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    How to assign static public ip to my VPS.

    Hi friends! Can someone guide me how to setup public static IP with my VPS? I have flowing scenario right now. I have Proxmox installed on my server I have created a Virtual Machine on this server and installed Centos 7 OS and web host control panel so that i can use this as a web server. I...
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    Configured Public IP Stops Working After Some Time

    Hello, I'm struggling with assigning a public IP to a container. I have 4 IP addresses assigned to my host. One is used by the host itself on vmbr0. I can successfully add other IPs to the host if I create additional vmbrX. The container belongs to a private network via vmbr1. Assigning a...
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    Public IP to Windows VM

    Hey all, Brand new to Proxmox. How does one go about assigning a public IP address to a Windows VM? How about if you have multiple public IP's and multiple VM's? Can public IP addresses be assigned using the Proxmox UI? I want to be able to RDP to my VM from the public Internet. Thanks a lot!
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    [SOLVED] PMG acting as relay-server for hosts in networks with dynamic public IP's

    Hi I'm trying something with PMG. What I want to accomplish, is that I can sent mails from different hosts in different public networks on the internet via PMG acting as a SMTP relay. The problem is, that these hosts on the internet are in networks with dynamic public IP's. So I can't at these...
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    Hetzner Proxmox routed configuration halfway working

    Hello, i recently bought (or rent) myself my first Hetzner Root Server. I did install Proxmox on it and configured two bridges vmbr0 and vmbr1. With vmbr0 i want to route my second public ip address to my first virtualized host. I have searched the whole internet now and could not find a...
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    [SOLVED] Assigning static public IP address to VM

    Hi beloved Proxmox Community, I want to make a LXC directly accessible from the Internet via a public IP address. Atm my whole setup is as follows: Evil Internet <---> (ix0: A.B.C.D/29) OPNsense firewall (ix1: <---> (ge0: Proxmox VE server As you can see...
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    network problem

    Good day, I have the following problem I have set up a server for my community with ProxMox> Debian9 and have a game server running there until then everything is very good. With my Localen IP I also come to the server but not with the Public IP !! How can I adjust this correctly that other...
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    HA Cluster with VMs accessible by public IPs

    Hello, please help me to understand how to setup a HA cluster with VMs that should be accessible from the Internet even after one node fails and it's VMs are migrated and started on another node. There are 3 nodes in a cluster (that should become a HA cluster later): - node01 -- vm01a --...
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    [SOLVED] 1 Node, multiple VMs, 1pub IP each VM, via bridged

    Hello, i am new to proxmox and i red a lot, maybe to much :D My state: I have just one node hosted at OVH. This node has a public ip und several VMs with public IPs condfigured out of the box via bridged networking. VM for web, sql, mail, etc. My first goal is to ad a VLAN, that all VMs can...
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    Multiple public IPs on a single NIC

    Hi there, I am using Proxmox VE 5.1 in a datacenter. My current setting is that all VMs share the same public IP address. I have also available second public IP address that I would like to assign / dedicate to one VM. The configuration I have is that the PVE has the following...
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    Need to implement public IP's to LXC's

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    Change Cluster Public IP's on all nodes

    Hello all, We have a running 4.4 Proxmox 3 Nodes Cluster (vmbr0 has public IP) with ceph(separate internal nic) and about 10 VM and 30 CT. As we got a new A.S Number, we would like to be able to change the public IP addresses on all 3 nodes in the cluster (not hostnames). Given our setup, is it...
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    [SOLVED] OpenVZ container using public IP with different subnet

    I am still using Proxmox 3.4 (3.4-16/40ccc11c) with OpenVZ and venet, in various servers in OVH. And in a new dedicated server, I cant ping my only container. The public IP of the HN is and for the container Routing table Destination Gateway Genmask...
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    Multiple Public IPs to Proxmox

    Hello, I think I will put my server in datacenter but I need a answer for my question. Datacenter person said; we will give you 10 public IP addresses in the single ethernet cable. How do I add 10 public IP addresses given with a single cable to LXC in the Proxmox? What do I have to do for...
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    I need a little help with setting up IPs

    Hi there, My ISP provided me with the following public IPs XX.XX.199.170 - XX.XX.199.174 mask: GW: XX.XX.199.169 Dns servers: The IPs are in the /29 range not /24 I already use .170 for a router with dchp for wifi and LAN...
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    Use more than one external IP

    Hi everyone. I have a very nice server with many VM (mainly CTs), all of it running with proxmox 4. Currently, my setup is the following: # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback # for Routing auto vmbr1 iface vmbr1 inet manual post-up...
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    Network issue with 2 virtual machines

    Hello, I already have a virtual machine with its own public ip address and I would like to set up a new VM using port forwarding from the host. I have two public addresses: X.X.X.146 for the host Y.Y.Y.99 for the first virtual machine Currently, I have the following network configuration...
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    [SOLVED] How to configure 2 default gateways for 2 public IPs

    Hi! PVE 4.x is running on server with 2 NICs. eth0 is connected directly to ISP providing public IPv4. eth1 is connected to Fritz!Box home network. The attached graphic could help to understand the architecture though: For any NIC eth0 and eth1 a Linux-Bridge is defined: vmbr0 and vmbr1...
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    [SOLVED] LXC - no internet access

    Hi! I have installed PVE 4.1 and configured 3 NIC: NIC1 with direct connection to public IPv4 (provided by ISP) NIC2 configuring private network Any NIC is bridged to vmbr0 and vmbr1 respectively. Now I want to install a router / gateway server (running Debian 8) in LXC. For this container I...


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