1. Can't connect to the login page

    Hi, I can't connect to the login page https://192.168.X.X:8006 but my password is correct ( I can connect as root on SSH session ) can someone help me ? Regards, Raphaël
  2. Unable to Authenticate with AD User

    I have a Windows Domain that all of my boxes are joined too. I joined my two Proxmox hosts to the domain, and I'm able to su to Active Directory users and use them as normal on the local machine. However, when I go into proxmox, I get "Login Failed. Please try again" and in the syslog I get...
  3. Boot Message: No Caching mode page found... (Proxmox 6.2)

    Hey all, When I restart the system, at the login prompt I see the following messages: [sde] No Caching mode page found [sde] Assuming drive cache: write through I have read around the forums and understand this is more information than error, but issue is when that message is displayed I can...
  4. Webinterface-Anmeldeproblem

    Hallo, Ich teste PMG-Produkt in unserer Firma, Root kann mit SSh mit dem Server verbunden werden, Ich kann mich ordnungsgemäß beim Root-Passwort anmelden. Ich kann mich nicht nur mit dem Webinterface-Root anmelden. Anmeldefehler fehlgeschlagen, Wie kann ich das Problem lösen?
  5. [SOLVED] PMG webconsole denying login

    I am able to login to PMG using ssh, logging in via webconsole fails. The "Daily Spam Report" url for individual mailboxes is working. Any ideas? I have tried my normal login as well as the root login I use for ssh.
  6. Is it possible to have containers auto login on the web gui like the node?

    I have searched all over the forum and all over Google without success. When I click on a container, and then shell, I get a prompt to login. I do NOT get this prompt when I select the node, then console. The node is automatically logged into the user. Is it possible to achieve the same...
  7. proxmon login issues

    hello, i have come across failed login on proxmox server, already and the second time this problem occurs, the first time several times i tried the correct password and others i thought it could be, at first i was not logged in and then After many attempts I was able to access with one of the...
  8. Proxmox Web GUI constanlty asking for password

    I am new to proxmox I just started using it. But the web GUI interface asking me for the password to log in again and again after some time interval. Does anyone know the fix?
  9. Router login failed

    Hi everyone, i am facing issues in logging in into ip using my Linksys router. Though it is a default address of the Linksys routers, i am unable to login into the IP. Please help me with the process of ip login. Any related websites are also welcomed. Thankyou.
  10. Yubikey

    Starting on December 10th, 2018, support for YubiCloud v1 protocol, plain-text requests and old TLS protocols & ciphers will be deprecated. https://upgrade.yubico.com/getapikey/ https://status.yubico.com/2018/11/26/deprecating-yubicloud-v1-protocol-plain-text-requests-and-old-tls-versions/...
  11. customize quarantine login page

    is it possible to do (slight) customizations of the login-page (without hacking the source)? the problem i'm trying to solve is that the term "User name" is a bit ambiguous. My users can authenticate via the department LDAP (so we allow username/password based login to the quarantine; not just...
  12. Two Factor Authentication For Proxmox

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to add two factor authentication for the proxmox login for extra security. I having hard time finding a tutorial and the documentation is not very clear. Anyone Can help me set it up ?
  13. Cannot login via web interface but SSH works

    Hello! I have a problem on my Proxmox. Few days ago I lost the ability to get at web interface. Proxmox tells me that login or password is incorrect. But if I try to connect using ssh - it works. What should i do? I'd greatly appreciate.
  14. LXC PermitRootLogin

    Hello, I have newly installed Proxmox 4.4 and downloaded your default LXC templates, how can I allow root login by default? I have decompressed the tars, changed /etc/ssh/sshd_config and recompressed it, but the setting is still without-password or prohibit-password. Thanks in advance.
  15. [SOLVED] Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format...

    Dear community, I have a big problem, I can't login anymore on the webinterface, root access in ssh is still working. I got the following message "Connecting error 401 unrecognized key format at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/AccessControl.pm" I try to run apt-get update & apt-get dist-upgrade but...
  16. After installation of Proxmox VE, I'm not quite sure what is my username to login

    Just installed Proxmox VE 4.4. I remember that I set a password when doing installation, but I don't remember setting a username. Therefore, after installation is complete, I cannot login to system. So far, I tried the email (set while installing) as username, but it didn't login. I was...
  17. Anmeldung an der Weboberfläche nicht möglich

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein Problem: ich kann mich an der Webpberfläche nicht mehr anmelden. Normalerweise arbeite ich with the Benutzer root und der " Linux PAM - Standard - Authentifizierung". Der Ladevorgang dauer extrem lange und irgendwann kommt die Meldung: Fehler bei der Anmeldung...
  18. Web-GUI not allowing login

    So my web-gui was not allowing me to login as root or any of the other users. I ssh into my PVE and I could login just fine with root and my other user accounts. Found another thread around this forum that suggested removing the pve-manager and re-installing it. I successfully removed the...
  19. Proxmox VE Web GUI URL mit Username und Passwort

    Hallo, normalerweise wird beim Aufruf der Web GUI Oberfläche eine Anmeldemaske zum Authentifizieren angezeigt. Für eine schwerbehinderten User, der für jeden Tastenanschlag etwa 30 Sekunden benötigt, sollen so wenig wie möglich "Barrieren" in den Weg gelegt werden. Die URL ist ausschließlich...
  20. Disable OTP via Console

    Hello, I have problems with OTP Login. I can not login now at the promox webinterface. is there any option to disable the otp login for linux users? i have ssh access to the server. please help! best regards, Oliver


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