

    Hi Proxmox Devs, I am currently using the following version of Proxmox: root@pve1:/usr/share/perl5/PVE/API2/Firewall# pveversion pve-manager/6.0-5/f8a710d7 (running kernel: 5.0.18-1-pve) I am in the process of using pvesh to modify an alias and I am getting the following error...
  15. B

    Excecute commands on each node using pvesh

    I want to execute several commands to each one of my nodes, looking at Proxmox API is possible to send commands to a node using: pvesh create /nodes/{node}/execute --commands '["apt update", "apt upgrade pkg1, pkg2, pkg3"]' However I can't seem to find a proper way to create the JSON. Can...
  16. I

    Bug with CLI pvesh

    Hello i have problems with the command "pvesh create /nodes/{node}/migrateall". When i try from pve01: "pvesh create /nodes/pve03/migrateall -target pve01 -maxworkers 1 -vms 501" I can see the task and the migration in the webgui but in the cli i get following error: From pve03 the command...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] How to use pvesh set vm's sshkeys

    Hi, I can set cloud-init sshkey from Proxmox Web UI. But when I use "pvesh set /nodes/node1/qemu/1100/config --sshkeys "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1..." to set the sshkey, got the error: 400 Parameter verification failed. sshkeys: invalid format - invalid urlencoded string: ssh-rsa AAAA What is the...
  18. LnxBil

    pvesh command list

    Hi, I tried to run a command via the new qemu command api endpoint via pvesh, but do not know how to format this correctly. I haven't found any hints or usage examples in the usual places. root@proxmox ~ > pvesh create /nodes/proxmox/qemu/109/agent/exec -command id ┌─────┬───────┐ │ key │...
  19. T

    add new disk to VM (via qm/pvesh) ?

    Is there a way do add a new disk to a VM using pvesh ? I use pvesh create /nodes/$(hostname -s)/storage/local/content -filename vm-XXXX-disk-0 -format raw -size 10G -vmid XXXX to create a new disk, then I run pvesh create /nodes/$(hostname -s)/qemu ..., but how can I add a 2nd / 3rd / ... disk...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] No longer getting JSON response after update for pvesh get /cluster/resources --type vm

    We updated some of our servers last night to 5.2-9 and since then the "pvesh get /cluster/resources --type vm" command that used to return JSON now returns a text table with information. Since I use this in some code, is there any way to display/get it in JSON format as opposed to this table...


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