1. M

    VM's open ports not visible from outside of VM

    Hi, I just installed a Discourse forum engine on Ubuntu VM. The installation went great, but I am unable to open the Discourse site from my network over 443. When I check open ports of the VM from external I see this: But from inside (of the Ubuntu VM) I see this: So, apparently no ports...
  2. S

    Networking, battlefield for new newbie

    Hello there! I was wondering if someone could possibly assist me with a little something. You see, I'm quite new to promox ve and I have this goal of hosting my very own web server and setting it up as a DMZ. Additionally, I have a few other VM's that I need to run on the machine and I would...
  3. M

    How to map 2 ports on 1 ip address.

    I have 4 network ports in my server (2-1G and 2-10G). While installation it asked me to select anyone and assign the IP address to it. I selected a 1G network interface and assigned IP to it. I was expecting that my other 1G network port/interface would also get assigned with the same IP...
  4. S

    Arma 3 Server

    Hello! I'm trying to make an arma3 server that runs on proxmox on a windows VM. The server seams to be running in it's console, however the server does not show up on the server list. I have opened ports in the VMs firewall, however I am struggeling to open them in proxmox itself. The port I...
  5. P

    SOLVED: Ports needed for vmware import?

    What ports would need to be open between vmware and proxmox to import vms from ESX? I can't seem to find this anywhere.
  6. T

    [SOLVED] LXC - Connection refused on multiple ports

    I'm quite new to proxmox and containers in general. While everything works just fine in my VMs, all created LXCs run into the same problem that most applications (e.g. bookstack, ecodms, iobroker) are not accessible from any other computer in my network. I can however ping and ssh into all...
  7. T

    Some notes and questions about Proxmox Cluster networking

    Hello, I am trying to find more information about Proxmox Cluster networking, and specially the use of ports 22, 5404 and 5405 for intra cluster communication. I feel like the PVE admin guide could be updated with more accurate information (some of which I am contributing in this thread). I...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] OVS bond+bridge: all ports of bond are down

    Hello, I have configured an OVS bond+bridge with 2 ports belonging to the bond. Here's the relevant configuration in /etc/network/interfaces: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eno1 allow-vmbr0 eno1 ##eno1 auto enp4s0f3 allow-vmbr0 enp4s0f3 ##enp4s0f3...
  9. L

    Can't receive emails on PMG

    Hi, I've recently set up a PMG server, but sadly email forwarding is not working. First of all, I'd want to be sure of a thing: Can I use the same port on Relay Port (Mail Proxy > relaying) and External SMTP Port (Mail Proxy > Ports)? After that, why postfix says "warning: No certs for key at...
  10. G

    Supermicro H11Dsi USB Ports not working with Proxmox

    Hello, my Server has following Hardware: 2x AMD EPYC 7301 Processor (2,20 GHz, 64 MB Cache, 16 Cores, 32 Threads) 64 GB DDR4-2666 RAM (4x DIMM 16 GB PC4-21300 ECC Reg.) SuperMicro H11DSi (on Board: VGA, 2x 1 Gbit-LAN (Intel i350-AM2), 1x M.2, 2x U.2, 10x S-ATA 6Gb/s; Remote Management (IPMI...
  11. E

    Port Forwarding (like DMZ)

    I wrote this to redirect all ports to a single machine, but I don't know if it is working properly. Is it possible to direct the entire port range to a single machine like DMZ Logic? post-up iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 0:8005 -j DNAT --to-destination
  12. T

    [SOLVED] How to use UIDs/GIDs higher than 65535 in CT (LXC)

    Hi all, I have an application that requires to use uid/gids starting from 70000 (http://vmm.localdomain.org/) but that seems to be not possible if you use unprivileged CTs. Is there any way of doing this? Thanks, Antonio Huete
  13. J

    Multiple ports for the same VM

    Hello everybody, I need some help configuring ports for the usage of an external VNC client for multiple simultaneous users. I already did some research about it. I have 3 computers. One of them has Proxmox and the VM that I created. I need the other 2 computers to be able to acces the same...
  14. R

    Proxmox 5.1-46 NGINX noVNC Probleme IPv6

    Hallo zusammen, ich konnte mein Problem nun mit Proxmox 5.1-46 und Proxmox 5.1-41 nachstellen. Auf beiden Systemen kann ich über den NGINX the Console(JS) benutzen, jedoch nicht die normale Console (noVNC), da bleibt das Bild schwarz. Auch in mehreren Browsern sowie nach Cache Löschung Die...
  15. J

    SPICE config for WAN access

    Hello im trying to access a VM trough SPICE using the public IP of the hosts network. The PMVE private adress is so ports 3128 and 8006 got FWded to that. Using the public adress i can access the WEBGUI with no problem but when i try to open SPICE i got this:
  16. R

    NFS Firewall Woes

    TLDR: What ports do I need open on my NFS server for Proxmox nodes to discover and use exports? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to some recent changes in our switching setup I've had to enable the firewall on our NFS server (which used to only be...


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