1. G

    Problems with opening port on Proxmox Host

    Hello, I've been strugging for days trying to open a port for nginx on a Proxmox host. I've checked that iptables is in use and not nftables as I thought maybe there was some conflict between the two - My way of doing this was "iptables -V" and I received back "iptables v1.8.9 (legacy)" - from...
  2. B

    Persistent VNC Port Conflict Issue During VM Migration in Proxmox Cluster

    Dear Proxmox Team, I am writing to report a persistent issue we are experiencing with VNC port conflicts during VM migration within our Proxmox cluster environment. This problem significantly impacts our operations, and we believe it warrants a permanent solution. **Issue Description:** While...
  3. C

    Access custom Port on new VM

    Hey guys, I recently wanted to switch to Proxmox and I am struggeling with connecting to my services. What is working: VM is running and can be accessed via noVNC in the Proxmox web interface Proxmox host can be SSH into VM can be SSH into I can access http (p80) so I can see my nginx success...
  4. L

    Router wia wifi connection

    Hello, I have the project to create HA with 3 hypervisors Proxmox. I want to install CEPH to dot that thing. i also want to install some paquets on my VM. I don't have access to internet via a switch, and my hypervisors doesn't have internal wifi card. I want to create a router on a Zorin VM...
  5. L

    Can't connect externally to my minecraft server

    Hello, I'm trying to understand why my Minecraft server doesn't work when I attempt to connect using my public IP address. It's installed and functioning on the local network, but even with port forwarding configured, it fails to work when I try to connect through the public IP address. When I...
  6. W

    Port Forwarding Issue with pfSense VM on Proxmox (Dual WAN, DHCP ISP)

    Hello, I'm having trouble with port forwarding on a pfSense VM running on Proxmox. I have a dual WAN setup with one DHCP connection and one PPPoE connection. I have confirmed with DHCP ISP that they use 1:1 NAT on their end. My setup: Proxmox version: 8.1.4 pfSense version: 2.7.2 NIC...
  7. S

    Allow entry to VM Ports with SDN

    Hello community, I have been trying to get this working for three weeks and I no longer know how to do it, the frustration is such that I am about to install Windows and use its Hypervisor. I have a PVE 8.1.3 instance with a single public IP without DHCP on /30. This is given to me by the...
  8. G

    local socket programming wich port to open and where?

    Hey ive been writing a script in python, the purpose at the moment is a communicate Between Client and Server. I wrote a script for both sites, the Server gets a API key (in this moment its still a var (API_KEY) on both sites). Im only and really only a programmer, i have to admit i didnt...
  9. T

    Script that communicates with Server

    Hey im pretty new to Proxmox and i got a Excercise from my trainer to build up a connection between out Company-Notebook and our new Server. The script should check all Versions of the open source software we use. Then it pulls the current Version thats established in the server, compares it and...
  10. M

    Is it possible to make DMZ for VM inside proxmox when my router(pfSense) also is a VM on the same computer?

    I want to make DMZ for VM inside proxmox when my router(pfSense) also is a VM on the same computer? I found tutorial but i don't know how can I make port for this Do you have any ideas?
  11. P

    Save to Open Port 8007 for PBS?

    Hello, I would like to synchronize my backups from my PBS in the local network to my PBS on an offsite server. In order to do that I have to open port 8007 as far as I know. Now I am wondering if it is safe to open this port to the internet. If the port is open, you can also access the config...
  12. F

    Proxmox ports setup

    Hi I have been trying to setup a couple of Linuxgsm servers within proxmox VE 's LXC based on the Ubuntu 22.10 template. Currently I have gotten the services up and running on the LXC level, but I need to setup the required ports for these. I am guessing this done through the firewall menu...
  13. T

    My proxmox server doesn't appear in my router so I can't open the port

    I don't know why but my proxmox server doesn't appear in my router with all the other device. I can connect to it and it can be pinged with my main pc. Does someone have a way to make it appear ?
  14. powersupport

    How block in ports in proxmox firewall

    Hi, I am trying to block a port for a VM on proxmox for incoming traffic, but it looks not working, please refer to the rule I created in the attachment. Anyone can advise on this? Also, actually, I am looking to block all the ports for incoming traffic except a few(for VM), is it possible? if...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] LXC - Connection refused on multiple ports

    I'm quite new to proxmox and containers in general. While everything works just fine in my VMs, all created LXCs run into the same problem that most applications (e.g. bookstack, ecodms, iobroker) are not accessible from any other computer in my network. I can however ping and ssh into all...
  16. G

    PBS behind NAT - Portforwarding?

    Hi Forum, i like to test ProxmoxBackupServer for a standalone PVE Server. I would like to have the PBS at home behind NAT while the PVE-Server lives outside in a datacenter. I did not find any information on what ports the pve connects to the PBS so i don't know which ports to forward. Or is...
  17. S

    Proxmox Loopback on port

    Hello! Today my DC said "My ports just made an ethernet loop." At the moment of happening we saw lots of MACs on your port that normally do not belong to you (see the listing below). >display mac-address interface ge 1/0/29 Flags: * - Backup BD : bridge-domain Age : dynamic MAC learned...
  18. DerDanilo

    PVE PBS Storage with custom port

    It doesn't seem possible to add PBS storage in PVE with a custom port. @proxmox Team: Can this restriction please be removed, if not done already? I am mapping a PBS server to a customer site and want to use a custom port. Otherwise a public IP is required for every PBS. Currently I found a...
  19. J

    All ports seems to be closed even after adding in firewall

    Hi All, I recently just installed Proxmox and it is working great except for the firewall part. I set up a vm and installed Unifi Controller in it. The necessary ports however are seemed to be blocked - I've added the ports in the OS layer as well as in Proxmox, from Datacenter all the way down...
  20. S

    open port on windows VM

    Hello, I have a dedicated server with ProxMoX with one Windows Server VM inside it with a public IP. Inside VM the port 1433 is open but it's filtered from node. Firewall in ProxMoX (Datacenter, node, VM0 is disabled. nmap -p1433 Starting Nmap 6.40 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2020-08-12...


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