1. A

    Seabios vs OVMF (UEFI) | Security & OpenSource Question

    I am currently in the process of choosing settings for my new VM Templates and one thing i am still not sure about is if i should use Seabios or OVMF as my new standard. Already did some research and saw the stuff / problems regarding pcie passthrough with seabios and i am aware that i might...
  2. A

    [TUTORIAL] Install OpenBSD 7.3 on Proxmox (BIOS/UEFI and Cloud-init)

    We're taking a little break in our series "GPU/PCI Passthrough on Proxmox", I must say that the fourth article on OpenBSD gave me a hard time. So I thought it was an opportunity to take stock of the different methods of installing OpenBSD on our favorite hypervisor. We will consider different...
  3. O

    Convert Ubuntu VM from SeaBIOS to OVMF

    I have an active Ubuntu server 22 VM that I want to pass through a GPU (p2000) for hardware acceleration. Now when I set up this VM a long time ago I used the default machine (i440fx) and boot type (SeaBIOS), but the docs don't recommend those options for passthrough. The machine type was...
  4. H

    Unable to boot "Arch-Linux-x86_64-cloudimg.qcow2" with OVMF (UEFI) BIOS - Even with Secure Boot Disabled

    Proxmox Version: 7.4-3 I am trying to install Arch Linux via the official cloud image, which lists Proxmox as a tested provider: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Arch_Linux_on_a_VPS The page above details the Proxmox installation process in the table, with a link to the cloud image being...
  5. Q

    [SOLVED] Corrupt GPT after Restore on PVE 7.0 from Backup on PVE 6.4 | QEMU VM, LVM-Thin Storage, OVMF

    Hello everyone I tested whether I could migrate VMs from PVE 6.4-13 to PVE 7.0-11, using backup and restore, which unfortunately fails. Both PVEs share an equal setup except for their Proxmox version, have an LVM thin pooled storage, were installed from Debian (Buster, Bullseye, respectively)...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Physical2Virtual: Windows Server 2012 R2 UEFI/GPT on PVE 7

    Dear Proxmox Community, last night I had to migrate a Physical Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 UEFI/GPT Server to Proxmxo VE 7 (for a customer, we already use Proxmox VE Enterprise). I tried many different things but in the end the virtual Windows did not start. Here's what I tried Installed...
  7. J

    Windows 10 ISO won't boot with OVMF, fine with SeaBIOS

    Hey all, I'm having trouble even getting a Windows 10 ISO to boot with OVMF - not even trying to setup anything like PCIe passthrough right now. The ISO boots fine on a SeaBIOS VM so I'm sure it's not the problem, but I'll still try a different ISO when I get the chance. On boot (after Proxmox...
  8. M

    OVMF - Guest has not initialized the display (yet).

    Hello, I was trying to do GPU passthrough but I ran into a larger issue along the way. Whenever I try to use OVMF instead of SeaBIOS, I get the error "Guest has not initialized the display (yet)." It doesn't matter what settings I use or what guest I'm trying to use (I've tried both Ubuntu 18.04...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Windows VM (OVMF BIOS) stuck at 800x600 resolution

    Hi! I'm trying to recreate one of my windows templates which used the OVMF bios with a set resolution of 1920x1080. The problem I'm having with this new VM is after I set the resolution to 1920x1080 from within the bios it resets back to 800x600 on boot. If I check the bios the resolution says...
  10. R

    Unable to create EFI Disk on ZFS over iSCSI LIO

    Ive just configured my SAN to run as a PVE node/storage appliance with ZFS over iSCSI as a LIO target. NFS and iSCSI over RDMA is working well with the exception of adding EFI disks to a VM. Copying EFI vars image failed: command '/usr/bin/qemu-img convert -n -f raw -O raw...
  11. R

    OVMF boot UEFI Solaris distros?

    Ive installed a couple open solaris distributions including openindiana and omnios both installing a UEFI bootloader. But OVMF on proxmox reports after install that it is not found. Changing to SeaBIOS does boot. I tried on both PVE 6 and PVE 5.4 with the same results: no UEFI boot to any...
  12. S

    Seit neuem OVMF Update VM Absturz / wie PVE downgraden? Bug 1973

    Hallo zusammen, gestern Abend meinen PVE Host aktualisiert. Alle VMs fein säuberlich heruntergefahren die Repositories aktualisiert, Upgrade, Host Neustart, super. Nach dem Neustart scheint alles wie immer. Alle VMs starten außer eine. Diese hat einen SATA Controller durchgereicht bekommen...
  13. D

    OVMF - VM can't boot

    Hi, I tried to passthrough an adapter card, GTX 1050 Ti, by using PVE v5 and v4.4 as hypervisor, but i'm blocked in the phase of installing the VM with UEFI (OVMF). I don't have any clue of how could i continue to install the operating system. The only thing i see is a shell. I tried to set the...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Issue with OVMF GPU Passthrough (specs and details in post)

    Hi all! I'm just now taking my first real foray into Proxmox and I'm loving it so far. But I could use some help. Some of the technologies at play here are still a little foreign to me. I apologize if I'm a little wordy here. First some details: Version: Proxmox VE 4.4 Hardware: Supermicro...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough (NVIDIA 1050ti) failed to get group 1

    Hi there, i want to passthrough a NVIDIA 1050ti. If I follow the instructions in the Proxmox Wiki using the OVMF Bios I get the following error when I start the VM (Windows 10): "failed to get group 1" Should I re-activate the "pcie_acs_override=downstream" - Patch in the grub? Or is there...
  16. N

    vm secure boot no longer working

    > pveversion pve-manager/4.3-3/557191d3 (running kernel: 4.4.19-1-pve) We need to boot a Windows 10 VM with secure boot enabled. Until now we've used the EFI Internal Shell to run LockDownMS.efi to enable secure boot for a Windows 10 guest. With the recent updates which also enabled permanent...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] UNCLAIMED Device - EVGA GTS 450 - VGA Arbitration - SeaBIOS - Ubuntu 16.04

    Hardware: Motherboard: X10SRH-CLN4F CPU: E5-2648L v3 (ES: Engineering Sample) RAM: DDR4 2133MHZ 1.2V LRDIMM GPU: EVGA GeForce GTS 450 FPB (Free Performance Boost) Images of hardware: http://imgur.com/a/49omH Software: Proxmox Virtual Environment 4.2-2/725d76f0 (pve-manager/4.2-2/725d76f0)...
  18. R

    ovmf bcfg boot add does not persist

    PVE 4.1 wth UEFI OVMF for Ubuntu 16.04 Server guest. The Ubuntu installation did not place a boot entry (or it did not persist), but I could manually run from internal shell: fs0:\efi\ubuntu\shimx64.efi. Trying 'bcfg boot add 0 shimx64.efi "ubuntu server"' is a no-op as verified by 'bcfg boot...
  19. V

    VM hangs during boot if passthrough device is Nvidia Tesla K80

    The subject says it all. We can speculate as to the cause: We think it is necessary to enable "above 4G decoding" in the OVMF bios. If that is the case then the question is: How can we enabled "above 4G decoding" or similar feature in the OVMF bios? Otherwise, we believe the reason the VM...
  20. C

    "TASK ERROR: Undefined subroutine" when using UEFI/ovmf

    I am using Proxmox 4.1 (updated from 4.0) and as I need PCIe-passthrough I tried to use UEFI/ovmf, but as soon as I set this I get the following error when starting the VM: TASK ERROR: Undefined subroutine &PVE::Tools::file_copy called at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/QemuServer.pm line 2712. Does...


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