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    pfSense VLAN Setup - Help!

    So i found this online: and wanted to replicate it in order to host my own webservers and stuff. so i spent a VERY long time setting up my pfSense VLANS and then spent very long time figuring out how to get console access to my procurve 2510g (i didnt know i had to press enter twice)...
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    10Gig card using Linux Bridge

    Hi, I have a 10Gig card with 2 NICs I created the Linux Bond using these 2 NICs and then created a Linux bridge on top of this bond as shown below: I am using this bond0 as a LAN in pfSense by creating the Linux Bridge (vmbr1). pfSense recognises this interface (vmbr1) as 10 gig as shown...
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    PVE 8 PFsense WAN Passthrough

    Trying to get PFsense working in a VM. Can't seem to get an IP address from my ISP on my VM-PFsense. I have a VMBR1 (virtual bridge that is passing my isp's link through the Proxmox server to my netgear router but cant seem to get it into PFsense. [Modem>i82571NIC-P1>i82571NIC-P2>BR200]<both...
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    Change default network

    Hello guys, im trying to simulate a home network on my proxmox so what im trying to do is: vmbr0: vmbr100: vmbr0 will act as wan vmbr100 will act as lan i did setup pfsense and made vmbr0 as wan and vmbr100 as wan but i dont want that wan can access my proxmox...
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    Help with VM start-up error QEMU. with PCI passthrough,

    HELP Cant get this thing working. Trying to get my NIC into a PFsense-OPNsense VM. Once I get the VM started without, but once I add any of the X520-DA4 ports to the VM it no longer starts. I am getting a QEMU error code 1. Other VM's I plan on adding, once I get the router going. IOMMU is...
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    Proxmox Host Machine & Proxmox VMs firewall through pfSense VM

    I'm trying to set up a network configuration where the Proxmox host machine and VMs are set to go through pfSense which is in a VM. See the diagram below:I have the pfSense VM functioning and when I use the LAN port to go to the switch, everything works fine. But Proxmox itself is not accessible...
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    HowTo Proxmox mit pfSense & VLAN´s

    Hallo Zusammen , ich bin echt seit mehreren Tagen und Nächten am verzweifeln mit meinem neuen HomeLab. Obwohl ich viel hier und im Netz mich eingelesen habe, geht es in meinen alten Schädel nicht rein :( bzw., bekomme ich das als Newbie nicht umgesetzt. Daher bitte ich einmal um Eure...
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    Hilfe für Proxmox mit pfSense VLAN´s

    Hallo Zusammen, ich bin echt seit mehreren Tagen und Nächten am verzweifeln mit meinem neuen HomeLab. Obwohl ich viel hier und im Netz mich eingelesen habe, geht es in meinen alten Schädel nicht rein :( bzw., bekomme ich das als Newbie nicht umgesetzt. Daher bitte ich einmal um Eure...
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    [SOLVED] How to put Proxmox host behind pfSense VM

    Here is my setup: WAN -> Server (Proxmox host) IP 10.0.0.x -> pfSense ip 10.0.0.x (VM on Proxmox host) > switch ip 192.168.1.x I would like to put my Proxmox host behind the firewall. Is it possible? Is it a good practice? Is it the good way to do it? I am new to this and I need your help...
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    No routing from pfSence to proxmox.

    Hi Experts, My current lab setup as follows: Home router with internet access. A laptop with Ethernet and Wireless Card. Proxmox as hypervisor pfSence for firewall and VLANs. My 5G router don't have any ethernet port. So i enabled wireless lan interface in proxmox. My configuration as below...
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    [SOLVED] the pfSense doesn't work corectly

    Hello All, This is my startup config for proxmox(nothing special) The problem: Below I present the architecture of my solution. The problem is that the pfsense router does not respond to ping from VM1 and VM2, but when I use ping from pfSesne to VM1/VM2 the virtual machines respond. I would...
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    [SOLVED] Weird issue when virtualizing pfSense on Proxmox VE

    I decided to try and virtualize pfsense because sometimes you don't have a spare bare metal hardware to dedicate to it or you do but it's just not worth it for the little amount of resources that pfsense needs (in small to medium networks). Everything works fine except for one weird issue that...
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    Route all VMs through a firewall VM - confused about bridges

    I want all my VMs to go through my firewall VM. I know I need to bridge all of them but when I check the network on the host it shows the pve IP I chose during install. Do I need to add a new Linux Bridge for every VM or just use the same vmbr0 for all of them and proxmox will do the rest and...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox + Pfsense CARP not working

    Hello, I am trying to configure a HA with 2 Pfsense VMs hosted on 2 physical proxmox servers. Everything works well, excepted I am facing a problem to configure a public CARP IP on Pfsense VMs. Every public CARP IP created can not be accessed outside Pfsense network. Then both Pfsense VM are...
  15. S

    Route VM network through pfsense

    This is my network in proxmox This is in the pfsense VM. This is a quad port NIC. I've tried to simply set vmbr2 as network in the LXD but this totally broke my VMs network. I really don't know what else to do. Would really appreciate the help.
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    Pfsense Web interface unreachable

    Hello there, I restored a previously preconfigured pfsense VM on Proxmox hoping to change in the future the existing rules contained on it, but now I’m not able to connect through the web interface to the pfsense, although I’m able to open the console of the pfsense on Proxmox and interact with...
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    NIC Passthrough failling

    hi proxmox community im trying to get a 4port NIC passthrough but seem te be failing every time i try to start the vm the hypervisor crashes and i cant seem to find any logs i want t setup pfsense inside a virtual box some information lspci -nnk gives 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel...
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    [SOLVED] Containers cant communicate through Pfsense VPN client VM

    Hey guys, I have been trying to get this to work for several days now, for the life of me i cant figure out whats going wrong. To summaries before details, in Proxmox I have a PFsense VPN client VM that is only for a specific network, If i connect to that network with an AP my phone/laptop can...
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    pfSense gateway warning packet loss

    Hi, We installed pfSense installation on one of our Proxmox cluster. Our ProxMox version is Virtual Environment 5.2-6. After the installation we saw that the gateway of the pfSense monitoring is showing packet loss. From the pfSense installation we are able to ping to the gateway but for some...
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    Migrate pfSense XEN to Proxmox

    Hello, I have a psSense server in XEN and I wanted to convert it and import it into proxmox. I used the python script to generate the .raw disk. Once I have the disk, I put it in proxmox and I create the proxmox machine. My pfsense is working. But, from the side of Proxmox is very high load...


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