proxmox mail gateway

  1. [SOLVED] ClamaV did not catch virus

    Hi Guys, We use proxmox mail gateway but seems like clamaV did not catch the virus: MIME type: application/octet-stream File name: RFQ#1180004562&1180004538.gz File size: 187.80 kB Virus name: VIRUS: Trojan.Zmutzy.867 Antivirus: Kerio Antivirus engine version/Signature count: (AVCORE v2.2...
  2. [SOLVED] Kunde erhält NDR "403 4.7.0 encryption too weak 0 less than 128"

    Hallo Freunde, ich habe einen Kunden, wenn der mir eine Mail schickt bekommt er seit dem 20.6.22 einen NDR darin steht, dass der Zustellungsstatus der Mail, dieser ist: 403 4.7.0 encryption too weak 0 less than 128 Daraufhin habe ich per // email / test getestet. Die haben mir dann...
  3. Proxmox Mail Gateway regex from and to

    Hi, I would like to block all email arriving to and where sender is not or I've tried to do like the following under who-object but looks like doesn't work...
  4. DNSBL Resolution Issues

    I have one DNSBL that always has issues, not sure where the issue lies. Possibly DNS, but I'm not 100% sure. Looking for some ways to troubleshoot to verify the issue. You can see the warnings here for spamrats: Apr 14 17:22:46 smtp postfix/postscreen[3157]: warning: dnsblog reply timeout 10s...
  5. [SOLVED] Mail Proxy Whitelist Regex

    Hello, I'm trying to verify that my regex looks good, in theory, it should be fine, but I'm seeing this in the logs: Apr 13 18:18:11 smtp postfix/smtpd[1039]: warning: regexp map /etc/postfix/senderaccess, line 1: Invalid preceding regular expression Apr 13 18:18:11 smtp postfix/smtpd[1039]...
  6. How can i block .zip and .rar files with certain size ?

    Hi, I want to know a way to block .zip and .rar files with certain size (e.g under 100Kb). I'm currently using Proxmox mail gateway 7.1-1 If possible, please tell me. Thanks a lot , Best Regards
  7. CarstenMartens

    [SOLVED] Mail in Blacklist eintragen

    Guten Morgen, wir wollen unser Mailgateway von ASSP auf PMG umstellen. Das Email-Empfänger von der PMG als Spam getagte Mails in die Whites/Blacklist eintrage geht - über die Mail von der PMG - einwandfrei. Wie können Email-Empfänger aber Mails, die von der PMG nicht als Spam erkannt wurden, in...
  8. How can I block .zip and .rar files that contain only .exe files?

    Hello, I want to know a way to block .zip and .rar files containing only .exe files through Proxmox Mail Gateway. Allow .zip and .rar files that do not contain .exe files. Thanks. Best regards.
  9. Outgoing mails

    Hi, I've configured Proxmox Mail Gateway to filter de incomming messages from a remote server but I don't know how to do the same from the outgoing messages. I hope that you can help me.
  10. Appear email from another domain name in tracking center

    Hi guys, Recently, I saw a strange domain name appear in the tracking center that is not mine. Same as attached picture. Appeared a domain name send mail to But it is reject In the mail proxy I just only set up my only domain name is i think it looks like...
  11. Custom Branding for Domains replayed through Gateway

    Just wanted to see if there is a way to brand the quarantine portal for LDAP users depending on the domain.
  12. [TUTORIAL] How to setup? Iredmail behind the PMG, which is installed on public IP PVE.

    Hi, I'm trying to get access of my Iredmail server through PMG to public access. I want to access my redmail on public IP with specific port I'm able to access it on iredmail server and LAN (Within PVE all VM's). PVE is assigned with public IP. 182.69.X.X PMG is private IP...
  13. Proxmox Mail Gateway 5.2-7 Postfix failed

    Hallo, von jetzt auf gleich ging mit mal der Service postfix nicht mehr. Bei dem Dienst steht Failed "Postfix Mail Transport Agent (instance -) und wenn ich versuche den Dienst manuell zu starten, kommt immer "command 'systemctl start postfix @-' failed: exit code 1. Bin um jede Hilfe dankbar...
  14. PMG and Grafana Stats with InfluxDB status.cfg

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to have some Grafana Stats for Proxmox Mailgateway in InfluxDB with Grafana Dashboard? With Promox PVE no problem ( ) Is there any way to have External Metric Server for Proxmox Mailgateway? Thanks!
  15. Templates folder sync between master and nodes

    Hello, I have create the /etc/pmg/templates folder. This folder is sync between master and nodes everything works fine. But if I create some file with postmap command this file is not synced to the nodes, why? I think the rsync(?) between master and nodes exclude .db file which was create with...
  16. Problem with Verify Receivers and bounce message / Recipient address lookup failed

    Hello, I use proxmox mail gateway as a relay server. The final mail server is a postfix server. I enabled the verify receivers and set it to Yes (550) on PMG. I tested with some test e-mail: 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: undeliverable address: Recipient address...
  17. [SOLVED] email filter action object "Block" - no 550 to sender? pmg send 250 O.K.

    Hello, I have create some blacklist entry for a test email address and use the default email filter action object "Block". If I send some email from this blocked address, message is blocked correctly but PMG send 250 O.K. to the sender. But email is blocked and dropped from PMG and I can't...
  18. [SOLVED] global blacklist is not working default settings / after reboot rules working maybe a bug

    Hello, I have create a global blacklist rule (default rule). Only move the message to qms and not block. Under "Who Objects" -> "Blacklist" I Add some E-Mail Adress. The Blacklist Rule is by default on the top with Prio 98. If I now send test E-Mail with blocked E-Mailadress, E-Mail will...
  19. error: gpg required but not found! It is not recommended, but you can use "sa-update" with the --no-gpg to skip the verification.

    Hello everyone, If I trigger sa-update via proxmox web-gui, I have the following error: error: gpg required but not found! It is not recommended, but you can use "sa-update" with the --no-gpg to skip the verification. How can I fix it? Regards, Oliver
  20. [SOLVED] Cluster slow SMTP Connection time

    Hello, My Proxmox Mailgateway Cluster is now working fine. But sometimes I have bad SMTP Connection times, tested on But only on the second Proxmox Mailgateway Server. I disable Greylisting. Any ideas? SMTP Connection Time 6.944 seconds - Warning on Connection time SMTP...


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