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    Proxmox Network Interfaces disappeared

    am new to proxmox, and i was trying to configure the wifi interface i fucked something up by installing network-manager the inerfaces are working fine but its not showing up in the proxmox panel anymore is there a way to fix this ?.
  2. V

    [SOLVED] CT is not getting connected to the Internet.

    I am new to proxmox. I have created a CT having Ubuntu 18.04 template. The problem is it is not getting connected to the internet. $ ping connect: Network is unreachable $ cat /etc/network/interfaces # ifupdown has been replaced by netplan(5) on this system. See # /etc/netplan for...
  3. J

    Multiple Networks on one node

    I'm trying to add a second network to my proxmox host so I can host certain VMs on a separate network than my main network. Networks net1: net2: I've already tried following this post here: This...
  4. B

    Slow Networking until PVE reboot

    Hi all, first time posting here, thanks for reading. I'm having a strange issue that I can't seem to fix. If I'm downloading a large amount of things from the internet my networking will throttle from the expected 500mbps(max) to about 2mbps both directions (haven't done an iperf yet though)...
  5. D

    Proxmox and pfsense

    Hi all . im new on this and discovering a lot proxmox. i rented a dedicated server on server4you and used a debian buster to install the proxmox. so far so good. but i wanted to install pfsense to secure some VMs inside that server. ok arrived to the red zone. i have the lan part of the pfsense...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Public and private interfaces for VMs

    Hi, Is it possible to assign to VM 2 interfaces, public and private? Thanks
  7. R

    Cannot access VM's from sperate network

    I have 2 separate interfaces being used on a pfSense box and The Proxmox server resides on the network. When I try and access any hosted web UI such as Pi-Hole from the network it will be very slow, sometimes half loading things sometimes not...
  8. U

    [SOLVED] Setting up multiple nic Network and routing on Proxmox

    Just install my Proxmox server. My server has a dual Nic. Each nic port is connected to a VLAN switch port that serves two separate VLANs (port 2 for VLAN 10, port 3 for VLAN 100). The topology is below: Here is what is on the console on the GUI and in the /etc/network/interfaces I am...
  9. T

    pfSense VM NIC is down

    Hi, I installed pfSense as vm according to this tutorial the host-,Basic Proxmox networking,eth0 is for Proxmox management But the NIC that is bridged to the vm is down, even if I use to command ifup eno1...
  10. H

    nftables interface not available at boot?

    I'm using nftables to implement firewall rules. I have some rules which I need to apply to vmbr1 and the fwbr interfaces. I create my test config file thus: #!/usr/sbin/nft -f flush ruleset table netdev filterearly { chain ingress { type filter hook ingress device...
  11. A

    Fail with inetwork interface naming

    I was just create new bridge vmbr1 with eno0, after reboot this bridge was in state UNKNOWN and was appeared rename2 root@pve04:~# ip a 1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 1000 link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00 inet...
  12. V

    Root Server with Proxmox behind virtualized FW

    Hello everyone, I know there are already many threads on this topic, but so far nobody has helped me. My structure looks as follows: Rented root server at Hetner with fixed ipv4 and an additionally booked ipv4. On the Proxmox runs an OPNsense firewall. All VMs hang in the LAN behind the...
  13. D

    Pfsense on Proxmox - buffer I/O error

    So I have the following problem. I would like to virtualise my pfsense in Proxmox and I try to do this on my "MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK" which has 2 network interfaces. The only problem is that when I try to integrate these 2 network interfaces and start the pfsense I get the following problem...
  14. N

    3rd Router as 2nd NIC? Multiple devices as multiple NICs?

    Hey guys, I'm sure you might get a laugh off this but I'm new, very new and still learning linux and 100 other things at once....can't think its too overwhelming. I know googling won't get these answers, I've spent too much time on that. I already know this is a stupid question but what if I'm...
  15. D

    Proxmox VM maxium number of network interfaces

    I want to add multiple (up to 1000) interfaces to my VM inside Proxmox VE. When trying to add interface number 32, I got following error (attached as image). Is there a fixed limit on number of network interfaces for VM inside Proxmox VE?
  16. H

    Predictable network device names = no network access

    I'm trying to install the newest (6.1) version of proxmox and an unable to. My networking interfaces are getting named random names (renameX etc) and not working at all). Frankly I don't know what is going / why I am having this problem. A few days ago I did an install of Centos8 without any...
  17. J

    Network Bond not working to VM

    I am new to proxmox as of a few weeks ago, and am trying to replace VMware because I'd rather avoid paying VCenter pricing to save the department money. So all advice is welcome during their trial period. On our servers, we have dual NIC cards, after some time, I was able to get a continuous...
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    IP not reachable on upgrade from pve 3 to pve 5

    I upgraded a server from proxmox v3 to v5 via reformatting. Then I added in the network interface file the same IP config from v3. I am able to access proxmox interface however the additional IP ranges that were on the host interface are no longer working for the containers. I have read the...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Latest systemd/udev breaks network device naming!!

    After updating to latest systemd* packages: libsystemd0:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), udev:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), libudev1:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), systemd-sysv:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11), libpam-systemd:amd64 (232-25+deb9u9, 232-25+deb9u11)...
  20. U

    pfSense in Proxmox with no external switch

    Hi, I have a box with 8 built-in NICs on the motherboard which I'd like to be used as a firewal and switch for my network. I have pfSense and Ubuntu Server installed inside of the Proxmox. I'm struggling to configure pfSense/Proxmox in such a way that pfSense (or/and Proxmox) will be used as a...


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