proxmox 7

  1. How to assign a whole /64 IPv6 block to a single VM (No DHCP)?

    Hello! Is there any way to assign a whole /64 IPv6 block to each VM? I am using a IPAM software to assign IPs automatically to a VM I need solution for Static IP and not DHCP I want something like this I have a /48 IPv6 block. I am using a IPAM software to create and assign static IPs to new...
  2. How to block port 25 by default and unblock per IP on case basis?

    Hello! Is there any way to block port 25 by default and only open for particular IP whenever I want? I want something like this Block port 25 by default, so even in future a new vm create will have port 25 blocked by default as well. And if I want to unblock the port 25 for a particular vm, I...
  3. [SOLVED] proxmox 7 / linux 5.11.22 issue with LSI 2008 controllers?

    EDIT: if you are using external enclosures with LSI 2008 based sas cards, you need to add mpt3sas.max_queue_depth=10000 To your kernel boot line in /etc/default/grub or /etc/kernel/cmdline if you are on an efi platform and aren't using efi-grub Hi, I believe I may have found an issue with...
  4. Proxmox 7 install clobbers timesyncd conf file

    Hello, I am in the process of upgrading our cluster to Proxmox 7, and came across the following: We have locally edited /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf to use a local NTP server, since our firewall does not allow external NTP connections. After upgrading to Proxmox 7, the above conf file edits are...
  5. [SOLVED] R710 PCI passthrough for HBA card with X5675 processors?

    EDIT + SOLUTION: if you are having trouble with PCI passthrough on your system and know/believe it should work, be sure to know if you are using GRUB or Systemd-boot first. If you are using UEFI you are probably on Systemd-boot and need to edit /etc/kernel/cmdline and issue pve-efiboot-tool...
  6. PVE7 - Local bridges not working with IPv6 ULA

    Hi proxmox people ! :-) The way bridges work has really changed in Debian11 / Proxmox 7. When creating a bridge without a slave interface, it works with a private IPv4. But if we assign it an IPv6 of ULA type (fdxx: xxxx: xxxx: xxxx ...), it is impossible to ping this bridge on IPv6. The ip...
  7. Kernel panic when writing to a virtio disk on Proxmox 7

    Hello, I followed this guide to passthrough a disk to a VM more than a year ago and it's been working flawlessly inside that VM since then. Though for some reason I added it as virtio2 and not scsi2 as said in the guide, I can't remember why but I must have read somewhere that is has better...
  8. [SOLVED] Proxmox 7, Linux 5.11 no display

    Hi, I just update from proxmox 6 to 7 on a test server. I notice after the reboot, I don't have display after proxmox full boot. I see the bios, grub, lvm2 detection and then nothing. The display displays "resolution out of range". (I test 3 different screens) If I go back to 5.4 everything...
  9. v7.0 - kernel 5.11 EOL ?

    Hello, I just read the roadmap of pmx v7 and see the default kernel 5.11 is end of life Kernel 5.11 - EOL - may 19, 21 Is there something planned about this ? Thx :) Naao.
  10. Installation of package pve-kernel

    Hello, When I install proxmox 7, I get an error as shown on the screenshots. Do you know where it can come from? This is the first time I have this. (I install proxmox on virtualbox) Thank you.
  11. [SOLVED] Update to 7 (network problem)

    Hi! Please help.
  12. V7 and OIDC authentication - missing info on documentation & other issues

    Proxmox 7 has introduced OpenID-Connect authentication which enables us to go on the path of federated login. However for all the different Identity provider solutions the option will have to get ALOT more flexible. Options at the moment are soo limited they are constricting to a single IDP...
  13. Upgraded to V7 -> cpu utilisation of LXC no longer available on Check_MK

    Hi, Since the upgrade of my setup to v7.x i am unable to gather the cpu utilisation parameter of LXC containers with mij monitoring server (based on CheckMK / latest version 2.0.0.p6). I am assuming this has to do with the move to cgroupv2. Since the upgrade the message 'item not found in...
  14. Proxmox 7.x not network

    After a clean installation of proxmox 7, the network does not work. Although during installation, the network settings for the dhcp receive. Delivered proxmox 6.4 the network works. I tried to update from 6to7 and after the update I rebooted and the network disappeared = (. How to raise the...
  15. [SOLVED] update 6 to 7

    after update server restarted and I no longer have network Does anyone have any idea what I can do? I have machine access via kvm


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