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    [SOLVED] Successful login with empty password (Realm: Linux PAM standard authentication)

    Under certain conditions, it is possible to log in to the web interface without knowing the user password. To create users on hosts, we use ansible playbook. There was an error in the playbook and one user had an incorrect password hash installed in /etc/shadow To log in via SSH, we use SSH...
  2. M

    user created - unable to log in

    hello all. simple question and probably simple question. i created a user - gave him permissions (even tried making them root). while creating the account there isn't an option to set a password. Not a biggie - but isn't that where most other environments do it? In the end, I am not able to...
  3. N

    Cluster: Stay logged in in node shells

    Dears, I run 2 PVE nodes in a cluster for hobby/learning. I login with PVE auth, root user on PAM is disabled for login. Now when I log into the shell of one of the nodes (as root), I'm immediately logged out if I leave the shell (for example: clicking on another item of the datacenter GUI)...
  4. U

    Proxmox LXC container automatic login

    Hello. I installed Ubuntu as an LXC container and set a root password during installation. I needed it for one-time access through SSH. How should I remove the password and make login: root (automatic login) as in default containers?
  5. C

    I can't access to Proxmox Server

    Hi, I updated the entire Proxmox server, and upon restarting it does not allow me to log in from the server. It shows me "incorrect login" message, only entering the user (root). It doesn't allow me to enter the password. How could I get into the server somehow?
  6. O

    Login to web GUI: selection of realm based on user name suffix

    I have users in multiple realms that would like to log in using their password managers. Currently it seems as if users must manually select their realm from the drop down menu "Realm:" in order to successfully log in. Simply suffixing the realm name to the user name (notation "user_1@realm_a"...
  7. R

    Multicluster login

    Hey guys, I have a set of servers on which two proxmox clusters are installed. To simplify the management of LXC containers and VMs, I would like to know if there is a way to configure the proxmox web interface so that, with just one login, I can see all the existing guets in both clusters...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Login failed

    I am unable to log into the GUI this morning - where do I start troubleshooting? I am running v 7.3-2 proxmox-mailgateway-container: 7.3-2 (API: 7.3-7/4d06ead9, running kernel: 5.15.107-2-pve) pmg-api: 7.3-7 pmg-gui: 3.3-2 clamav-daemon: 0.103.8+dfsg-0+deb11u1 ifupdown: 0.8.36+pve2...
  9. J

    pve7to8 --full " systemd unit 'pvescheduler.service' "

    FAIL: systemd unit 'pvescheduler.service' is in state 'inactive' As per some googling to help myself, see below. (Note: this is NOT part of a cluster) root@proxmox:~# !491 systemctl status pvescheduler.service ● pvescheduler.service - Proxmox VE scheduler Loaded: loaded...
  10. B

    [SOLVED] I think someone is trying to connect to my proxmox

    Hello there! (Sorry for my bad english) I am really new to proxmox (and linux in general), I'm not even sure if this is the place I'm supposed to write this. So I installed proxmox a week ago, I plan to set up a NAS and other stuff in the future, but now I only have an Ubuntu VM right now. I...
  11. D

    Different SMTP/TLS Auth to same destination server based on sender address?

    We want to implement a mail gateway that is forwarding email to a specific mail host based on the MX record. However, the login credentials should be different (for that same mail host) based on the sender address. The email is sent from an application server via SMTP to the local Proxmox Mail...
  12. A

    [SOLVED] Debian CT - Kann mich nicht einloggen

    Hey, Ich habe gerade Proxmox Installiert, und habe einen Debian 10. CT erstellt, nun wollte ich mich erstmal per Web Console(xterm.js) Einloggen, jedoch kam da weder "login" noch "password", per Windows CMD ging's auch nicht
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    Can't login and loss of zpool after abnormal system shutdown and server being off for 2 weeks

    Hi there. About two weeks ago, a host bus adapter on my single node PVE server died. That seemed to throw things into chaos and my system become unresponsive - I could login or do anything even at a local console connected directly to the server. I ended up having to power down and up again, at...
  14. W

    Virtual machine login problems

    I don't know if this is a bug or by design I have several laptops that I use to log into Proxmox. I used one machine to install and set up all my VM's. I was successful at rebooting and logging back into all of them. If I use a different laptop to access my VM's I am not able to log in with...
  15. I

    PBS TFA deaktivieren - Login Probleme

    Guten Morgen liebe Community, seit einigen Tagen ist auf meinem PBS kein Login mehr möglich. Über den Benutzernamen und das Passwort komme ich noch hinaus, die Eingabe vom zweiten Faktor klappt jedoch nicht mehr. Gibt es die Möglichkeit die 2FA Option für den Benutzer root(pam) zu deaktiveren...
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    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 22.04 CTs login per SSH-Key nicht möglich

    Hallo zusammen, aktuell nutze ich überwiegend Ubuntu 20.04 CTs auf meinem Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.2-7. Gestern Abend habe ich meine erste Ubuntu 22.04 CT installiert. Ich gebe bei der Installation immer ein Root Passwort, aber auch immer einen öffentlichen SSH Key an. Dieser wird bisher...
  17. O

    Login error, when using same browser after accessing quarantine via ticket

    Hi, With quarantine access via tickets, once a browser has been used for login via a ticket, it is not possible to login normal via username / password, even after clicking logout from the ticket based session. Br, Henrik
  18. R

    New to Proxmox. How to log in?

    Sorry for a sadly elementary question, but I'm stuck. I just finished Proxmox installation. The system rebooted. I'm at a text screen that says, I gather that, while the screen seems to be inviting me to log in, it's just kidding - I have to log in from a web browser on another machine. And I...
  19. P

    Cloud-init ready image fails to set login credentials from a terraform script

    Hi, I would like to provision basic architecture consisting of several master, agent and balancer VMs, totaling at 8 resources. All of the VMs are to be cloned from a prepared cloud-init ready VM template using a Terraform script. When cloning from a template with login credentials already...
  20. R

    Can't connect to the login page

    Hi, I can't connect to the login page https://192.168.X.X:8006 but my password is correct ( I can connect as root on SSH session ) can someone help me ? Regards, Raphaël


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