1. P

    Save to Open Port 8007 for PBS?

    Hello, I would like to synchronize my backups from my PBS in the local network to my PBS on an offsite server. In order to do that I have to open port 8007 as far as I know. Now I am wondering if it is safe to open this port to the internet. If the port is open, you can also access the config...
  2. F

    Proxmox ports setup

    Hi I have been trying to setup a couple of Linuxgsm servers within proxmox VE 's LXC based on the Ubuntu 22.10 template. Currently I have gotten the services up and running on the LXC level, but I need to setup the required ports for these. I am guessing this done through the firewall menu...
  3. T

    My proxmox server doesn't appear in my router so I can't open the port

    I don't know why but my proxmox server doesn't appear in my router with all the other device. I can connect to it and it can be pinged with my main pc. Does someone have a way to make it appear ?
  4. powersupport

    How block in ports in proxmox firewall

    Hi, I am trying to block a port for a VM on proxmox for incoming traffic, but it looks not working, please refer to the rule I created in the attachment. Anyone can advise on this? Also, actually, I am looking to block all the ports for incoming traffic except a few(for VM), is it possible? if...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] LXC - Connection refused on multiple ports

    I'm quite new to proxmox and containers in general. While everything works just fine in my VMs, all created LXCs run into the same problem that most applications (e.g. bookstack, ecodms, iobroker) are not accessible from any other computer in my network. I can however ping and ssh into all...
  6. G

    PBS behind NAT - Portforwarding?

    Hi Forum, i like to test ProxmoxBackupServer for a standalone PVE Server. I would like to have the PBS at home behind NAT while the PVE-Server lives outside in a datacenter. I did not find any information on what ports the pve connects to the PBS so i don't know which ports to forward. Or is...
  7. S

    Proxmox Loopback on port

    Hello! Today my DC said "My ports just made an ethernet loop." At the moment of happening we saw lots of MACs on your port that normally do not belong to you (see the listing below). >display mac-address interface ge 1/0/29 Flags: * - Backup BD : bridge-domain Age : dynamic MAC learned...
  8. DerDanilo

    PVE PBS Storage with custom port

    It doesn't seem possible to add PBS storage in PVE with a custom port. @proxmox Team: Can this restriction please be removed, if not done already? I am mapping a PBS server to a customer site and want to use a custom port. Otherwise a public IP is required for every PBS. Currently I found a...
  9. J

    All ports seems to be closed even after adding in firewall

    Hi All, I recently just installed Proxmox and it is working great except for the firewall part. I set up a vm and installed Unifi Controller in it. The necessary ports however are seemed to be blocked - I've added the ports in the OS layer as well as in Proxmox, from Datacenter all the way down...
  10. S

    open port on windows VM

    Hello, I have a dedicated server with ProxMoX with one Windows Server VM inside it with a public IP. Inside VM the port 1433 is open but it's filtered from node. Firewall in ProxMoX (Datacenter, node, VM0 is disabled. nmap -p1433 Starting Nmap 6.40 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2020-08-12...
  11. E

    Port Forwarding (like DMZ)

    I wrote this to redirect all ports to a single machine, but I don't know if it is working properly. Is it possible to direct the entire port range to a single machine like DMZ Logic? post-up iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 0:8005 -j DNAT --to-destination
  12. E

    Access to Other VM/CT via cURL

    Hi, I get a "timeout" when I try to access other guests via Proxmox Shell via cURL. There is no extra obstacle or command in the firewall. However, access is timing out. What could be the reason for this and how can I turn on port access? Proxmox 5.4-3 root@compute-ua:~# curl...
  13. E

    Port Forwarding is not working for me

    Hi, I want to forward the ports to specific VM/LXCs. To do this, `/etc / network / interfaces` I made changes but still no redirects. Is there a mistake here? auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface enp3s0 inet manual iface enp5s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address...
  14. C

    Cannot Change Outbound External Port from 25 to 587

    Hello, I am running into some issues sending mail and was hoping someone may be able to assist. From what I can tell PMG is sending mail externally exclusively on port 25. I am trying to change it to 587 as my ISP blocks port 25. I have attached an image for your reference. Any assistance would...
  15. J

    Can not access proxmox web interface from second nic

    Hey everyone, i have a little "problem" with my setup. Initially i installed proxmox with two ethernet nics, one built into the motherboard and the other as extra pcie card. BUT: i only plugged one ethernet cable into the pcie ethernet port during the installation. So, right now i reach my web...
  16. P

    How to handle ports/firewall with Debian Buster lxc?

    Hi guys I have created a container based on a Debian Buster template to use as a VPN server. The problem I have is that only port 22 is available towards that machine and I'm puzzled on how to solve this (fairly new to Proxmox/containers and Linux is not my strongest point) My Proxmox...
  17. N

    IPv6 and ports

    I am very new to Proxmox and struggeling to reach any other port than SSH from outside. A little information: Datacenter Firewall active with ACCEPT in inbound traffic Node Firewall active with ACCEPT in inbound traffic VM Firewall active with Deny on inbound traffic but macro "Mysql" is...
  18. G

    Proxmox pveproxy configuration

    Now that Proxmox appears to be pretty grown-up, what is the state of configuration for the web front end? 1. How would we add or change the URI prefix for the web page? (For example, instead of < https://myproxy.mydomain.tld:8006/ >, we'd have < https://myproxy.mydomain.tld:8006/URI/ > before...
  19. I

    firewall for access ip-network

    hi, i need a little bit informations about configure proxmox firewall in web-gui. i would configure proxmox firewall for bind9 port only access for special ip-ranges exsample port 53 can reach out of internet only from range 111.222.333.0/24 any ideas? regards
  20. R

    Installation over console

    Hi all, I would like some confirmation on whether Proxmox can be installed over a computer with no monitor and instead use the serial port. If you ask why, I have a unit built without IPMI and without graphic I/O. By the look of the grub.cfg file, it seems that it might not be possible with...


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