pve7to8 --full " systemd unit 'pvescheduler.service' "


Mar 25, 2022
FAIL: systemd unit 'pvescheduler.service' is in state 'inactive'
As per some googling to help myself, see below.
(Note: this is NOT part of a cluster)

root@proxmox:~# !491
systemctl status pvescheduler.service
● pvescheduler.service - Proxmox VE scheduler
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/pvescheduler.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: inactive (dead)
root@proxmox:~# !492
pvecm status
Error: Corosync config '/etc/pve/corosync.conf' does not exist - is this node part of a cluster?

If I type the following:
"systemctl start pvescheduler.service"

It will simply hang.

I had some other issues with this service in the past few months (!!) where the server wouldn't let me log in for an odd reason.
It was rejecting my password.
It's highly likely, this is related.


I am curious what I've done wrong at what point and how I fix it? I can log in to the webui at the moment but this error I got from pve7to8 --full is even after a fresh reboot (?)

Presumably, something is 'slightly broken' (she's otherwise working great)
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Just to clarify, even on a fresh reboot, I will get the error about this service.

If I run some of these random commands (apologies, I'm a newbie)

pvecm updatecerts && systemctl restart pve-cluster && systemctl restart corosync
systemctl restart pve-cluster
systemctl start pvescheduler.service

Multiple times (especially bearing in mind, the 3'rd one will 'hang')....., eventually, the service will start.
However, clearly something is broken with it not starting in the first place, I'd like to try and fix this going forward.
Thanks any and all for your time.
I have the system temporarily in a state with it fixed, though it's still also producing.

The following CTs have 'lxc.cgroup' keys configured, which will be ignored in the new default unified cgroupv2: CT 103 Often it can be enough to change to the new 'lxc.cgroup2' prefix after the upgrade to Proxmox VE 7.x

Which has me hesitant to update, let alone the main issue which will still be there, if I reboot.


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