proxmox mail gateway

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    [SOLVED] email filter action object "Block" - no 550 to sender? pmg send 250 O.K.

    Hello, I have create some blacklist entry for a test email address and use the default email filter action object "Block". If I send some email from this blocked address, message is blocked correctly but PMG send 250 O.K. to the sender. But email is blocked and dropped from PMG and I can't...
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    [SOLVED] global blacklist is not working default settings / after reboot rules working maybe a bug

    Hello, I have create a global blacklist rule (default rule). Only move the message to qms and not block. Under "Who Objects" -> "Blacklist" I Add some E-Mail Adress. The Blacklist Rule is by default on the top with Prio 98. If I now send test E-Mail with blocked E-Mailadress, E-Mail will...
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    error: gpg required but not found! It is not recommended, but you can use "sa-update" with the --no-gpg to skip the verification.

    Hello everyone, If I trigger sa-update via proxmox web-gui, I have the following error: error: gpg required but not found! It is not recommended, but you can use "sa-update" with the --no-gpg to skip the verification. How can I fix it? Regards, Oliver
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    [SOLVED] Cluster slow SMTP Connection time

    Hello, My Proxmox Mailgateway Cluster is now working fine. But sometimes I have bad SMTP Connection times, tested on But only on the second Proxmox Mailgateway Server. I disable Greylisting. Any ideas? SMTP Connection Time 6.944 seconds - Warning on Connection time SMTP...
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    [SOLVED] SMTPD Banner Mail Gateway Cluster / Promox VE LXC Container PMG 6.0

    Hello Everyone, I have now two Proxmox Mail Gateways in a Cluster. Now I would like to have two different SMTPD Banners, one for each machine. (PMG Mailin01 and PMG Mailin02). If i change it on one machine the second machine have the same SMTPD Banner. If I edit changes will override by...
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    Configure Postifix on the Proxmox mail gateway

    boa noite, colegas Eu tenho um servidor de e-mail no CentOS executando um postifix. Como faço para configurar o gateway de correio proxmox nele? Alguém pode me ajudar? Agradeço antecipadamente.
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    [SOLVED] Whitelist for a single domain

    Hi guys, I want to put a domain in a whitelist that works just for ONE domain on my PMG. Is it possible? Thanks.
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    KAM rules override

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set up my custom rules for PMG, I'm writing everything in the file /etc/mail/spamassassin/ and quite everything is working fine, I cannot change the score of the KAM_MARK. What can I do? Thanks ;) edit: I've edited the file /usr/share/spamassassin-extra/
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    how to add "Relay domains" programmatically

    Hi, I would like to be able to add relay domains through some sort of api. Is that possible? I notice that relay domains are saved to "/etc/pmg/domains" and `/usr/sbin/postmap /etc/pmg/domains` can update domains.db ? But it seems that changing `/etc/pmg/domains` and updating domains.db is...


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