1. S

    Persistent HBA Error Logs on Two Nodes - Seeking Assistance

    Hello everyone, I'm encountering an issue with two of our nodes that both use the same Host Bus Adapter (HBA). Recently, they have begun to consistently log error messages, which are cluttering the journal. Here are examples of the repeated error messages: ``` Apr 04 02:28:05 pve kernel...
  2. M

    Backup Job - Error" tmpdir ... does not exist

    Hi, For the last couple of months I am experiencing this issue where my /tmp/backup directory keeps being deleted which prevents my Backup Job from successfully completing. I am recreating it manually but then it gets deleted over and over again. Any clue why it is happening and how to fix it...
  3. M

    Error activating LV 'pve/data'

    After a restart of my server I get the following error: TASK ERROR: activating LV 'pve/data' failed: Check of pool pve/data failed (status:1). Manual repair required! I tried lvconvert --repair pve/data and got this output: truncating metadata device to 4161600 4k blocks Child 3798 exited...
  4. C

    invalid server response: '500 Can't connect to (Network is unreachable)' (500)

    Guten Tag, Ich wollte gerade eine neue Ubuntu VM auf meinem neuen Proxmox Server erstellen, da kam die Fehlermeldung "invalid server response: '500 Can't connect to (Network is unreachable)' (500)". Nach ein wenig recherche habe ich herausgefunden, dass es sich dabei um...
  5. O

    proxmox freezes

    Hello, im new to proxmox and im facing a problem, and i don't even know where to start to solve it. proxmox freezes completley and becomes unresponsive and all virtual machine are also unresponsive. My setup : ASUS prime b550m-a, 48 GB ram, 250 GB nvme boot drive, 1tb ssd -> lvm 2 * 1tb -> zfs...
  6. G

    Wiped windows os and everything on the pc that could be erased. Drivers all that.

    Hoped to acquire Virtualization skills on my laptop, host OS windows 11 home 1. Three usb flash drives until I got one that "allegedly" downloaded the iso properly. I used Rufus to format the flash drive and used copilot AI for questions about the process. •first usb: 32G download wouldn't...
  7. N

    Proxmox Backup Fails with error ERROR: vma_queue_write: write error - Broken pipe

    Hello All, I am having problem with the scheduled Proxmox backup in the evening to 4 tB USB drive. Here is the error INFO: 7% (70.0 GiB of 1000.0 GiB) in 26m 33s, read: 45.7 MiB/s, write: 44.5 MiB/s INFO: 8% (80.0 GiB of 1000.0 GiB) in 30m 28s, read: 43.4 MiB/s, write: 43.2 MiB/s INFO...
  8. S

    Can't clone VM on iscsi

    Hello. I have proxmox ve. And connected synology with iscsi, and I can create new vm on that storage, bit I can't clone VM on that storage: ---------------------- "Task viewer: VM 100 - Clone OutputStatus StopDownload create full clone of drive scsi0 (local-lvm:base-100-disk-0) TASK ERROR: clone...
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    [SOLVED] Backup for VMs and Containers only works if I power them off first.

    Backup for VMs and Containers only works if I power them off first. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions? Proxmox version: 8.1.3 error I'm getting when trying to backup with powered-on VM/Containers: NFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 598 --node auriga --compress zstd --mode...
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    Broken Ceph OSD created

    As the title suggests, I have installed Proxmox ve v8.1 on my server and encountered an issue while configuring Ceph. When creating OSD, there will be the following error message. I checked the disk and found that LVM2_ The member has been successfully created, but the OSD creation failed. After...
  11. C

    I can't access to Proxmox Server

    Hi, I updated the entire Proxmox server, and upon restarting it does not allow me to log in from the server. It shows me "incorrect login" message, only entering the user (root). It doesn't allow me to enter the password. How could I get into the server somehow?
  12. A

    Buffer I/O error on VM after reinstall

    Hello there! I've been using my Proxmox v6 instance for the last 6 years - 24/7. Everything was working perfectly. Recently, after the reboot Proxmox have not booted up. The disk (SSD) was corrupted, had bad blocks and generally dead. I have replaced the disk and installed a fresh instance...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] PBS File Restore Broken

    I'm attempting to do a file restore on a backup for one of my VMs, and I get this error message in a popup with no other context, not even whatever it's referring to "above." Error: Starting VM failed. See output above for more information. I tried from the shell and that gives some more...
  14. R

    Erreur lors de l'installation / error while installing

    Hello, I receive this message at the end of installation of the proxmox, I have already used 2 isos proxmox 8.4 and 7.4 with RUFUS and Balena. Mo nserveur is equipped with this processor if needed: i5 4250u Hello, I receive this message at the end of installation of the proxmox, I have already...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Restore job unexpected error

    Hii everyone, since few weeks we are having issues while restoring backups from our Proxmox Backup Server Restore stops after few % of progess and it is always different everytime. The both servers are located in the internal netwerk and connected with a 100gb switch I attached the maybe...
  16. A

    Proxmox fsck error? How can this problem be fixed?

    Hello all together, I've already asked this question in the German forum, but I think I'll reach more people if I post this again in English. A few days ago I wanted to connect to my Proxmox server as usual and found that a connection could no longer be established. After I connected the...
  17. A

    Proxmox fsck Error

    Hallo in die Runde, vor ein paar Tagen wollte ich mich mit meinem Proxmox Server verbinden wie gewohnt und stellte fest, dass keine Verbindung mehr aufgebaut werden konnte. Nachdem ich den "Behelfsmonitor" angeschlossen hatte sah ich den Fehler "Failed to start...
  18. F

    LXC container crashed and wont start

    Hi, On my server I have 2 disk. One where I have proxmox system(and some free space) and second with LXC container. While I was adding another partition to my system disk LXC crushed. After some digging I came to conclusion(don't know if good one) that my system rebooted and mounted partition...
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    TASK ERROR: activating LV 'pve/data' failed: Check of pool pve/data failed (status:1). Manual repair required!

    Hi, sorry if this is not the proper format for the question. I´ve been reeding topics for hours but I can´t find a solution for this. I have a Dell Optiplex 3000 and it´s running proxmox with a VM for Home Assitant. Today I got home and I got no connection to the Dell, so I reboot it and now I...
  20. Z

    Moving VM's storage to iSCSI: "can't allocate space in iscsi storage"

    Hello I want each separate LUN under my iSCSI target to serve as a raw storage for a single VM disk image. I have added iscsi storage making sure to check the "Use LUNs directly" option. What I can do: Create a VM with iSCSI LUN (whether empty or not) attached as its virtual disk Install an...


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