proxmox 7.2

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    Connection Error 595: No Route to host

    Mah Guys, need your help on this. I have a PVE cluster and after I added two additional nodes, 2 of my nodes in the same data center became this. I already made some suggestions here but still getting this error. What I've missed? /etc/hosts /etc/network/interfaces...
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    Problem with vlans

    Hello. I have two nodes with proxmox 7. I have problem with vlan on one PVE node. On my pve1 node everything work perfect (bond0 -> vmbr0 with vlan aware) my lan configuration on pve1: auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 iface eno1 inet manual auto eno2 iface eno2 inet manual auto eno3...
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    [SOLVED] Accidentally deleted corosync configs

    I have accidentally deleted all corosync configs/files on one node of my cluster. Is there an easy way to get that node back into the cluster? I have already tried to copy /etc/corosync/* from another node but without success. Thanks in advance!
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    Proxmox Cluster Beitritt mit einem Ansible Skript

    Hallo Proxmoxer, ich habe seit Wochen folgenden Problem. Ich habe ein Ansible Skript genaut welches einen oder mehrere Hetzner Server komplett einrichtet. Proxmox ist nachdem das Skript durchgelaufen ist mit seinen Basics eingerichtet und erreichbar. Jetzt stehe ich vor dem Problem das ich mit...
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    Proxmox Boot failure

    hi all , i have Proxmox Ve 7.2 install into usb 3.2 32G , and i have 3 VMS install into hard drive raid controleur raid 5 so today i cannot boot to pve . i check the usb is destroyed (broken ) so i want to ask if someone can help me about this issues i can reinstall the proxmox on other usb...
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    Falsche IP fuer cluster peer address

    Guten Abend, heute habe ich auf dem ersten Node von drei ein Cluster erstellt (Master). Alle drei Nodes befinden sich im Netz. Danach habe ich die 'join information' aufgerufen und es zeigt die falsche IP an. Diese befindet sich gar nicht in der Netzwerkkonfiguration. Woher kommt...
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    Cluster Peer Address

    Hi there, I have three nodes and created on the first node a cluster (master). All three nodes are in 192.168.0.x/24. The cluster join information of the just created master node shows the IP which is not correct. How do I set this peer IP correctly that the other nodes can join the...
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    Monitor total bandwidth consumed by VM?

    Hi, From what I see Proxmox keeps track of total incoming/outgoing traffic, which leads to the question in the title. Can one get the total bandwidth consumed by the VM? Either via API or some other method? Thank you
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    IPTables rules per guest VM

    Hi, After checking quite a few articles found here and on some other websites, it's still not clear for me how one can add custom IPTables rules for each VM. Checking the current host with just one VM at the moment I can see: -A tap100i0-IN -p udp -m udp --sport 67 --dport 68 -j ACCEPT -A...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - NUMA or not?

    Hi, Sorry for this dumb question, but I feel a bit confused. As far as I understood all Zen2 like CPU's are NUMA based, so in case of AMD Ryzen, Epyc, etc, they all have "numa support". When creating a new VM, Proxmox allows me to select up to 4 Sockets (which again indicates NUMA support)...
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    ceph high latency after Proxmox7.2 update

    Hi Everybody We have a 5 node proxmoxcluster with 800+ containers. We finally were able to upgrade from proxmox6 to proxmox7.2 this week After the upgrade all 40 Ceph OSDs went from 1-2 ms latency to 30 ms and up The latency went up when we bootet the servers into proxmox7.2 and ceph15...
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    Proxmox 7.2-11 - Windows VM with OVMF (UEFI) cannot load Virtio Drivers

    Hi, as the title says I cannot load any virtio drivers during installation when using UEFI mode. I am using the latest drivers (stable) available. VM Config: bios: ovmf boot: order=scsi0;ide2;net0;ide0 cores: 2 efidisk0: local:104/vm-104-disk-0.qcow2,efitype=4m,pre-enrolled-keys=1,size=528K...
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    Signal out of Range at Installation

    Hello everyone, im trying to install Proxmox 7.2 VE on my HP ProLiant DL380 G6. I get into the Bootloader and after booting the Kernel i see the initsystem Output. But at the Point where Xorg with the Installation starts, my Monitor (FullHD 60Hz) goes blank and shows an "Signal out of range...
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    Terminal Server Windows Server 2019/2022 on Proxmox Virtualiziation

    Does anyone have experience with Terminal Server 2019/2022 on a current Proxmox version? What about the performance and stability of the service? And is it smart to set up a terminal server on Proxmox? thanks in advance
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    IMMOU not enabled but it is enabled

    Hello, i have a problem with the gpu passtrough in proxmox win10 vm. I have ebabled the IMMOU it says too its enabled but proxmox says that it isnt enabled. Can anyone help me? :/
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    [SOLVED] Pfsense in Proxmox, with VLANs en TP-link switches

    Hi, My homelab continues to grow. And in order to keep a better overview and to learn from it, I want to split my network up in to multiple VLAN’s for a long time now. Tests within the Proxmox environment work well. VMs are assigned with an IP address that I have set in PF-sense. So fore, so...
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    [SOLVED] Dell R7525 : Proxmox 7.2 : Enable SR-IOV for Intel X710-T2L(10GBASE-T) : no sriov_numvfs in /sys/class/net/eno33/device/

    Hi, While trying to enable SR-IOV for a fresh install of Proxmox 7.2 in Dell R7525, it is found that the NIC driver is not exposing sriov_numvfs in /sys/class/net/eno33/device. Please Help.. root@veena2:~# cd /sys/class/net/eno33/device/ root@veena2:/sys/class/net/eno33/device# ls...
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    Some VMs malfunctioning... semi-freeze. Had to stop and migrate.

    This is very strange. We have a 6-node cluster. The newest node is the only one with a Xeon Platinum 8358. The others are mostly Xeon Gold 6154. The newest node had over 100 VMs. Out of the blue, a few VMs on the newest node started to malfunction. They weren't frozen, we could still log-in, and...
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    Nach Upgrade von 6.4 auf 7.2: Hängt bei "Loading initial ramdisk"

    Hallo wir haben gerade bei einem unserer Proxmox Server das Upgrade auf 7.2 durchgeführt. Der Test vorher lief ohne Probleme durch und auch die Installation verlief ohne Probleme. Nach dem Reboot Hängt der Server bei Loading initial ramdisk. Woran kann das liegen? Kann mir Da jemand Helfen? Danke!
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    [SOLVED] HTTP error 596 towards /api2/extjs/access/openid/auth-url

    Hello! I have configured Proxmox (running pve-manager/7.2-4/ca9d43cc) to use OpenID for authentication, but I get the following error message upon signing in. It looks like my browser tries to make a POST request towards /api2/extjs/access/openid/auth-url, which for some reason returns status...


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