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    [SOLVED] Error: Passtrough Intel x520-DA2 | VMs won't start

    Hello! I am fighting since many days with my Intel x520-DA2 NIC to passtrough it in a VM. As im not able to find a solution, i want to try to ask you for help. Important context: This is a new machine and i use proxmox the first time. The installation was around 2-3 weeks ago. Proxmox is...
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    7.4->8.1 Why did NIC devices change so radically... on ONE of two hosts?

    I have two almost identical host boxes (HP Z2 G5, with Intel I350 multi-port nic, etc. Nice ;) ) They've been running great on 7.0 through 7.4 Time to upgrade to 8.1 Key item is NIC id's as I have a rich networking environment (pfSense HA, multiple VLANs, etc). Driver is igb... One box went...
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    NEW NIC not ACTIVE but detected.

    So, here is the thing. I have a dual SFP+ NIC that works well. I also wanted to place a 2.5Gbe Quad card into my proxmox machine. I am simply trying to do a Linux bridge within proxmox. The card is seen but won't become active. I tried a dual 10Gbe card and it was seen and would become active...
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    If VT-d not supported, so how do you know the wire is not connected?

    intel J1900 VT-x: enabled VT-d: unsupported virtual machine always see the connected network wire. The problem occurs when the lease or address changes DHCP.client. The virtual machine connects to the ISP and there are problems with the network connector, virtual machine may not be available...
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    Incompatible card?

    Hello! I upgraded the kernel to 6.1. After installing a PTR-FU network card (RTL8125B) my main network card stops linking once the kernal boots and it is not reachable by the network, however it has the same IP as before. Any idea what it could be? Do you know if PTR-FU (RTL8125B) is compatible...
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    Recommended NICS to use in proxmox

    Good morning, I am looking for a network card to install to my proxmox server. After investigating, the realtek NICs give a lot of problems to install in proxmox, so I don't know what network cards I could install in my server. I currently have an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor, running...
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    Upgraded pve version and now network adapter issues

    Im currently on version 7.2-7 and kernel 5.15.39-1-pve I have this setup on a dell r620. I have four network adapters. two are 1gig nics and two are 10 gig fiber connections all connected to the same switch a brocade icx6610 which has no vlans setup currently. I bridged all the adapters...
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    Proxmox VE New Network Card Installed but Won't Activate

    I have two Proxmox nodes with each a PCIe 1gbps networking card and a 1gpbs motherboard networking card. This has been working just fine for me for the longest time, but I wanted to increase the bandwidth of the servers by using 802.3AD but I have ran into some problems with installing the PCIe...
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    PCIe NIC not working in Proxmox.

    I bought a Dell Broadcom 5719 HY7RM Quad Port 1GB NIC PCIe Full Height Ethernet Adapter to use for setting up pfsense. However, installing the card into my server causes it to lose all networking capability. The nic integrated into my motherboard worked fine, but no longer works while the...
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    New NIC card - Network stops working

    On one of our Proxmox node (pve14) NIC card stopped working entirely. We purchased a new NIC card and I changed the configuration in "/etc/network/interfaces" to use a new rj45 port under the name enp7s0. (picture1.jpg). After server restart "ip a" command is showing that everything should be...
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    PCIE passthrough NIC (SFP+ card) - very slow performance

    Here's what I have: Proxmox installed on a very powerful machine (RAM/CPU-wise). I have granted generous amount of CPU + RAM to pfSense guest. Now I have a 10gb uplink 9000 MTU connection for WAN. It's fiber / SFP+. I am doing full PCIe passthrough. (all functions of card selected, PCIe...
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    Pfsense with VLANs migration from ESXI

    I have been using ESXI for 5 years now on a 2011 mac mini with no issues. The setup is: - Dual NIC (one on board, one thunderbolt adapter) - One NIC is dedicated to WAN - The other NIC goes to a managed switch in a trunk port that has 3 VLANS + untagged for LAN - The switch connects to a unifi...
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    QLogic NIC not working

    Hi, I do not see my QLogic FastLinQ QL45212-DE 25Gb NIC in network settings. System loaded qede kernel module but I think the driver is missing and it does not show up in ip a. lspci output is in the attachment. Onboard Intel NICs work without issues. Is there a trick I am missing?
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    [SOLVED] PCI (NIC) Passthrough

    Hi, all who read this post :) since two/three days I'm struggling with PCI Passthrough, my Server has 4 Onboard NICs (Ethernet Cards) and I want to Pass two of them to my VM. IOMMU is alredy enabled dmesg | grep -e DMAR -e IOMMU [ 0.014209] ACPI: DMAR 0x000000007B7BC000 0000B8 (v01 LENOVO...
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    NIC Passthrough failling

    hi proxmox community im trying to get a 4port NIC passthrough but seem te be failing every time i try to start the vm the hypervisor crashes and i cant seem to find any logs i want t setup pfsense inside a virtual box some information lspci -nnk gives 00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Intel...
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    Can not access proxmox web interface from second nic

    Hey everyone, i have a little "problem" with my setup. Initially i installed proxmox with two ethernet nics, one built into the motherboard and the other as extra pcie card. BUT: i only plugged one ethernet cable into the pcie ethernet port during the installation. So, right now i reach my web...
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    Howto Network 3 NIC seperate subnet

    Hi Forum. I've just bought a new FIrewall (Netgate XG-7100-1U) with PFsense installed. One Server i a HPE Proliant - with one onboard NIC - and 2 NIC using PCIe. Hoping this is possiby somehow so I'll try to descripbe my setup/plans, in the network. Administration Interface ( )...


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