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    Hello! I have found this very interesting PVE-zsync thing, I would like to use it, but I have read IP addresses must be used to configure it. I have two PVE hosts in two different locations. I would like to sync them so that one is redundant of the other for a quick disaster recovery. They are...
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    pve-zsync error: destination has snapshots and daylight saving

    Hi. I use pve-zsync as backup solution between servers, sometimes with a periodicity of less than an hour. From time to time, this error arises: cannot receive new filesystem stream: destination has snapshots (eg. rpool/data/vm-1106-disk-0@rep_mv06-servidor16_2023-10-25_17:00:01) must destroy...
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    Migrating VMs to New Server with PVE-Zsync - Very Slow and Progress Reverts when Interrupted

    So I have an old server and a new server, both are running proxmox. I was attempting to migrate about 600GB of data. It didn't need to be migrated quickly, but it's taken nearly two weeks. I ran the command inside of screen. One of the servers rebooted due to power outage and it literally erased...
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    General backup thoughts - discussion starter

    Hello Everyone, This could be TL;DR I use Proxmox from the very beginning and I use ZFS for ages back when I had to compile it by myself and official PVE did not support using ZFS. I use smaller clusters (2 - 6 nodes, but a cluster is a cluster in case of 3+ nodes, so, if you see one, you saw...
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    Avoiding fixed IP limitation from pve-zsync

    I've been playing with pve-zsync to backup my datasets and I was quite happy, but the fixed ip limitation was a boomer, because its almost the cost of another fiber connection just having to pay for a fixed IP. So one of my problems was changing the ssh port for security reasons and I've found...
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    pve-zsync für zfs-Datasets

    Hallo, ich habe 2 PBS-Instanzen im Einsatz und synce sowohl Backups von VMs (blockbasiert), als auch Client-Backups (filebasiert) zwischen den beiden Servern mit dem "Remote"-Mechanismus für Datastores. Das funktioniert gut. Leider eignet sich der Proxmox Backup Client nicht besonders gut für...
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    pve-zsync: job is already scheduled to sync

    Greetings A few monthes ago, I've set up pve-zsync: SOURCE NAME STATE LAST SYNC TYPE CON 114 default syncing 2021-11-19_08:00:01 lxc ssh Since 3 days ago, I get a lot of messages in the logs: Job...
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    Proxmox PVE-ZSYNC

    Hi to ALL, i recently implement pve-zsync in my environment, but i'm questioning about recovery. Because now, on target host i've But, in case i need to startup the VM, that in this time has this config how i merge the last replica with the disk?.. The last replica is incremental only...
  9. B

    pve-zsync for VMs with multiple hard disks

    Hi support, I just set up a pair of standalone PVE servers that utilize ZFS storage. I'm using pve-zsync to create ZFS snapshots of the VMs and replicate them from one PVE server to the other. It's worth mentioning that one of the VMs is comprised of several large virtual hard disks (64 TB...
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    [SOLVED] pve-zsync and Storage Replication on the same node

    We have a main server and a off-site backup one, both are running PVE. We are using pve-zsync & crontab to snaphsot containers subvols from the main server to 3 pools on the backup (pull mode): rpool/data/daily rpool/data/weekly rpool/data/monthly Now, we would like to be able to migrate...
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    zfs-autobackup / freenas / Replikation

    Hallo, ich habe angefangen mich mit zfs-autobackup beschäftigen. Ich nutze im Augenblick eine Freenas und die Snapshot dort mit zfs-autobackup zu speichern, das geht natürlich auch mit andere ZFS Systemen. Nun nutze ich dem der Replikation über die Proxmoxgui auch noch zfs-auto-snapshot und...
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    pve-zfsync and MySQL inside the synced VM

    I try to use pve-zfsync to replicate a VM, and so far it looks quite good. The VM itself is a Cenos 7 with nginx/apache/mysql web site server. My concern is, while data VM disks will be replicated nicely, the data in the VM's RAM (mostly MySQL data) won't be transferred so the replicated VM may...
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    pve-zsync: recovering VM?

    Planning to implement pve-zsync to do regular (routine) off-site VM replication, and it looks like I understand all my backup steps but can’t figure out the recovering steps: It says, first, I need to disable the replication for VM. Ok, that's understandable. Then, I can “send the VM or...
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    [SOLVED] backup Storage pool

    Hello everyone, I tried to find information about this, but apparently my setup seems to be exotic in this aspect because no one else has done this. I have a small 2 node cluster and plan to add another node with PBS installed to back up all VMs and containers. But also: a whole storage pool...
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    pve-zsync vs storage replication: differences in the internals

    Hello Proxmox Community! I'm digging into Proxmox internals (literally Perl scripts) a bit, but I can't find answer for my question: what's is the differences in internal implementation between pve-zsync and full storage replication task. As far as I can see both mentioned methods use ZFS...
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    PVE-Zsync and local backup: Backup different disks

    Hi! I have a proxmox VM with Windows Server and 3 disks, setup is as follows: Disk 0: OS disk – 200Gb - Backup enabled on proxmox Disk 1: Data disk – 1,5Tb - Backup enabled on proxmox Disk 2: Other Windows PC backups – 1,5 Tb - Backup not enabled on proxmox Currently I have a USB harddisk...
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    [SOLVED] VM mit pve-zsync migrieren | Volumes umbenennen?

    Hallo zusammen, ich würde gerne mehrere virtuelle Maschinen via pve-zsync migrieren. Nun habe ich das Problem, dass auf dem alten Host mehrere ZFS Pools existieren und die VMs Disks von mehreren Pools nutzen. Das sieht dann z.B. so aus: SSDTANK/vm-101-disk-1 HDDTANK/vm-101-disk-1 Wenn ich...
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    A question about pve-zsync

    Ok, maybe this is a stupid question, but I was wondering... pve-zsync syncs a snapshot of the zvol containing the VM virtual disk. But since this is done while the VM is running (unlike what vzdump does), isn't it possible that the guest filesystem is "frozen" while it is in some inconsistent...
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    vzdump+zfs - Böse, Featurewunsch: pve-zsync in Web-GUI

    Hallo, hoffentlich ist hier der richtige Bereich dafür. ich habe einen einzelnen PVE Server und habe seit kurzem massive Probleme beim erstellen von Backups. Bisher habe ich (klassisch) über die GUI ein vzdump Backup-Job (nächtlich) erstellt. Leider führt das in bestimmten Konstellationen zum...
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    pve-zsync sync from one node to several nodes

    Hi there, Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere, I was not able to find a conclusive answer. I have several nodes in my cluster. I use zfs-autosnapshot because I want to have 'point in time restore possibility'. I have a conflict zfs-autosnapshot with pvesr. For example: pvesr...


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