1. W

    Can't copy/paste to VMs and LXCs

    I'm new to proxmox, I have been trying to work on some of my containers but it have been a pain. When I try to setup a new service I have to write the code from manuals by hand and I cannot copy and paste from my client to VMs. I have been using noVNC because SPICE and xterm.js are not working...
  2. W

    Wrong Password!

    I have a fresh install of proxmox ve 8.2 and after I have set everything up I logged into the machine using my web browser, went straight to creating a VM. After my VM was created I logged into it and suddenly I lost connection to my server. I thought it might of been an error in my network...
  3. W

    Complete Newbie to Proxmox

    Hey Guys, I am very new to Proxmox, and looking at it to replace ESX, as our costs have ramped up. I do appreciate these are newbie questions, however before I get some hardware to create a lab and learn I wanted to learn from the Kings here ! So to cut a long story short, im just looking at...
  4. Q

    Pre-install issues

    Hi I have never used proxmox before but i cant get a clear answer from the web. so i thought id ask. the system inquestion is a 5900x/32gb ram/1080ti. lots of hard drives spinning with media, a 2tb 990pro nvme, and a 512gb pm9a1 nvme. i have always used windwos and i use virtualbox to host ...
  5. F

    IP forwarding with DDNS:port to LXC

    Hi, i am completely new to Proxmox, LXC and network management, it's just a hobby for me. I've installed Proxmox VE on an home server and create 2 LXC, so far so good. Now I want to use a DDNS (provided by noip) to access all my server remotely by changing the port used. Previously, on a...
  6. P

    Proxmox not working without monitor

    Hello there Has motherboard with realnek network card and pci-e. I installed proxmox using gui and my graphics card. Now - when i disable my monitor (gpu is still installed in motherboard, just without any output) - it does not access from my local network. i do not know why. Journalctl is OK...
  7. M

    cannot ping or

    hi ! very very new to proxmox and virtualization im trying to get dns to work so i can use a bittorrent container, probleme is i cannot ping or name it.. neither on the node neither on the container - i can ping whats inside my local network but nothing outside...
  8. G

    VE won't start after re-install

    I am learning. I had a small server running (2c/2t, severely underpowered box). I reinstalled that server several times just fine. Got used to making VMs. Then I borrowed two computers from work (6c/12t much better boxes). I installed on those two machines just fine. I made a cluster; I made...
  9. S

    New to Linux and ProxMox - Help please

    Hi there, I am new to Linux and ProxMox, but decided to give it a try! :) I want to offload containers running on my Desktop PC and from my Synology NAS and run them on a Mini PC (Beelink SEi12 with and Intel 12th Gen i5-1235U, 32 GB RAM and 512 SSD) I installed ProxMox following a guide...
  10. K

    Just starting out ...

    Hi, just starting out on my virtualisation journey after mainly using Synology kit, but wanting to try a more flexible platform and learning something new along the way. I have been trying to find as much information as possible on initial set up and configuration and although I feel I've made...
  11. G

    Cannot find network interfaces enp2s0 and enp3s0

    I set a dns name with duck dns to my ip address and it worked fine a while them I could not got to the web ui anymore. I could not ssh to the server either. I accessed directly the server and I discover that my two network interfaces where missing and vmbr is still there but gave an error as...
  12. H

    How to merge a disk

    Hello I am newbie in Proxmox, i have a question When i installed proxmox, it created 2 disks - local 72GB and local-lvm 152GB. My hard drive is rated at 256GB How can I combine these spaces so that they can be used as one? Thank you
  13. E

    How do I mount an old (single) zfs backup disk in a newly installed PBS server?

    I'm learning and played around with Proxmox. I installed a PBS and created a ZFS on a single disk and added it as a datastore through the GUI. I did do a couple of backups which worked fine. I later re-installed PBS from scratch with another single backup disk (ext4 this time). I need to restore...
  14. D

    2 Node solutions

    Hi, Ive been evaluating Proxmox and XCP for a while now and are leaning towards PM for a project. I only have 2 nodes at the moment with local storage (mix of SAS & SATA SSD). Can I get clarification on following. - 2 node clusters are a bad idea due to quorum issues, but you can run a QDevice...
  15. Y

    Newbie Questions: How do I start?

    I'm not sure yet exactly what questions to ask... The most fundamental is - are there any sites (including pay sites) which have good tutorials (ideally video, or alternatively written) on setting up and working with PVE environments? Or do I learn from blogs and the Q&A sites such as these...
  16. K

    How to pass through NVMe on a PCIe card?

    Hi, I'm totally new to Proxmox so please accept my apologies if this is a a dumb question. I have successfully installed Proxmox 7.1-7 and want to configure an NVMe on a PCIE card so that this is passed through to the VM. As with my other post, I see this topic has a dedicated tag defined in...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] How to boot uploaded iso from virtual CD ROM

    Hi, I'm totally new to Proxmox so please accept my apologies if this is a a dumb question. I have successfully installed Proxmox 7.1-7 and managed to upload an ISO image to the server. As a next step, I would like to boot off this ISO in order to install Fedora. Unfortunately, I can't seem to...
  18. R

    Proxmox Setup for New User

    New Proxmox user. Installed Proxmox 7.2-1 on a SSD. After the installation I am asked to direct a web browser to a specific address. No matter what I do, I cannot get any browser to connect to the address. I suspect that proxmox is not connected to the internet. How does internet get setup...
  19. C

    Which ssd do I use

    Hey everyone, First I would like to say Thank-you everyone/anyone for any advice. I come from esxi land and have always had it running on a 32gb usb and in my readings about proxmox that it’s not wise to use USB device due to high read/writes wear and tear. I had to use my second 2tb ssd nvme...
  20. B

    Datastore creation

    Hello. I have just installed PBS for the first time. I have done it in a 2-disk physical computer. During the installation I chose to mirror the two disks (ZFS-RAIS1). Everything looks good. On the GUI I see I have: /dev/sda, /dev/sdb (Storage/Disks > Disks) No directory (Storage/Disks >...


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