1. M

    I have to ping pve to wake it up every 5 minutes or so

    Hello Proxmox newbie here I just installed a fresh bare metal PvE on a Lenovo m710q tiny. Network settings: - gateway: - DHCP range: - PvE IP range: PvE becomes unreachable every five minutes if I don't interact (webui, ssh...) and I have to ping...
  2. H

    No WebGUI or ssh into PVE, but ping works; Everything works from phone though?

    Hi there! I'm running into a really wild issue here: I want to access my PVE remotely from a different network, so I'm using a wireguard VPN running in an LXC on my Proxmox node. I can use it and ssh into it and other LXCs just fine, however I can't access the pve itself neither by ssh nor by...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] strange ping times

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my Proxmox and don't know what to do. I would really appreciate some help. Problem 1: basically doesn't matter, I'm just listing it in case the problems (could) cause each other: When I want to shut down Proxmox, it shuts down the VMs and is no longer...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Peer/Cluster Communication not Working

    Hi, I've setted up two Proxmox Servers in my home lab, each one running in a distinct physical server, but can't ping each other, neither join the same cluster. Both PVE can: Ping the gateway (; Ping outside ips ( Ping other devices in lan; Receives pings from my own...
  5. S

    communication problem between proxmox server on RPN

    hello, I have three dedibox servers on scaleway, the ping goes through the public IP address. After creation of RPN group, assignment of servers and creation of Linux bridge on the second network card for each server. the communication does not pass between proxmox servers
  6. N

    PVE Host cannot ping to gateway

    Hello everyone! Today I met a problem that gave me a headache. The PVE host cannot ping the gateway (and no internet), but the VMs can (have internet). There are three ethernet cards in the PVE, two of which work: enp23s0f0 (as eno1 in the map) and enp2s0 (as eno2 in the map). enp23s0f0 is...
  7. L

    Keine Pings / DNS Auflösung in Containern möglich

    Sorry für die DAU Frage, aber muss man in Verbindung mit einer FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable irgendetwas beachten beim DNS & ProxMox? Habe den PVE jetzt +-10mal neu aufgesetzt, habe immer dasselbe Problem. Im PVE habe ich DNS-Auflösung und pingen zum Internet & lokales Netzwerk funktioniert 1A. Sobald...
  8. B

    Can't get IP address to interface

    Hello Before few days I was working on some project and I was able to connect with GUI on server. After few days I tuned on server and I see that it does not have IP address on interface eno1. I tried same stuff as before few days, checked cables and ethernet ports and nothing is working...
  9. M

    Can't ping devices from vmbr1

    Hello, I took some time to try to resolve this myself, but like many, I'm new to this and wanted to reach out for some help. I'm trying to mount NFS storage to Proxmox from TrueNAS, which is one of my VM's of course!, and I have TrueNAS on my vmbr1 interface, however, I can't get connectivity...
  10. E

    Unable to Ping or Manage VIA GUI

    Hello Everyone I've run into quiet an interesting problem. I recently wanted to rename my Proxmox to match my homes Networking Naming scheme. I made the change in the Web GUI Shell on Proxmox and simply did the reboot command from the terminal. The Server rebooted and I verified it was turned on...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Can't access Proxmox over VPN and Virtual Machines

    Hello folks! I just set up a new Proxmox Server and I wondered why I can't access the GUI or in general the IP from Proxmox when connected over a VPN or when I am sshd into a VM hosted on Proxmox. I testet something: - when I'm connected over VPN (WireGuard or FritzBox) I can't reach the UI...
  12. Z

    [SOLVED] Can not ping gateway

    Hello, today I've decide to update proxmox from 6.3 to 6.4 but i have discovered that one of my node can not access internet and can not ping the gateway. Ping result: ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host...
  13. B

    Proxmox on Dedicated Hetzner, on the VM with pfSense ping works but TCP only works sometimes

    Hello everybody, I have a dedicated on Hetzner on which I have installed Proxmox. The problem I have is that with both Bridge and Routed configuration, I only have ping which works 100% while TCP connections only work sometimes (3/10 or so). Configuration: Host with Debian 10 and Proxmox...
  14. Z

    Can't ping host from proxmox or any vm's

    Hey all, So I was trying to add an smb share to windows using an Ubuntu server 20.04 vm and noticed I can ping the gateway, the dns but can't ping the client IP it just hangs, but I can ping proxmox's IP from the windows client as well as the vm IP I'm assuming it's related to why I can't map a...
  15. I

    [SOLVED] Gateway not pingable - problem in linux bridge?

    Hello, I have problems with pinging gateway from my two containers. It seems, that I changed something before, because it was working before from both machines. I am sorry, I am currently learning linux, so I need a little bit support. Proxmox network looks like this: vmbr0 is management...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Network problem to external switch

    hey there, i have some problem with the new version PVE 5.4, after installing pve to server and giving an IP, i can't ping gateway, can't ping outside and inside.. it only happen when i connect it from server(port1, vmbr0) to switch(non managed, no vlan), although no ip conflict~ if i connect...
  17. S

    Simple reset script - ping

    I noticed that there does not seem to be a simple reset / reboot script for problematic clients so I made one. Copy / Paste this to using nano #! /bin/bash # Replace VM id number and IP address with your own "VM" id number and IP address ping -c 1 &>...
  18. N

    Network setup, can't ping CT routed IP

    Hello, I have this issue on the Proxmox 5.1. I have a container with 2 network interfaces. One for LAN and one with routed IP. eth0 -> routed IP (82.xx.xx.xx) eth1 -> LAN IP (192.168.x.x) I can ping any IP on the network from the CT (both routed class and local class) and I can ping the LAN...
  19. floh

    [SOLVED] Network at host (Proxmox) isn't working

    Hello! I have installed my Proxmox host in a extra network where no internet access exist. There I configurated Proxmox and managed the network cards. At this time I have 1 network card with 2 Lunix Bridges These two Bridges are for my VLANs 1st vlan: management-network, so no internet access...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Wrong category: LXC Unreachable from Outside; no Ping replies

    Hello fellow friends, i've just set up a Proxmox VE (newest stable release) Setup on a KVM from Netcup. Also i've got a secondary IP for use at this Server. What my plans are: - Hypervisor with one external IP - A LXC-Container with another external IP Future: - Hypervisor on external IP - up...


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