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    Newbie set-up clarification

    im planning on setting up proxmox to run my vm's of course and one of them I plan to have is TrueNAS. can I install proxmox and my vms on a single drive until I get my mass storage drives and give a VM access to those drives later? or does proxmox need to be set up with every drive there already.
  2. W

    Proxmox dorm configuration.

    Hi I just started using proxmox in a old computer i had around. My objective is to have the computer work as an AP with pihole and access to my VM, through a wifi card i have installed, the internet will be provided from another wifi card connected to my universities wifi (no i dont have...
  3. R

    ZFS configuration for new build, question about SLOG/L2ARC/Special

    (ZFS newbie, I might be using wrong terminology, please correct me if I do ) I'm going to migrate my Unraid server to Proxmox. With regard to storage I could use some help. The hardware: 2x NVMe 1TB SSD's (Seagate Firecuda) 2x SATA 18TB HDD's (Seagate Exos) Both the SSD's and the HDD's will...
  4. M

    Proxmox crashes after trying to pass through gpu to VM with none left for host

    I'm new to proxmox, and generally new to home servers (I've just been messing around trying to find the best OS to use for VM's and a NAS) and I wanted to try using proxmox with TrueNAS scale in a VM for my NAS OS. Here is the funky problem. I also wanted a ubuntu VM to run Jellyfin and have a...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Updating a debian server to proxmox error

    Hi everyone, Sorry for the dumb query and long explanation, but it's really got me stumped. Bit of background as I'm a total newb to linux and have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. I recently at the age of 59 decided it would be fun to ( hasten the loss of hair by pulling it out) tried...
  6. G

    Can't access proxmox after IP-Range changed

    Hello ! After moving, I had to switch router. My IP-Range changed and I couldn't fix it through the router, so I had to change id through Proxmox. The weird thing is, on my router interface, I only see one VM showing up, and it's not proxmox. And I can't access promox through the UI (using the...
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    Proxmox Server - This site can’t be reached

    Hi there, I'm a complete newbie to Proxmox and I'm not that technical either. Last month I installed Proxmox onto an old machine and also installed Kali Linux and Ubuntu onto it. I installed this via the GUI interface which I accessed using Since then I had an issue...
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    PCI passthrough funktioniert nicht.

    Hi, Ich wollte PCI passthrough aktivieren, jedoch erhilet ich bei folgendem command diese fehler meldung: dmesg | grep 'remapping' DMAR-IR: This system BIOS has enabled interrupt remapping interrupt remapping is being disabled. Please Ebenfalls taucht folgende Fehler Meldung...
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    New to servers and can't connect to internet

    Hello, I have been trying to teach myself how to use servers and look forward to using my Dell R630 to handle a few future projects. Though I have successfully installed Proxmox and I can IDRAC into my server locally I can't seem to ping anything or update anything. I've checked the health of my...
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    extending proxmox cluster and moving to ceph

    We have small cluster based on 10 servers and 2 storages We are planning to add 8 node supermicro ( it will act as ceph server with 2 major pools: pool fast based on pcievnme for VM,sqlDB, (based on 4tb 2.5ssds ) another...
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    [SOLVED] Failed to create new lvm correctly HAYELP HAYELP!!!

    Hiya folks, I done goofed agin, followed instructions from website that looked like it knew what it was saying but ended up with unusable volume. It is showing in node - disks - lvm as 'newdrive sdc1' I gave it the sdc1 which was correct as far as instructions (this drive listed as sdc in drive...


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