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  1. N

    Upgrade proxmox 6 to 7 boot error 5.15

    Hello all Recently I experienced a very strange issue after upgrading a node from proxmox 6 to 7. We had run the pve6to7 and no error was prompted. The followed the wiki article and made all actions text book. Our node was installed with proxmox iso 6.x and was upgrading the latest version...
  2. L

    ZFS: dataset busy

    Hello, I've seen a lot of threads about the error "zfs error: cannot XYZ ... : dataset is busy" and also on our site this happens quite often (~ every 3-4 weeks on a cluster with 6 nodes). As in the other threads suggested, a reboot solves this problem but is not applicable for a production...
  3. W

    Warning from pve-apt-hook when upgrading Proxmox from 7 to 8

    Hello. I am attempting to upgrade my server, which I currently have Proxmox installed, from version 7 to 8. I followed the instructions in the official documentation, rewrote the repository from bullseye to bookworm, ran "apt update" and "apt dist-upgrade". However, when I executed "apt...
  4. L

    Debian 12 LXC Image problem

    Hi System: Proxmox 7.4 (latest version) LXC Image: Problem description: if we edit the ssh port in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, to for example port 12000, ssh continues to use the default 22 port (ofc i did restarted the...
  5. K

    Proxmox backup failed for some VMs randomly

    I am facing a problem with proxmox backup server last few weeks that the backup of some VMs and LXCs failed, not all days and not the same VMs, the error I see as below and I cannot find the reason and how to debug it command 'rsync --stats -h -X -A --numeric-ids -aH --delete --no-whole-file...
  6. E

    Proxmox7 packages ( pmx11 ) - breaks other debian 11 base packages

    Hi! I have just upgraded some test system from Proxmox 6 to Proxmox 7, I found the following major problem: Proxmox7 packages ( pmx11 ) - breaks debian 11 base system packages: > systemd 247.3-7+1-pmx11u1 > libsystemd0 247.3-7+1-pmx11u1 Some packages needs the 32bit version of this, but...
  7. G

    Proxmox in NAT but no internet on VM

    Hi I'll make it very simple, I've been stuck on Proxmox for a very long time, I'm desperate. Currently, I have a network configuration with a physical card in DHCP and a vmbr0 virtual card which is in NAT on enp2s0 I then set up a DHCP server on the Proxmox so that an ip was automatically...
  8. K

    Backing up a physical Machine

    Hii proxmox community, i am currently working on a proxmox backup server and i have a question regarding it. Is it possible to do a backup of a physical host / Machine with the proxmox backup server? For example, can I do a backup of a domain client with an ip 192.168.x.x. As I was looking at...
  9. habitats-tech

    [TUTORIAL] If you are new to PVE, read this first; it might assist you with choices as you start your journey

    I have created this post with the hope it can assist newcomers, and not only, with decision making. This post uses acronyms and is a preamble to a full set of articles which are best viewed on my portal, as I provide full online glossary, links, graphics and easy to follow instructions. In any...
  10. N

    [SOLVED] Where is ACME in Proxmox VE 7.2?

    I am currently unable to find ACME under the datacenter dashbaord of Proxmox 7.2.
  11. L

    VM-Disks are readonly / ZFS-Pool

    Today we had / have the following Problem, I think that the server maybe had no power for a few minutes and shutdown unexpected. The problem is now that all VM-Disks seem to be read-only, We have two VMs on it, and one with Windows does not even find the C-Partiton anymore. The Linux-Server...
  12. C

    tldr doesn't work

    Love "tldr" on all my linux machines, so figured I would install it on Proxmox VE, which is just Debian 11 after all. Doesn't seem to work, tldr pages aren't available root@red:~# apt install tldr...
  13. H

    help with network config at hetzner

    Hi, I'm pretty new at this, managed to get a proxmox server up and running at hetzner using zfs raid1 and efi boot (took a while) Now trying to get the basic network config right for a single IP setup allowing me to setup an use virtual machines within my network. I tried a script to automate...
  14. F

    Firewall Input Policy DROP do not work

    Hello, When the Firewall is set on default Input Policy DROP on Datacenter level, and the Firewall is enable, it does not work at all. The server is not filtered and is fully open, just like by ACCEPT. I can easily access it from different PC, without said PC being in rules or Security Group...
  15. J

    Chrony vs systemd-timesyncd on PVE 7.2

    Hey, everyone! SOME CONTEXT I have a production 3-node Proxmox 7.2 cluster which has been running very fine for a few months now. Each node was installed on top of a Debian 11 Bullseye via the procedure explained in the Install Proxmox VE on Debian 11 Bullseye wiki page. It only runs LinuX...
  16. I

    [SOLVED] ceph problem - Reduced data availability: 15 pgs inactive

    proxmox 7.1-8 yesterday i executed a large delete operation on the ceph-fs pool (around 2 TB of data) the operation ended withing few seconds successful (without any noticeable errors). and then the following problem occurred: 7 out of 32 osds went to down and out. trying to set them in and...
  17. A

    lxc-top error cgroup2 proxmox 7

    Hey, I just registered on this forum. Still new to proxmox. wanted to ask if anyone else sees a similar issue with lxc-top does not seem to work properly on Proxmox 7 It gives some error like 'Unable to read cgroup item ...' and I tried this on multiple installations. attaching screenshot...
  18. M

    DEBIAN 11 Can't join WAN without rebooting pfSence DHCP service

    Hello I'm new to the Proxmox comunity. And I think that I have do something very bad with my configuration. Like in the title I have a network configuration that have a firewall pfSense that do the usual stuff : routing, DHCP, DNS. I have configure it correctly with the web interface (I will...
  19. I

    Root account locked on installation

    I'm trying to install Proxmox v.7 on a SoYouStart server (SYS-2-SAT-64) but the install procedure with SYS' install image keeps failing. When the machine is automatically rebooted, the startup halts with the following message: "Cannot open access to console, the root account is locked". This is...
  20. D

    Proxmox Neuling verunsichert mit Netzwerk config

    Hi, Ich bin dabei das erste mal ein proxmox server aufzusetzen und habe mich jetzt bisschen in die netzwerk config eingelesen. ich will bloß auf Nummer sicher gehen das alles was ich da so getippert habe oder copiert habe, auch sinn macht. auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6...


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