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    Monitors, managers and MDS duplicates in GUI

    PVE 8.1.10 After some updates, rebooting of the nodes, adding new nodes - I ended up with this: When I try to remove all instances, all disappears, but then when I create new ones, also those dead duplicates create. How can I clean this?
  2. A

    Is there a way to connect multiple monitors/displays to a LXC container?

    I know that with an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS VM, I can use SPICE and have it show multiple monitors/displays with virt-manager and/or virt-viewer. Is there a way for me to do the same (or something very similar) with an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS LXC container? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. K

    Ceph monitor address unknown

    Hello, Today I added another node to the cluster. Before attaching it, I installed ceph. Ceph is version 17.2.6, while on the other nodes it is version 17.2.5. On the new server, I can't enable ceph monitor, even though when I try to do so, I get a response that everything is ok. The message...
  4. L

    Proxmox wrong metric of VM Memory Usage

    Hi, we are seeing a really strange behavior on one of our VM. Proxmox () is showing a lot of less RAM ussage for that VM. VM RAM Config (we are not using Ballooning): VM Info: And if we go to the console and show the `free -h`: The VM has installed qemu-guest-agent. The VM OS is: The...
  5. H

    Zwingend zweite Grafikkarte erforderlich?

    Hallo zusammen! Bevor ich hier in aller Ausführlichkeit schreibe, was ich schon alles probiert habe, möchte ich nur eine kurze Frage stellen. Ich habe eine Intel CPU mit Onboard-Grafik (00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation GeminiLake [UHD Graphics 605] (rev 03)) und möchte sie...
  6. A

    Viewing the total disk load

    Is it possible to somehow see the overall disk load, for example, how it is done in Vmware ESXi?
  7. W

    MacOS VM single GPU passthrough not outputting to monitor

    Hi, I've been trying to set up a MacOS Big Sur VM (Ryzen 5 1600AF, 16GB of RAM on the VM, 32 on the host, RX580 sapphire pulse) and I've almost got it to work all the way, but I can't get the passed through (and only) GPU to output to a monitor connected to the host. I've gotten everything else...
  8. L

    How to fence off ceph monitor processes?

    I the continuous process of learning about running an pmx environment with ceph, I came across a note regarding ceph performance: "... if running in shared environments, fence off monitor processes." Can someone explain what is meant by this and how does one achieve this? thanks!
  9. T

    Signal out of Range at Installation

    Hello everyone, im trying to install Proxmox 7.2 VE on my HP ProLiant DL380 G6. I get into the Bootloader and after booting the Kernel i see the initsystem Output. But at the Point where Xorg with the Installation starts, my Monitor (FullHD 60Hz) goes blank and shows an "Signal out of range...
  10. P

    [TUTORIAL] Virtual Pendrive on VM

    I searched a lot on the pages but found nothing interesting so decided to write a short tutorial. Virtual Flash Drive is very helpful, many systems require it instead of an iso image, and it will also come in handy for quick tests or fast move files beetwen VM. 1. We create an image of our...
  11. L

    Problem with services of the monitors after upgrade

    Hi! Please help me. After upgrading promox from 5 to 6 and ceph from Luminous to Nautilus, I noticed 3 working and 3 non-working monitor services in gui. Are its ok to delete non-working monitor services? systemctl status ceph-mon@0.service ● ceph-mon@0.service - Ceph cluster monitor daemon...
  12. M

    Unsupported video frequency while installation of PVE 7.2

    Hi, yesterday i tried to install PVE on a Dell PowerEdge R210. Therefore i put the ISO on a bootable USB stick. After clicking "Install proxmox" on the first proxmox page the monitor became black and showed "unsupported mode". The monitor was connected with VGA on the integrated graphic card. So...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Proxmox GPU passthrough - I can’t see the VM GPU output on the Proxmox monitor

    I configured GPU passthrough in Proxmox, and a VM to use the PCIe GPU. The VM is set to boot at startup. I don’t want to access the VM remotely, and I was expecting to see the VM’s GPU output directly on the Proxmox monitor. It works but with an annoying workaround. The only way to achieve...
  14. P

    Unable to create Ceph monitor - No Active IP for public network

    I have a 12 node cluster, 6 at each of two location. Location one nodes use .2.0/24, the other .39.0/24 Nodes can all ping one another but when trying to create a ceph monitor on any node at the second location (.39) the error states: Multiple Ceph public networks detected on putsproxp07...
  15. E

    External VNC console on Proxmox 7

    Hi all, I have attempted setting up an external VNC console for a VM using the instructions on the Wiki. This send to be either out of date of net relevant for PVE7: root@lair-pve01:/home/eroux# qm monitor 102 Entering Qemu Monitor for VM 102 - type 'help' for help qm> change vnc
  16. G

    Strange Ceph behavior

    Hi everyone! I'm having this strange issue with Ceph on my Proxmox cluster. The *ceph* nodes have OSD, mon, mds and mgr on each of them. The *pve* nodes have only OSD on them. Recently every Saturday exactly at 06:00 (±couple minutes) ceph goes to Warning state. Logs show that one of the tree...
  17. F

    Ceph Monitor not showing up correctly

    Im having a problem with a daemon on a 4node cluster. I initially saw that it wasnt showing up correctly in the gui (it had question mark beside it). So i tried to destroy it and it did not work. So i ended up doing this: - stopped the service manually - disabled the service - removed...
  18. J

    No video from VM if iGPU not connected to monitor. Must BOTH Intel iGPU and discrete GPU be connected?

    I have a monitor connected to the Nvidia card in my Proxmox box and have successfully passed it through to a Linux VM. However I find that I must also have the onboard Intel iGPU connected to the monitor for it to work (even if not switched to that input on the monitor), otherwise I just get a...
  19. X

    [SOLVED] Installer displays only upper left corner

    Hi, I am new to the whol vm and server world and need your help to get into it. When I am trying to install proxmox (6.1 and 6.2) I get a properly displayed install screen. When I chose install, the console opens up and does something. When it executes all prompts I get into the configure...
  20. J

    Cluster update (kernel no longer match)

    HI all, I am hoping you can help me with an issue I am having. First... sorry if this is posted elsewhere. I tried to do my research. I did updates to my 3 node cluster the other day and now the Monitor version are not the same and the kernel is not the same on just one of the server (all 3...


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